Style Fyle: US & Canada Haul

Hey guess what, I didn’t post my normal Thursday blog! But I’m posting it today…on a Friday! Or should we say Friyay?! I was actually in Waco, Tx yesterday, Visiting Joanna & Chip Gaines new property and shop… BEAUUUUUTIFUL! I’ll do a blog post on it soon… and no, I don’t know them, but I would like to! Maybe next time I’ll meet them! (Yes please! From my mouth to God’s ears…)

So, if you’ve read my blog, you’ve probably seen that I was away in Canada for a vacation/holiday… I did buy some things while I was there(and ordered some things and I also bought some things when I got back as well…


So, in Canada, I only bough 3 items… and I’m pretty glad I did. I’m happy with all three. And I’m glad I had self control with buying things. I didn’t want to buy things for the sheer fact of spending money… I’m tired of spending money just to spend money. I want to get my money’s worth of things I purchase and actually will use, not so they can just sit in a corner and look pretty or not look pretty  depending on what you may buy… Anyway, I did spend some cash on some great pieces, don’t get me wrong… here I’ll just show you!

• Tobacco colored sweatshirt fleece. I’ve been looking & searching, searching & looking for this color… who knew I would find it ALL the way in Hamilton, Ontario! So, what I’m thinking I’ll be doing with these luscious yards of fabrics is, a raglan sleeve sweatshirt and after going to Roots pop up shop (a Canadian clothing brand) and seeing a sweater with a maple leaf on the front of it, I’m thinking I maaaaay do that, but it could change by the time I actually sew it. But I thought that may be a cute idea, since I didn’t buy a souvenir of my first trip to Canada…

• J.crew leopard slip-on shoes… umm, I wanted to buy shoes on this trip anyway! And these were about $17 in US dollars… can we say bargain?! I know I sure can! I’ve been wanting  some slipons, and that were leopard,  and I can wear them with so much! Yay!

• ĽOCCITANE Vanille & Narcisse eau DE toilette. I love scents, such as perfumes… and I just so happen to come upon the very last vanilla in the store. And I bought it. I’m the woodsy type girl, I’m not a fan of sweet scents besides almond that is… give me sandalwood or amber and I’m good. Or just give me vanilla and call it a day! This ended up being about $16ish. Which for ĽOCCITANE that’s a VERY good price! I’m excited to wear it, even as a layering perfume!

And then I decided to order two plaid shirts from, in time for my family’s annual hayride and because they were $12ea.



White or Red (p.s. they look so similar to the madewell ones, and equally as soft)

And then….


La Vanille lavender vanilla deodorant because I just ran out & Beaune it’s my favorite… I was wanting to get sephora  points for this purchase, but they up charge you $4 more for purchasing in store than if you buy online! So instead of paying $14 on, you can pay $18 at a sephora store, mmm no thank you! And they won’t price match it either… ridiculous! So, whole foods got my business!

And lastly, Enfusia frankensense & myrrh body spray. My all time fave scent of theirs and it only comes out during Christmas! Love love lurve it! It was $2.99 for 2oz by the way.

Hope you have a terrific day! Love ya! -Ryn


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