Monthly Faves: November

Another month down… 1 more to go! 😐 Is it bad that I don’t want this year to end… Oh how I loved this year! It was one for the books. And I believe 2016 will be even better! I feel like I grew… In a good way, definitely. Sure there were trying times, but after, I could see blue skies & sunshine! And 2016 seems really bright, good thing we have stylish shades to wear! 😉

Here’s my favorites from November…


Philosophy Marled sweater. This was the BEST $17 I’ve ever spent! It’s so soft, comfortable and flattering. I don’t know about you, but to me that calls for a fantastic sweater!

•Black Skinnies. All through the year I was a boyfriend jeans kind of girl, come Autumn and I’m a skinny jeans girl. And not just any skinny jeans, black skinny jeans! I loooove black skinny jeans. They’re so easy to style. I believe most peeps should have them in their wardrobe!

•Leather moto jacket. First off, I made this jacket. Secondly, I finished it in November and have been wearing it since. And I really like it. The front part is leather and the back & sleeves are cotton/spandex fabric. Suuuuper cute paired with those skinnies & sweater.


•Tokyomilk Dark °45 bulletproof perfume. Y’all, I could not stand this smell a year ago. It was so strong to me once I purchased it. But this month I’ve been looooving it! It’s dark, sultry & woodsy. Definitely a win for me.

• Essie nail polish in master plan. This is one of my all time favorites. Everyday nail polishes. It’s a light taupe color and the perfect neutral color.


• NYC long wearing nail polish in plaza plumberry. This polish has proven that $0.94 polish is one of the best decisions yet. And they work just as well $18 nail polish I’ve used. Go get you some.

• Skinn lip balm in Mango. This skinn lip balm is my favorite. It’s suuuuper hydrating & moisturizing. Perfect for winter. And it has a light taste of mango.

• Mac cosmetics lipstick in Diva. I’ve been loving this shade on my lips. It’s basically a wine color on my lips. And paired with Tarte exposed shade, it’s just fantastic. Gives it a 2D matte effect on the lips. And I even got a compliment from my MUA sister, who gives out compliments sparingly… Atleast to me. 🙂 so I’d say that’s pretty rad!

• Tarte lipsurgence in exposed. Just like I like said I like to pair it with MAC’s Diva. But I also like it on its own. It’s my favorite nude shade for me.

• Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is great for sanitizing, but its also really great for whitening teeth. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! And my teeth are already 2-3 shades whiter, hallelujah!

• Eggnog. I’ve been using eggnog as my creamer for coffee and it’s delicious! I just brew drip coffee and pour over ice 3/4 of the way up and then pour eggnog the rest of the way. I’ve always loved eggnog, so this tastes wonderful. My favorite brand, Promise Land.

• Pecan pie.
I’m originally from Kentucky. I’m pretty sure its a sin to not like pecan pie… So, I REALLY like it. Pecan tart, pecan bars, pecan pie… I haven’t met a pecan I didn’t like! 😉

• Adele. Y’all probably knew I’d say this, and if not you should have. She’s gorgeous and I would love to be her stylist, yes please! And her new video and single are the! Her voice, ahhhh!

• One Direction. And more Brits, I love the Brits. And their songs apparently… Yeah, One Direction is on repeat. My fave song from them right now is: end of the day.

• Gardiner Sisters cover “dirty paws/home. My favorite!!! It’s just amazing! Check it out!

• Tiffany & Co coin purse. My sister actually blessed me with this coin purse about 5-6 years ago… Had no idea what to do with it, so I just didn’t use it, until it dawned on me, put my ear buds in it! BEST idea ever! My ear buds don’t tangle and the coin purse will be used. It’s a win-win!

• Solitaire. Such a great exercise for your brain. And the app I use has a game a day. Perfect.

• Free cell. I used to play this game on my family’s computer. And it just brings back memories. Plus it helps strengthens the noggin. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

• Spotify. On my computer, it’s free and I can listen to any song I’d like. From Bethel to Adele. It’s perfect! You do get advertisements, but I can look past that when getting ready for the day!

So as you can see, I’ve had a bunch of favorites that may have interested you! Please know these are all my opinions, I’m getting paid for any of it. And even if I were, it would still be my own opinions!  🙂 enjoy! -Ryn

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