Advent No.2: Leather Lover gift guide

I’m a real leather connoisseur if there ever was one. And I’m okay with that. If you know somebody like me who loooves leather, then let this guide totally guide you to great gifts! This is for women and men, and for every budget. I know there are pieces I’m totally swooning over, come take a look at 5 stores I know you’ll love buying from!


1. Fringe suede jacket. Who wouldn’t want a fringe jacket in their wardrobe?! This is for the fashionable lady in your life that leans more towards boho than any other style! | $113

2. Luggage tags & keychains. This is a great gift for anybody. And the laurel wreath and monogram are good for both male & female! Annnnnnd everyday life if you choose the keychain! | $10

3. This would be great for a new mom, a kid who’s in university, or just the everyday person that lugs everything but the kitchen sink with them daily! It’s the perfect tote to chuck everything in and go. | $198

4. This bag, ahhh, I have this thing with bucket bags. I feel like every lady should have one, unless of course you don’t like bucket bags. But this bag looks so luxurious & classic, like you stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalog, and I’m okay with that! And believe me, its already on my birthday list! (As of now, I’m pretty sure nobody’s getting this for me for Christmas) | $160

5. Leather pouches are great for using in roomy bags. Or as a clutch. Or as wrapping paper, as you would put smaller things inside such as, lipsticks, hairpins, nail polish, pocket knife and wrap it with a bow. ; ) | $50

6. A Coin purse calls for coins or earbuds, and this coin purse is the CUTEST! It’s the perfect size for almost any size handbag. And I’m sure you’ll make points from those that you give this to. | $200

7. For the philosophical people or the dreamers in your life, this is a great gift! A leather bound notebook, just waiting for someone to put pen to paper. | $

8. For those adventure seekers, here’s something I know they’ll love! A leather weekender waiting to be well loved and well used! Darling, let’s be adventurers… Comes to mind when I look at this bag.
| $300

9. A suede jacket waiting for an edgy & classic persons love. This jacket is for the person who loves to play with juxtaposition when pairing masculine and feminine, lace and suede, stripes and dots. This is for that bold girl in your life… Most likely to be in the creative field! | $188

10. For those that have four eyes or just have two with prescriptions and needs a home for their glasses, this case is perfect! And you can have it monogrammed too! | $40

11. For those that like to be neat and organized… At least with their ear buds! These leather tacos are great because they keep your ear buds in check and they also help you keep track of them. Winning! | $11

12. For those photographers in your life, these are perfect for them! This strap is super cute and a perfect accessory for their cameras. | $50


13. So, normally I wouldn’t put a flask in a gift guide, but did you see how cute it is? Though most people would but alcohol in it, you could put water or juice in it… Just saying. Or you can encourage the drinking and buy it for the lush in your tribe… | $32

14. Yummy cozy house slippers are where it’s at. And anybody, and I mean anybody will love you for these leather/sheepskin house slippers! | $90

15. I, for one do not sleep with eye masks on, but I have thought about it! And this one looks so luxurious. If you have to wear eye masks, it might as well be luxurious, right? | $20

16. Nothing says merry Christmas quite like leather pants do… Okay maybe other things do too, but you know what I mean! Leather pants can be super sophisticated or they can seem like you’re a wannabe Catwoman… If these are for a gift, make sure to add a little dash of classy into the box! | $798

17. For the hunky man in your life, this leather jacket is calling his name… He can pair this jacket with so much, and you get all the credit, as you did get him the jacket. Its a win-win situation here! He looks good and you love him in it!
| $850

18. Yep, you guessed it, this can be for your brother, your father, your bf or husband, whoever you get this tee for, they will look cool and slightly edgy. And they will thank you. | $125

19. This also for a man in your life with a lot of style, as I don’t see how you could this particular sweater with mediocre fashion sense! | $330

20. These are awesome for keeping track of you keys! As you can slip these key chains on and off your wrists. And the loop is big enough, that you won’t be able to miss them in one’s bag. Perfect gift! | $12

So, these are just some of the many gifts you can give to loved ones, I hope this helped finalize some gifts for ya! Enjoy! -Ryn


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