Advent No.3: Top 11 Nail Polishes for December

We all like to prepare ourselves, even with what nail polish to reach for in the month of December, when our schedules are in high gear with Christmas, everything from Christmas parties to driving around looking at lights to helping the homeless to going to The Nutcracker ballet to one of your kiddos Christmas play dates. It’s all very fun & exciting, but your nails are pretty much the last thing on your mind! But I’ve got you covered! (I’m not a stylist for nothin’!) I’ve listed some colors that will make your nails pop for this holiday season! And no, Pantone did not help. I curated this all by myself with colors that just fit for the month of December! All with my own nail polishes too!

Here are my Top 11 Holiday/winter nail polishes to ring in the festivities!


1. Deborah Lippmann “Sugar Daddy“. This is such a great festive shade, though it is rather nude, it does have a gold/pink/blue tinge thing going on! $18

2. Butter London “Champers“. Yes, just yes! This is a true rose gold color with shimmer & glitz, if you were to go to brunch or all the way to a dinner party, this is the shade for you! It could also go for a New Year’s Eve Partaaaaay! $15

3. O.P.I “Boris & Natasha“. When I think of Christmas, I don’t just think of the colors, red & green, but I also think of purple. And this one marks the spot, as it is opaque and dark. I think its great for last minute Christmas shopping and seeing the latest Christmas movie! $9.50

4. Butter London “Chimney Sweep“. This shade is perfect for creating drama on your nails. It’s dark, daring and classic. Everyone needs to own a dark charcoal grey. And this is perfect for a night out on the town! $15

5. Illamasqua “Creator“. So, glitter is the BEST in December! And this one just so happens to have a black opaque base with silver glitter in it. Super cool and doesn’t look like your run of the mill “glitter nail polish”. $18

6. Butter London “Knees Up“.
This is the epitome of Christmas to me. It looks just like a red Christmas ornament or the red in a candy cane. It’s a shiny, gorgeous color perfect for a candlelight service or midnight Mass… $15

7. Butter London “Rosie Lee“.
And this is the epitome of what I imagine sugar plum fairies wearing! It’s so glittery! Rosie pink glitter is all the rage, perfect for brunch and ice skating! $15

8. Butter London “Knackered“.
This is the shade that’s blue, pink & purple. All in one shade! It’s perfect for wrapping gifts, as well as ripping them open! $15

9. Essie “Steel-ing the scene“. Oh gosh, this is perfect for any holiday party! Though it is sheer, it is perfect for any dressy outfit. And your hand wrapped around your spouse’s arm, perfection! $8.50

10. Essie “private wine cellar”(not available).
I love a good wine color and in nail polish it’s just the icing on the cake. This is a perfect color for a date night. $8.50

11.Essie “master plan“. And last but certainly not least, this shade is the perfect everyday shade. It’s a light taupe/light grey color to go great with a glittered topcoat or clear. And it’s super cozy for an even cozier night in. It makes perfect sense to wear this in December! $8.50

Hopefully, you’ll go out and get some of these shades or find some like it and enjoy your very festive December!
Enjoy! -Ryn

P.s. The foil thing with the cotton swab and acetone work well for removing these glittery shades, such as Rosie Lee, Creator & Knackered. Just a helpful hint! 😉

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