Advent No.4: I’ve got my eye on you…shoes tutorial

As I was working on this diy, I was listening to my boys aka one direction… ’cause why not?! Just like the shoes, they are adorable! (That totally made me sound old!) Anyway as I go through this tutorial, it’s evident that these shoes are becoming more ADORABLE!! (If that’s even possible!) I mean, who wouldn’t want a hazel eyeball and wispy lashes & eyebrows on their already glittered shoes?! Beats me! ; )

And you know what’s even cuter, these shoes would be perfect for party shoes…hence the title of this post.
I could totally pair this with dressy ankle pants, a silk l/s blouse and throw these babies on as a quirky touch! Or possibly a swing dress, leather jacket & these kicks… Oooor a skater skirt, wordy graphic tee & a Chanel type jacket. Looooooove’em all!

What you’ll need:


• Glue. I used goop, seems to have worked. You’ll need a permanent glue.
• Leather. I used bronzed leather(for hazel eyes) black leather(for the lashes, brows + pupils) & white/stone suede(for the eyeball). All are from scrap leather. (You can buy a bag of scrap leather from craft stores, FYI! Or you can use vinyl… Your choice!
• Scissors. Mine are from Kai, and they’re the best!
• White crayon or pencil. I used the crayon and it worked perfectly!
•Glittered Shoes. Here & Here & Here

Unfortunately, I don’t have a pattern for the eyeball, lashes & brows. I freestyled it all. But, I did have inspiration for these shoes, as they were being sold for $258… A little bit out of my price range! So instead, I decided I could make it, and I believe you can too!


1. Take the shoes, dust them off and start fresh. (I have worn these shoes before, and it’s okay if you have.)


2. Draw out the eyeball, lashes & brows. Remember, the brows don’t have to match, they’re sisters, not twins. And the lashes have one curved up and one curved down. And little rectangles + triangles work best for the shape of the lashes.


And unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of the eyebrows before cutting them out… Oops.


3. Cut them out. And glue the iris and pupil to the eyeball. Then you’ll glue the ball to the shoe. Then you’ll place the lashes right next to the eyeball, and glue the strip of it down, not gluing the fluttery eyelashes onto the shoe. Then place the eyebrows to your liking above the lashes as well. Press firmly and then let dry.



4. And now they’re ready to wear! Enjoy!

You’ll love ’em! They kind of remind me of Kate Spade, a bit! Just because of the quirky-ness of her things!

But, I encourage you to have fun planning outfits around them! You’ll like’em a lot! And they may be conversation starters! Just don’t forget to add a shameless plug for my blog, would ya! ; )

So enjoy the holiday party season in your new fancy party shoes! -Ryn


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