Advent No.8: A touch of rose gold… DIY


To say I’m over the moon about rose gold + copper, pretty much is an understatement. Though, some things are wonderful dripping off of other things, such as; chocolate syrup over ice cream and diamonds on your fingers… I do like to take copper or rose gold in spurts, soft hints, and small doses. I wouldn’t advise a whole outfit consisting of copper, how dreadful! However, adding touches of rose gold, as in say, the form of shoes to an all black outfit or denim on denim(Canadian tuxedo) is trés chic! And should do just the trick!

Today I have for you a tutorial of the coolest shoes around! And they’re slip on, so they’re still quite comfortable!


What you’ll need:
Van’s type shoes (I bought mine from Walmart, black or white)
Acrylic paint (copper, white pearl & pearlized pink)
Sponge paintbrush (2)
Nail polish remover, cotton swabs, cotton squares
Paper plate
Clean surface


Step 1. Mix the copper paint with the pink and white pearl paint on the paper plate and mix until it’s one color and you like it. Keep adding color until it’s rose gold-ish. And on the other side of the paper plate, squirt the copper color.



Step 2. Paint the shoes with the copper color all over with the sponge brush… As evenly as possible. And let dry some.


Step 3. Then, layer on top, the rose gold mixture. Again, apply evenly. You’ll let dry once again.


Step 4. You’ll apply one more coat onto the shoe and let dry.


Step 5. Until it looks as evenly as can be! And let dry. And while it’s drying, take some nail polish remover, basic acetone and remove any paint on the white rubber, try not to get on the painted cloth, FYI…


Step 6. And then let it completely dry. And after it’s dried, you can put them in the dryer to heat set themfor about 25 min on medium to high heat. (So the paint won’t come off)

Step 7. And then you’re done! Now, it’s up to you to pair with super cute outfits or it can be an inexpensive way to gift someone, you can totally make this for friends and family for Christmas gifts!

I bet you love this tutorial too, tell me in the comments! Have fun & Merry Christmas! -Ryn


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