Advent No.11: Destressing During the Holidays

(Violet is an old/new friend of mine, I’ve known her for years, as she was a friend of my sisters, and shes now my friend!She’s an avid traveler and she’s super healthy, And here, she shares awesome ways to destress during the holidays! A must read for anybody; Type A or not! Thank you so much for writing for me, Violet, I absolutely loved it!)


Destressing During the Holidays
{Calling all Type A personalities}

The holidays can be overwhelming and stressful whether you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone or figuring out how you are going to get all your annual holiday traditions in. However, the holidays are supposed to be enjoyed with family and friends and I am hoping these tips will help you sail through the holiday season with a smile on your face!

Confession: I have a Type A personality.

So how do those of us more prone to stress keep from going over the edge during the holidays?

Here are some of my tried and true ways to destress…

1. My favorite way to destress is getting out of town for a few days heading to the nearest sunny locale. Thank God for sunshine – it’s a sanity saver, especially for those of us who live in states where there is not a lot of it! Since I can’t hop on a plane or take a road trip every time I need to relax…I’ve come up with a few things that help me unwind in the meantime.
2. Baking. It’s a love affair right in the kitchen; turning up the tunes and creating yummy treats (for others of course)! Over the years it has become an escape for me and helps me refocus on what’s truly important in life.

 3. I recapture a sense of balance and calm by drinking caffeine-free herbal tea every night before I go to bed.  My current favorite is Sweet & Spicy by Good Earth. Quick plug for Costco – you can get the tea in a four pack for $8.99. This is a super good deal! Another good brand for tea is Traditional Medicinals. They have a huge range of teas to choose from plus they are all organic.

 4. You may not share my passion for reading, but since I can remember it has always helped me unwind and get my mind off whatever is causing me stress. I typically read a chapter or two before going to sleep. I have noticed that if I am on my phone, iPad or laptop closer to bedtime that it typically takes me longer to go to sleep. Try it for yourself and see if your zzz’s come a little sooner – hey it’s better than counting sheep!

 5. Everyone holds stress differently, but for me I tend to hold stress in my neck. One product that has helped ease the tension is an herbal therapy wrap. When I am feeling tense I just heat the wrap up for a few minutes and then put the wrap around my neck for awhile and I can feel the tension melt away. I have listed a website below to order an herbal therapy wrap. They work wonders! A good massage is always in order too! I know I don’t get them as much as I probably should but I am always super thankful after I get one and think why don’t I do this more often. Hahaha!  

6. Another way to destress is to drink an anti-stress drink called Natural Calm. It comes in powder form and just needs to be added to water for liquid relaxation!  It helps to restore healthy magnesium levels in your body to create that balance once again. I have listed below a website to order this anti-stress drink.   

 7. Exercising plays a huge part in your destress journey. If you haven’t given yoga a try, you should. The breathing techniques you learn help bring balance. Whatever you prefer whether it be running, cycling, walking, etc. the main thing is to move. Your body and mind will thank you!  

 8. A few more ideas to destress…
– Watch a funny movie (laughter is super healthy)
– Go get your retail therapy on
– Go to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop
– Take a different route to work
– Go outside and breath in the fresh air

Life is meant to be enjoyed and if we aren’t enjoying it then we aren’t really living life the way it was meant to be lived! I hope you are able to embrace this season with open arms and not be a scrooge about it! Each day practice gratitude and you will see that your life is truly a wonderful life!

 Check out for these great products.

– Herbal therapy wraps for your neck and body.
– Natural Vitality Natural Calm (Anti-Stress Drink)   

All the best,

P.S. – One more tip…quit saying “yes” to everyone and everything! It’s okay to say “no!”



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