Advent No.12: Gifting guide for friends…

I’m all for gifting your friends with big or small gifts. For me, I feel über special  when a friend gives me a gift at Christmas time. When their pocketbooks are probably to the max, as mine is sometimes too, but their spending the time to search for a gift.(or making it, how sweet!) That should mean so much to you!

But, the thing with gifting is to let your gal pals know just how much they truly mean to you, to tell them your bond with them is precious. Of course words are better than gifts, but gifts just drive the point home! I love giving to my friends, sweet words and sweet gifts! It just makes life sweeter!

And instead of one gift, I like to compile a few little goodies and put it inside a cute little gift bag.

Here I have an example:


Kate Spade “Treat Yourself” gift bags (because these are just adorable, thanks Kate Spade!)
Printed tissues (they com in hand when you have them on hand.)
Lindt chocolate (because, I love the Lindt brand, They make extremely yummy chocolates)
Leather post earrings (I love earrings, so this is a great thing to give! You can buy earrings in bulk at Claire’s or forever 21 for way less than if you bought them individually.)
Beeswax Christmas tree candles (little votives are cute, and can be set on a plate in a living room for a little ambiance.)
Nail polish (I chose NYC, because I really like the polish quality, it’s very long lasting.)


So, I have a compilation of things that all kind of go together. It has a nice theme going. Very pampering at Christmas time… Which, what girl wouldn’t really love to receive this?

Or what else is so thoughtful, not to mention wonderful, are homemade gifts. I’ve gifted friends in the past with homemade coasters, lip balm, body butter, etc. And people love it. So no matter what, I hope your friends know that giving them gifts is totally out of love. Just to be a blessing in their life!


The thing is, you don’t have to gift your friends anything. It’s not required in the friends handbook, it’s not expected of you to do so. But it is a nice gesture.
And the awesome thing is, you don’t have to pay much for it! Buy things in bulk, from the bags, to the tissues, to the earrings, to the candles. Usually buying in bulk helps lower the cost, which helps with your budget. And it’s just as nice.

Hope this helps give you ideas for gifting others with! Happy Christmas!

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