Advent No.14: Stocking Stuffers Galore

I think one of my favorite thing about Christmas is the stockings! My mom always made a huge deal about stocking stuffers. She always puts toys, sweets, snacks, pj’s, stationary, toiletries, soap, etc. Honestly whatever she could find that was in smaller sizes or that could fold up to nothing. Sometimes, what were in the stockings cost more than the actual Christmas presents themselves! Buying miniature things are sometimes more expensive than not. But, none the less, stockings were the first thing to open in the morning.

Now, for me I love watching what everybody else got before opening my own. Christmas morning lasts longer when you take it slow and steady. And it’s fun to see the joy on other’s faces. Time could stand still in that moment I think, and I savor it a little longer.

Anyway, back to stocking stuffers, these are great little useful and very silly quirky items. Nothing says Christmas like quirky stocking stuffers….


Sparky’s key hiding spot. Poop pile hide-a-key is the perfect place to hide a key! I mean it just makes sense, right? | $7.99
Be A Deer ring. I love deer, and I love jewelry. So it’s perfect. | $9.99
• This is more of a gag gift, for that person who has dented their car more than once, if you know what I mean!
Tissue stump cover. I actually really like this. It makes sense since tissues come from trees… | $14.99
Because I’m Happy Necklace. This just makes me happy looking at it. I love it.
I’m so flexible USB fan. Because its just quirky enough! | $14.99
Seed Money. They are actually seeds! How awesome! You can plant these seeds and up with pretty plants. Cool idea for a green thumb! | $11.99
Jane Austen toothpaste. Because of that sister who loves to read sense & sensib


ility. | $4.99
Bacon flavored ChapStick. For the person who just LOVES bacon! | $3.99o

Cool Beans ice tray. For the coffee lovers to make coffee ice for their ice coffee. | $9.50
Pick Your Nose nose cups. I love these disposable cups. As you can pick whichever nose you like. Great photo op. | $9
Frozen Smiles ice tray. Imagine throwing a party and using these in their drinks. Hah! | $8.50
FREEZE! ice tray. Because they’re awesome! And CHL gun owners will love them! | $9.50
Cake Candelabra. Because who has time to put more than ten candles on a cake! $8
BITS & PIECES sandwich cutter. This is great for moms who have finicky eaters. | $10
Rest Up spoon rest. I love the idea of spoon rests, and this one is just quirky enough! | $8
Chewed gum magnets. How gross are


these! | $7.50
Muffin top baking cups. These are the only muffin tops I want! | $13


Close Shave vegetable peeler. How cute is this! | $8
Ninjabread men. Because the normal gingerbread men are sooo last year! | $10
Romeo & Julienne cutting board! Soooo cute! I’d love to own a cutting board like this! | $16
Dish Play puppet washgloves. So adorable. Don’t tell me you have made your gloves talk before! | $10
Mix Stix drumstick spoons. Yes, for whoever likes to make a beat while cooking dinner! | $11
Pizza Boss 3000 pizza cutter. Pretty cool gadget!
FLIPSIGN Dishwasher sign. A reversible sign to let those around know when the dishes are clean and when they are not! | $7
Odor Eraser st


ainless steel soap. For when you handle raw garlic or onion. It will erase the stench! |

Cheese puff lip balm. Because we all like the cheese fingers we have after eating the puffs. | $2.99
Emergency beard guards. To ward off anybody you don’t like to talk to… | $5.99
Strawberry tea infuser. Because it’s darling! | $4.99
• Snail shaped yellow highlighter. Because you have to be pretty slow to highlight something.
You’re going to eat your words sticky notes. Because it’s fun to write on a sandwich. | $7.99
Donut stress ball. Because we don’t want you to stress. | $8.99
Don’t leave home without me tool. Because you might need a spoon, knife, screw driver, mini saw, nail file…. When you leave your hous


e! | $18.99
I Brake For No Apparent Reason Car Sign. Because it’s just funny!
Abraham Lincoln bandages. Because we was the best president! | $5.99

Band-Aids sticky notes. For repairing your list making needs. | $2.99
Pokerface pocket mirror. Hahaha so cute! |$12
E.M.T emergency meal transport. How cool is this lunch box? It’ll definitely ward off others from eating your lunch. But, if you work in a hospital, don’t get your lunch and the real thing mixed up! | $20
2 Carat Cup. Cause it’s perfect for newly engaged or married ladies. Or Beyonce! $16
Say cheese cheeseboard. Cutest chessboard around! | $30
Half Full . I’m the half glass full kind of girl, so this glass would be great for me and anybody else like me. |$12.50
iCreate. Such a cute stylus, when using it on a tablet or phone. And pocket size friendly. | $12
500XL desktop speakers. These are fun to have around. | $50
iSTUCK kickstand for your phone. So gross and kinda cute too. | $7.50

So, if this doesn’t give you inspiration for stocking stuffers, I just don’t know what will! Hope this helps! -Ryn

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