Advent No.19: Gifts That Give Back!

{Y’all, I love these girls from Narrow Collective, Courtney + Nicole! It helps that I’ve known Courtney nearly 18 years, but even if I had just met her yesterday I would still love her and their blog! It’s inspiring, really, but oh so practical and fashionable, which you already know I love! So, You need to follow them, You really do! Thanks girls for guest blogging for me, y’all are wonderful! 😘 -Ryn}


The holiday season is upon us! While we all know that the holidays can be full of joy, they can also be pretty stressful. 

You know what we mean… Coordinating family gatherings, prepping holiday meals, and finding the perfect gifts for your closest friends and family. We want to make this year’s shopping stress free and rewarding for both the giver and the receiver. Both are easier than you may think.


Narrow Collective is a blog highlighting cause driven fashion, designs, and trends. We are huge advocates of ethical shopping and we want to support brands that give back. Sometimes, it surprises people how easy it is to “give back” or help someone in need; and it doesn’t necessarily mean lowering your standard of gift giving either. We have found amazing, quality merchandize that is ahead of its time.



For this holiday season, we have pulled together a shopping guide to help you choose socially responsible gifts that won’t disappoint! We hope you enjoy what we’ve found:



Water Bottle from Swell:
Helps provide clean water to the world’s most vulnerable children. They are improving access to safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities in over 100 countries.


Sunglasses from Solo Eyewear:
Funds eye care and gives prescription eyeglasses to those in need. They have helped restore the vision of 10,000 over 32 countries.


Graphic Tee/Artwork from ArtworkHeros:
Discover, shop and sell high end art/photo/design prints and apparel while supporting charities in need. Their product helps support education and learning through Star For Life, Plan Sverige, and Global Playground.


A Good Read from CONSCIOUS Magazine:
CONSCIOUS is all about changing the conversation to shed light on social good, global initiatives, and conscious


Wallet/Backpack from FashionABLE:
Leather goods made by women who have overcome things from sex trafficking to addiction to a lack of opportunity. FashionABLE focuses on empowering women locally and globally by allowing them to experience the satisfaction of developing a skill.

Watch from YouWood:
A portion of every sale goes to organizations around the world that focus on feeding the hungry, freeing the slave, and loving the orphan.


Jewelry from 31 Bits:
Empowering people to rise above poverty in Uganda by providing jobs through the production of the jewelry. They have a 5 year program that teaches the women to create quality products and provides them with counseling and business training so that she is healthy, educated, and can run her own business.

 Notebook/Journal from Denik:
By taking portions of profits made, Denik helps build schools all over the world. They partner with Pencils of Promise and Mali Rising to make sure children everywhere have access to quality education.

Purse from FashionABLE:
Leather goods made by women who have overcome things from sex trafficking to addiction to a lack of opportunity. FashionABLE focuses on empowering women locally and globally by allowing them to experience the satisfaction of developing a skill. 

Relaxed/Chill clothing from good hYOUman:
Clothing that tells a story and brings hope. They strive to inspire through stories. 

High-end, beautiful, clothing from Cleobella:
Founded in Bali where they work with local artisans to help provide a sustainable income each year, making an impact on the community. They donate a portion of their sales to to empower women in South East Asia.

Boots from Fortress of Inca:
Handmade in Peru providing jobs while bringing the finest quality leather and other natural materials to each pair of shoes. All products are handmade with premium materials in a sustainable production process that provides fair wages to those who make them.


Soaps and Lotions, Revive Bath + Body:
provides job skills for women exiting the trafficking trade in Atlanta, GA thorugh a partnership with HavenATL.

Chocolate sweets from Sweetriot:
providing guiltless fixes to move the world. Their mission is to create a more just and celebrated multicultural world for our next generation through social responsibility with their product, people and partnerships.

We hope our Gift Guide that Gives Back helped make your shopping experience easier this year! We are so excited to continue to expose and expound on great merchandize that is making a change in the world! 

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidaze!

Nicole + Courtney


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