Advent No.20: Warming Ones Neck…

Heeeeey y’all!!! How are you liking all of the Christmas-y posts on the blog so far? I hope you’re loving it, as I am!

Here I wanted to show you a way to tie a scarf(ves)! I just came up with using two scarves when using just one wasn’t cutting it. It was just too flimsy. But with two and the two tone was just the pop I wanted for my outfit! I love when I happen to come up with something golden! (And something I’ll use again and again!)

So, here are some simple steps to get your neck warmer and more stylish too!


1. You’ll want to take two rayon scarves, fold them in half & wrap around your neck.



2. Take two of the four tails and put them through the loop.



3. As two of your tails are through the loop, you’ll then twist the loop once and add the other set of tails through the twisted loop. Then adjust so as to not choke/suffocate you.


And there you have it! It’s a cute festive way to wear a scarf. Plus, it adds some texture to your outfit. You’ll have something that will keep you warm while you’re sipping on your nog or cocoa and enjoying the Christmas lights!

P.s. It’s 4-5(depending on how you look at it!) days until Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas -Ryn


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