Advent No.21: Get to WRAPPING

{ Here we have one of the most stylish women I know! Her name is Sundee, she’s gorgeous, she’s creative, she’s fun and we still need to go thrifting together! She’s in Austin, Tx hopefully thinking about starting a blog! 😉 I love her soooo much and you will too! Enjoy and give her some love! -Ryn
p.s. thank you so much Sundee for writing for me! It’s giving me inspiration for upcoming wrapping! 😘 )

When I was younger I remember waking up to gifts under the tree wrapped in newspaper, specifically the funny comics.  I’m sure this gave my sisters and me a giggle, but was just a stamp of my Mom’s creativity and resourcefulness.  In an effort to spend more on our gifts instead of gift wrapping she had to venture outside of the box-LITERALLY!

I can hear her saying, “Don’t use a box, put it in a cute tin pail!  Don’t use a box, put it in a woven basket!”  And so on and so forth.  I still like to use boxes, but definitely endeavor to SPRUCE it up!

As an adult I’ve adopted her creative trait.  I get immense pleasure out of presenting a gift and receiving the much coveted Ohhh’s and Ahhh’s!

So this post is nod to my Mom who taught me her creative ways and to whom I will always be grateful and feel a little extra pressure to make sure her gifts are wrapped with extra uniqueness and PIZAZZ!

Now put on some Christmas tunes and get to WRAPPING!


Choose FUN Wrapping Paper


Homemade Pom Poms


Fun Gift Tags and Cards-These can be found at Anthropologie, Target Dollar Bins, Michaels Dollar Bins

Fun Present Toppers


Here’s some BUTCH wrapping paper for the men in your life. Twigs courtesy of the outdoors!


That’s a WRAP!

Merry Christmas!  Sundee

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