Advent No.23: Ideas for absolutely last minute gifts!

I know there are some of you who may still need to buy gifts… No judging. Totally understand! There could have been an unexpected invite or an impromptu meeting of the parents, or simply you forgot them, it happens… Who knows your predicament! But I have ideas that could be to your benefit! They’re fun, creative and will leave them wondering how awesome you truly are!
May the odds be ever in your favor…

• Let Sephora and/or Ulta be your friend in this time of need. If you need a quick fun gift, then go with the deluxe sizes of products by the registers… Grab things that look fun to use or find things that you’ve already used and love. And purchase. You cannot go wrong with that! You can then either use the Sephora bag or find a cute basket to pile your selection in and add a bow. It works! It may not be cheap, but do you want cheap or not your run of the mill gift that could make them remember for years to come… ; )
• orrr Get them an Anastasia Beverly hills gift certificate to get their eyebrows shaped. It may sound weird, but they’ll thank you later. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. Trust me.


• Gift certificate to a cooking/baking class. I say this, because sure it’s easy to buy somebody a gift card for shopping, but they’re not really learning from it. And I’d just prefer to get them something that they could do for an afternoon and then it’ll benefit them for the rest of their life.


• Cheese basket. I love this idea. Go to a specialty shop and pick out certain cheeses that either look yummy or ask somebody to help you. You can also add chocolate and fruit such as; pear and grapes to your assortment. And then of course crackers and and the jam that can be added on top of goat cheese. Yum! (this idea works for different bottles of drinks, chocolate or fruit..just remember to put it in the fridge, don’t wrap it and put it under the tree.)


This idea kind of falls under the foodie category as well, but I still love it! Go to World Market and pick out certain foods that are from England, France, Italy, Spain, etc! Pick out Crisps, Cadbury & caviar… Whatever looks good to you, but have an assortment of things. And pop it in a basket or pail and enjoy!

We all have them. But go to Target, Container store, Microsoft, Apple or cellphone providers, and get little fun  gadgets. 6′ cords, portable battery chargers, cell phone cases, tempered glass screen protector, selfie stick, gift card for music… Fun!

When all else fails, get those loved ones, Art. Whether it’s something wordy or abstract. You can help them achieve that gallery wall they’ve always wanted to do! With Hobby Lobby and Target or home goods you really can’t complain about the prices. It’s pretty great!

So, I know these are great ideas that are useful and fun to receive. If you needed help, look no further, Styled By Ryn has got you COVERED!  Love y’all, Ryn


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