Happy New Year!!!


New year. New goals & accomplishments to…ahem…accomplish! What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish in 2016?
I know I’ve got a whole slew of goals I want to achieve this year. Such as doing more public speaking and going on a missions trip. I also want to get a styledbyryn website going. And get some portraits done of me for business. I really want to know your goal(s) that you want to do this year.

But, maybe you’re saying, but Ryn, resolutions & accomplishing goals do not work for me… They’ve never worked in the past, I never stick with it, nothing gets resolved… Excuse after excuse…

Well, there are ways to help accomplish those said goals:
• Keep them in front of you at all times. Each day look at them. Marinate on them.
• Keep a notebook in your purse or bag and put pen to paper and write those goals down whenever you think of a new one.
• Download the app Goals&Dreams and put those drams & goals in there.
•Start small. If you can accomplish a teeny tiny one, you’ll be more motivated to accomplish the bigger ones.
• Put time limits on it. You’ll be more motivated to accomplish when you’re rushed for time.
• Push yourself. It’s okay to push yourself. Think beyond what you can do. Think bigger!
•Compete if you have to. If it’s getting so many work outs in a week, bring a friend along and compete on how many push ups you can do or compete with yourself, by say this is how many squats I can do. Let’s see how I can do twice as many of the said amount. The thing is, you body can endure more pain than you know. But you’ve gotta put your mind to the matter and start applying yourself to exercising or you’ll never reach your goal. One thing I like to ask myself when working out is: where’s my wall? And what that means is, is that how much more can I endure? If the trainer says you only need to do five repetitions more, but when you get there, you may say my wall is actually 5 repetitions more… Go for it. Where’s your wall?
• Tell a loved one about some of your goals and have them hold you accountable.
• Oh and get them done.

I hope this helps! And let me know what a goal that you want to accomplish in 2016!!! Its going to be the Best! I can feel it! -Ryn


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