What I bought in December haul

So, of all the things I received for Christmas, I couldn’t pass up a few more pieces to purchase…I guess!  Here, I have a mini haul for you with things I purchased in December. This is just things I purchased for myself, which I really like. Shall we get to it? I think so!


(Not pictured, Real techniques bold metals 301: as Ulta didn’t do a clear exchange so I paid the difference & I als bought brush 201. And also bought another pair of flannel PJs with penguins on them.)


Striped beanie. I have wanted a striped beanie for about two years now. And im so excited to have found one. I’m so ready to pair it with everything. Can’t wait to wear it!
Maroon beanie. The Maroon color seems to bring out the green in my eyes and I love wearing the color. This beanie is just an easy color to pair with all neutrals, so I’m good.
Polar bear flannel PJ bottoms. I’ve needed to refresh my PJ collection for quite some time and these are just adorable.
Coral flannel PJ bottoms. These are my favorite of the three pair I picked up. As they have bunnies, pinecones, birds owls, etc. on them! They’re so adorable. An added bonus, they were a tall size, which I love as I am a taller human.
Bite Beauty duo: Latte + Cortado. This was actually just an exchange of the Make up forever plexi-gloss duo. But never not worth mentioning as I do love me some bite duos! And these nudie shades are simply gorgeous on!
Buxom empty eye shadow palette. This purchase was so that I could house my new buxom eye shadows there, As they needed a home. And this one fits the bill. I just need 3 more shades to make this house a home for my eye shadows ; ) any excuse will do, right?!
Constellation ear climbers. Oh man! These are my faves! I’ve wanted some earcuffs for awhile now, and I spotted these at Altar’d State and snatched them up as they were the second to the last pair!
• “Oh what fun!” Note cards. Thank you dollar spot at Target for more amazing stationary finds. I love you. And I’ll be using these all year round!
Skinny leather wrap bracelet. This was a happened upon purchase. And I’m really happy about it and I will be stacking it up with my Madewell leather wrap bracelets.
Texas shaped pinky ring. Oh.my.gosh. How I love this ring. It was also an exchange from the necklace I got from a Christmas gift exchange that didn’t really strike my fancy. So I exchanged it for this lil ring.
NYC nail polish: burnt orange. I picked this up as I do love me some NYC nail polish. I love how long wearing they actually are. And I don’t have this shade in my collection so I bought it.
Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara. This wasn’t a purchase as much as redeeming my Sephora points. And I must say, it wasn’t a bad choice! New favorite mascara!
BareMinerals Pop of passion. This was just a fun little lip balm I wanted to redeem my points on as well. I’ll check back with ya on how good it actually is.

So there ya are! I kinda feel like y’all are my accountability partners for purchasing things, but I know the truth, you’re just as nosey as I am! Hah! I’m sure more is to come! Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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