Third love Bra-blems…

Oh I bet you thought I said third world problems… No, but seriously do you have problems with your bra? With the fit, how it feels, how your clothes fit? If you haven’t guessed it already, bras have a huge part in how your clothes fit. It is the foundation to how your clothes fit your body. If there are unnecessary lumps and bumps added when your bra is on, that could be do to an ill fitting bra. You may have small ones, big ones, perky ones, non-perky ones, whatever the case may be, they’re healthy and they’re yours. And you need to support and figure out how to help the situation at hand.

Mainly tops and dresses get the brunt of it. If your bra doesn’t fit correctly, I can guarantee you, your clothes won’t look great either. If your bra is worn out, you may look frumpy. Or if you have larger boobs and have spillage because your bra isn’t the right size, your t-shirts & tops will tell. If you’re having bra-blems with your bra, here is a cheat sheet to help you with the fit of your bra. Please take note.


And you know how everybody says there’s an app for that? There literally is an app for the perfect fit with Third Love! It takes 5 minutes to measure yourself and have the perfect fit. And leave you feeling fantastic! Unfortunately, they don’t have an android app yet, boo! But those of you who own iphones you should totally download this app and reap the benefit of this app. Because, I don’t know about you, but I’m not completely comfortable with getting sized with somebody taking my measurements while I’m exposed… Just a strange feeling, ya know?

And as an added bonus, here are just some of the gorgeous bras from Third Love that they offer. It’s just like the icing on the cake, if you ask me!


Strap Happy | $68


Isn’t She Lovely lace bra | $68 {this one is my favorite, it’s so pretty! Love that wine color.}


Plunge Perfect Bra | $49


Strapless Everything Bra | $68


Classic T-shirt Bra | $68

I hope you check our ThirdLove. And I hope you reconsider getting new bras vs just making do with the old worn out, out of shape bras you may have right now. Nobody wants to look less than put together. So, I recommend getting new bras and taking care of them, so they can last as long as you need them to. Good bras are an investment, but you look great when you have great support.

Another tip to take care of your bras is to alternate wearing your bras every other day, and washing them by hand. It will prolong your bras life. Trust me!

Can’t wait for you to notice a difference in the way your clothes fit after having properly fitting bras!
P.s. For a limited time get 10% off by using code: THIRDLOVE10 !!!

I hope this helps!
Love, Ryn


3 thoughts on “Third love Bra-blems…

  1. I don’t know about where you live but here in the UK a standard size will often be different in pretty much most shops. That’s what’s really bothersome. Like your post 🙂

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