Monthly Faves: December


(from left to right)
Sam Edelman petty boots in taupe. I wore these constantly in December. They go with everything and they’re incredibly comfortable.
Washi tape. Washi tape is THE best! I love using to hang stuff on the wall, wrap presents with, use on hand written letters etc. It just gives a quirky twist to everything!
J.crew leopard slip on sneakers. I think I told you, but these are from Canada. And I think I paid around $20 for them. Such a steal. But a great pair of shoes that I can pair with anything.
Eileen Fisher sweater. This actually my mama’s. And I steal(I mean borrow) it anytime I can. Its so soft & so flattering.
Dried Mandarin oranges. This are amazing! If you’ve never tried these jewels, you are missing out. Pro: they’re a healthier snack being made with fruit. Con: it’s coated with sugar. But still so tasty.
Skinn 6x lip balm in mango. This is the MOST moisturizing lip balm ever! It’s amazing!
BareMinerals eyeliner brush. This brush is an essential to my eyeliner applying life. I’m not fully committed to a winged out liner, but the smooth line you make from corner to corner is used by this brush. It’s so great!
Butter London ‘champers’ nail lacquer. This is the perfect rose gold shade. If you’re into rose gold like I am. This shade is for you. I’m not one to polish my nails the same color back to back. But I kid you not, I used this stuff consecutively 4 times. It’s lovely.
Metallic drawing pencils. For grown up coloring. These are amazing, as I do love metallic pretty much anything!
Tokyomilk dark bulletproof °45 perfume. This is an amazing scent. I constantly reach for it. And I smell so good all day long. It is a dark musky smell, so be forewarned…

Hello by Adele. Obviously. I wuv it.
Pentatonix Christmas album. I had already decided I wouldn’t like this album. But I was in a friends car and she had this on and I was hooked. Amazing Christmas album!

Limoncello Panatoni. Most of the time I choose any other flavor besides lemon. But on a whim I decided to buy this and it’s delicious. It has lemon curd in the center and it’s great slathered with butter.

Dolly Parton’s coat of many colors. Great story line and a peek inside of how dolly parton was raised. Worth a watch!

So those are my favorites for December! What’s one thing you loved in December?! I’d love to hear from you!



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