Buxom palette

Do you like make up? I like make up! Do you like eye shadow? I like eye shadow! Do you like buxom? I like buxom!

If you can’t tell yet, I’m talking about Buxom’s build your own eye shadow palette. I think this is a brilliant idea. And their shades are so pretty. I find myself using at least one shade each time I wear makeup, I pair it with my tartelette palette. They glide on so beautifully and just adds a nice pizzazz to your lid. Oh and they’re so blendable too.


I bought this case right after I received three eyeshadows for Christmas.


I thought I could do without the case, but when you just get the single eye shadows, it can be a bit messy as it doesn’t come with a lid or anything. And I felt like the shadows could break if not careful… So I decided a case was the smartest choice!


The case was only $13 dollars, which I really don’t think is that bad. Pretty reasonable. And the eye shadows are only $12. But the most awesome thing is if you buy six shades and the case it ends up being $40+tax! Really not a bad price for the quality given.


These shades are smooth, silky, very little to no fall out, and gorgeous on the skin. Plus they are sooooo pigmented. And it’s so easy to pop them into the palette. Just by popping the “drawer” out and then putting the eye shadow tray in the designated spot, and pushing the drawer back into the palette. No need to fret about breakage there.


The shades I have so far are: No Faux, Bold Bling & Mink Magnet.
No Faux looks turquoise, but in actuality, it’s taupe with a blue cast.
Bold Bling is basically a gorgeous rose gold.
Mink Magnet is the prettiest shade of taupe. It has a tinge of rose gold aswell.


Definitely worth the money in my book. And no I’m not getting paid to say it either. Even if I was, I would tell the truth. I just love the concept and the actual shades. So great!


You need to at least try one! They’re that good.

Hope you enjoyed! And tell me if you’ve tried these eye shadows yet?

Enjoy, Ryn


6 thoughts on “Buxom palette

  1. these look beautiful! I love the gold color 🙂 i’d love to try them – but I have way too much eyeshadow at the moment haha
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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