Beauty fyle: Storing Beauty Items

Holla, hey, hi, hello, it’s me… Heh heh heh… Happy Monday! I hope it’s going well for you!

I don’t claim to be a organization expert… But I do like things to be more organized than not. But I’m also the type to have all my favorite things out and about because I could forget that they’re there… It happens. But one of the things that I do like to do is take things you wouldn’t normally think to use as containers to hold things, as I am about to show you… I usually take kitchen/nest things, such as; cake stands, mugs, sugar molds, copper containers, etc. and put my makeup stash it in/on them.

And then I find little trinkets to store bitty beauty products in them as well.

Here are a few of my favorites:



I bought these little birds from anthropologie 4-5 years ago. And I had nothing to put into them until it dawned on me. I then put my wisps and flossers inside. A. It’s so much prettier than the bags they come in. B. I finally have things to put into these containers!


Cake stands. I like stands for actual cakes. So I use it for nail polish, a micro SD card, lipsticks… It’s easy set things on them as they are on display…


Sugar molds. I love sugar molds, you can find them in antique stores. But they are so handy for holding lip glosses, make-up brushes, scissors, tweezers, etc.


Mugs. I love using mugs for other things besides coffee. Such as make up brushes. They’re just handy. I also have mugs holding pens, hair ties, bracelets etc.

Terrarium. Terrariums are great to hold lip products. In all shapes, sizes and forms. They’re just cool and I love that I can store other things in them besides plants.

So that’s a little glimpse of how I store my make up. I may do a video of it some time too.

Hope you enjoyed!
P.s. how do you store your make up?
Love, Ryn


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