What’s in my bag: Madewell Transport tote

When I was around 11 or 12 I started carrying handbags around with me everywhere. I have this memory of my friends Tori & Bryna, every Sunday and Wednesday going through it just to see what I had in there…. So a post like this is very near and dear to my heart.

I received this beauty of a bag for Christmas from two of my sisters. I love love loooove it. The quality is great, the color is beautiful, and I really enjoy pairing it with all my outfits. And I thought I’d share what was in my bag. After I shot this, I decided to clean it out as well so, not everything is in it now 🙂


Here we have everything in my bag… Receipts and all.


(From left to right)
This is everything I carry around with me, from business cards to a journal.
Business cards + holder: So I can hand new clients & customers my info.
My lipstick bag: Essential.
Journal: so I can write & review my dreams and goals I want to accomplish.
Wallet: also essential.
Body scrub recipe I picked up from Wholefoods: because why not, I may share it on here if its good!
Knife: Protection
Swatch of fabric: To match it to T-shirt ribbing.
Bag of beauty products: just in case
Sample of probiotics from Wholefoods: To try.
One earring finding: Not sure why it was in my purse…
Blue Le Pen: to write with. *favorite pen
Rose gold metallic pencil: to write with.
Receipts: because I bought things.
Quay Sunglasses: because it’s sunny out and I’m cool.
House keys: to get in my house.
Lipsticks: Because I love wearing lipstick.
Coins: I paid with cash.
Starbuck’s + Spotify card: in case I want to download Starbuck’s app…


Bag of lipsticks from Anthropologie:
BareMinerals Pop of passion in plumberry pop
Bite beauty duo in Cortado + Latte
Bite Beauty luminous crème lipstick in pomegranate
MAC lipsticks in Diva, Russian Red, Ruby Woo
Tarte matte lipsurgences in exposed + lively.
Khiel’s musk rollerball perfume: So that I can smell good.
• Starbucks chewing gum: in case of bad breath.


What’s in my wallet from Luxe Apothitique…
More receipts
Coupons + discounts
Gift cards
Insurance cards
Bank card
Store cards; anthropologie, Sephora, Nordstrom


In my beauty bag from HMK…
Vitamins & Advil liquigels: necessity for when I may have a headache.
Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids: in case I need them, and they’re adorable.
Tiffany coin purse holding my Samsung earbuds: because you never know when you might need them.
Etsy credit card reader: just in case I need to make a sale.
100% pure hand cream in coconut: because I need hand cream.
Bath & Body Works The Big apple hand sanitizer: it’s just smart and I like to have clean hands…and a pure heart.
Bliss hand cream from Aloft hotels: again, I may have dry hands and may need lotion.
A packet of Truvia sweetener: for my coffee.
Hair tie: for my hair.

So that is everything! I store a bunch of necessary things as well as unnecessary items in my bag. So, I hope you enjoyed!

And tell me something really random you currently store in your handbag, okay?

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