Diy Friday: Ragged cuffs

First DIY of the year! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done a proper DIY Friday. And I hope this one is to your liking! I’m pretty happy with it. I know many of us either have worn out jeans or too long in length, or just plainly need an update. This diy is for you.

I do have worn out jeans and this simple diy has elevated them so much. My inspiration came from @Ascotandhart’s IG account. First off, I love their style and Secondly, these ragged cuffs are pretty amazeballs. They show off your anklebone so well, it’s just flattering.


Now to actually put our energy to good use.
What you’ll need:


• jeans
• scissors
• steel wool or wallpaper brush

1. Take your jeans, Either measure how many inches to cut off or eyeball it.


2. Then cut both pant legs together.


3. You’ll then cut an inch, seam to seam off the front of the pants.


4. Then with the steel wool, you’re going to bunch up the ankle in your fist and then go to town with scruffing up the ankles. Until you have the perfect fraying to your liking going on.


And now go out and show off your new old pants! Have fun styling them too!


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