What I bought in January…


I didn’t buy as much as I thought but I’m loving the color palette here in this photo… It’s very springy… I did have my eye on some jeans from OldNavy…But I may buy them in February or March, you’ll find out soon, I’m sure. I do like buying necessities. And necessities, such as pants are always a good thing! But for now, these things in the photo are what’s being highlighted! So enjoy!

• I wuv this sweater. I’ve been wearing this constantly! All day, e’ry day!

• OldNavy floral PJ pants. These pants are adorable. They were on clearance, so I’m not entirely sure you can still find them, but if you can, then GREAT!

• Madewell D’Orsay flats it black and white snake skin. I bought these off poshmark, and I thought they were cuter in the pics. I may end up selling them back on poshmark… How unfortunate.

• OldNavy striped boyfriend tee. This tee is so comfortable!!! I could stand for it to be a little longer in length. But I still really like it. Its slouchy and cute.

• OldNavy Coral Tencel midi length. I haven’t actually worn this skirt yet… But I think I’ll pair it with a white button down and boots…

• Caramel color ribbing from Fabric.Com. This ribbing is for some fabric I bought in Canada. I wanted to make a cute sweatshirt with it, but I couldn’t find ribbing that would match, and I just happened upon a very close match, which now has prompted me to finish that said sweatshirt! Yay!

• Target Dollar Spot pocket calendar. I needed a smaller calendar to carry. I have a big daddy calendar for home/office use, but needed a smaller version to store in my bag just in case I need it…

• Madewell x Vans suede taupe slip-on shoes. These are already my favorite! Spoiler alert, these will be featured in February’s favorites… They’re super comfy and super cute!

I hope you enjoyed this haul, as I’ll enjoy putting each piece to good use!

What did you buy in January?!


2 thoughts on “What I bought in January…

    1. Thanks! The color was what I liked too. Yeah, as a 5’9″ girl, the midi length compliments my calves… And thanks for the heads up, I couldn’t get the links to work either, even by replacing them, so I just took them off, unfortunately. But thank you for telling me, I really appreciate it.

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