Weekend highlight

Soo, as this is almost the weekend, I won’t be responsible giving you the weekend blues by posting a few highlights from my trip to Austin, TX this past weekend… I stayed for 4 nights. And I was able to see two of my favorite people. It makes trips more enjoyable with friends… I also was able to go to San Marcos Outlets… And go to the whole foods by my hotels everyday I was there.

Here’s just a few pics since I didn’t take a bunch of pictures, unfortunately… I know, what kind of blogger am I?! The one who needs to recharge from time to time.


This is the COOLEST wall EVER!!!
Fun OOTDs will be shot there someday…


Met up with a friend of 15+ years. She’s a gem! I love her. She’s just one of those friends that can understand what you’re going through, and give you advice along the way. She’s a keeper.


My dog being the cutest dog on the ride down to Austin.


Taking pics of any school buses on the highway, because my niece is OBSESSED!


Enjoying my time with a friend who has a heart of gold! Loved my time with her. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to move to Austin, but I see many road trips in my future to maintain a friendship with her. She just encouraged me, just when I needed most.


Enjoying delicious ice cream from LICKS. So good! You need to try hot chocolate marshmallow, goat cheese, thyme & honey, and also brown butter brown sugar… They are delectable! A must when visiting A-town!


And this wall, wasn’t actually in Austin, as it was more in Waco… From Magnolia Market. Unfortunately there was no sighting of Jojo or Chip. But I’m telling you, I am going to meet them one day. And hopefully get a pic with them and chat a bit! That’s my plan anyway! But back to this wall, I love it with the faux flowers and washi tape. Swoon!

So as I said, I didn’t take many pictures nor did I eat at any really good local dives, besides licks…. But I’m making a list of what I want to do next time when I’m there!
• eat at yummy local places
• explore downtown and take OOTDs on the cool walls
• spend time with friends
• build my clientele and hopefully do a few style sessions when I’m there.
• Go to SXSW… Maybe…
• go to Milk + Honey spa and have a treatment done.

Anyway, thanks for reading!!! -Ryn

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