Styled: Valentine’s Day

I’m a sucker for cute things… And things that are a bit kitschy. But I don’t neccessarily wear it… But then again when it comes to celebrating, well, I’m ALL for that. Yesterday(Valentine’s Day) I wore a sweater with a big red heart on it… Also pink shoes and red nails.(I refrained from wearing pink or red lips, thought that would be too too much!) I was all over valentine’s day, per se!)


Told you… It was all a (Love)ly combo. I had on my:
• Grey sweater with a heart on it. (I diy’d this sweater, but apparently never did a tutorial…)
• a white tank
• high waisted black skinnies
• pink Cece ballet flats: similar style from J.crew
• Butter London lady bird‘ nail varnish
Maude C. Necklace


Perfect for a great Valentines Day! What did y’all do for V-day?!
My valentines were my dog and niece…


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