The art of writing Thank you’s

My birthday was this past Wednesday…


And with birthdays come presents, and with presents come thank you notes…

I’m not sure if this is just a southern thing or not. But it was instilled in me growing up to write a thank you note when someone gifts you whether it be birthday, wedding or whenever. It’s a nice gesture to take the time to write a heartfelt thanks with pen + paper. I feel so much better when I actually send it their way…. Unfortunately, sometimes they never arrive to that person. Which is terrible. I know! Last year, I had a birthday luncheon and I was gifted some amazing things. I wrote my thank-you’s and sent them on their way. Then the post office sent one of them back and I never followed up and got it to her… So sorry Cortney! I love my earrings! 😘😘😘
But when I actually do write + get it to you. It’s such an amazing feeling. There’s no denying that I love receiving presents. I do, I love it. But I make sure to follow up by writing a thank you note. It’s just a nice thing to do. And whether you mail it or hand it out, it’s always important to write one. Writing one, just shows people that you are thankful for whatever you were gifted with and took the time to write it out. This goes for bloggers being gifted from companies too.

Here are some guidelines to stick to in a thank you note:
if someone sent/gave you money, don’t put the amount of money gifted to you. Just thank them for the overall gift, I.e. Thank you so much for the birthday money!!! That was so thoughtful of you, I can’t wait to spend it in my favorite store!
Be sincere when writing a thank you note. Nothing’s worse than sending/receiving a thank you note that is a cookie cutter cutout of words that have no heart behind the words on the note.
cute stationary goes a long way! Stock up on note cards on your next trip to Target, tj maxx or elsewhere.
When someone sends you a gift in the mail and in the note, they ask how you are, tells you something they’ve done, or asks you a question, respond back with an answer.
You choose the length of the note. It can be short and sweet or wordy and lengthy. Or a happy medium. You choose.

Here’s a sample of what a sincere heartfelt thank you note looks like:

Hi Betty,
Thank you so much for thinking of me on my birthday! I love my Anthropologie pillow! It will go perfectly on my bed or couch… I haven’t decided on where it will go yet. I’m hoping to be in New York soon, let’s meet up when I do, I’d love to see you! -Ryn

So I hope this has helped you with writing your thank you notes, I just know the benefits of writing a great thank you note has helped me. Love you, Ryn

Do you have any tips for for writing a good thank you note? Comment below!


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