Flowers + Ball jars

Can we talk about how amazing fresh flowers are?! Or how amazing Ball jars are?


I’ve received flowers this month and all I have wanted to use is canning/Ball jars. That could be due to laziness… but I love the simplistic aspects of it.

Yes, they are easy just to stick the flowers in, add water and the flower food and go about your business. But it’s also really pretty, especially if you use colored ball jars, such as; turquoise, purple or royal blue glass from antique stores. I just love them.


And as for flowers, I do love how fresh they are and how cheery they make your nest feel. But I take no responsibility for keeping them alive… Trader Joe’s, here I come(as they have great flowers for great prices…) I do have a bouquet I’ve had for about two weeks that I received for my birthday, and it’s still going strong. So I must have half a green thumb… Maybe.
I’ve thought about getting succulents. Though, they aren’t flowers, I do think I could keep them alive. So there’s that…


Here’s a tip: If you don’t have one of the flower food packets, you can use a teaspoon of sugar and a penny. It totally works. Don’t ask me how it works, as I’m not sure, but it does.

And I might as well tell you my favorite flowers, seeing as I don’t usually talk about fresh flowers all too often… Poppies, white wild daisies, peonies and tulips. I also really like foliage.

-What are your favorite flowers?


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