DIY Friday: pure decadence

I had to share this! If you’re wanting something sweet, this could be your jam!


I use a sliced apple to dip with. Which is slightly healthier than anything else… At least that what I think! 😉

Here’s you’ll need:
• Peanut butter (organic & room temperature)
• Whipped cream (I made it myself with coconut sugar)
[whipped cream in the kitchen aid whipped until soft peaks, then add in vanilla extract, and then 1 1/2tbs of coconut sugar, then whip it until it forms firm peaks.]
• Chocolate ganache or syrup
[1/2cup semisweet chocolate chips in a saucepan on medium to low heat until melted, careful not to burn it, then add 1 1/2Tbs whipping cream. Then stir.]

You add them altogether and then enjoy!

See told you it was easy & simple, but not only that, its delicious!

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