3 outfit ideas for She is…

She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is without spot or blemish. She is far more precious than diamonds or rubies.

I strive to be all of those things. Not to mention she is strong, courageous, fierce, loyal, humorous, enticing, lovely and beautiful.

She is beautiful. In this day and age beauty has so many connotations. Positive + Negative views on what beauty is. Outward + inward expressions of what beauty is. Matters of the heart vs only skin deep forms of beauty. I wish I could tell every woman how beautiful she really is. That smile tells a story. And she speaks what is embedded in her heart.

Have you heard of She Is clothing?
I love this company. This is the epitome of what ever beautiful + strong woman is. And she should wear that badge proudly.

I was so kindly sent a couple items from their range and I love both. The message and the quality. You know I’m a stickler about how well something’s made. And their tees are so super soft. It’s like wearing a warm hug.

I paired this shirt 3 ways to show you just how versital a graphic tee actually can be.
{In case you’re wondering Elle est forte means She is Strong}


1st look: I’m all about a blazer, boyfriend jeans, heels and a cool graphic tee with some awesome jewelry to go out in. Whether your going out on a date or a GNO. You’ll be covered!


2nd look: To rock the message at the gym when you’re getting your strong on is the perfect time to remind yourself that strong is beautiful. Grab your colorful workout pants, your sneakers and your graphic tee and just see how leg day treats you!


3rd look: Last but definitely not least, wear this to the farmers market, to meet clients or to a concert in the park… Wherever you choose to wear it, just know that you can never go wrong with a midi skirt, field jacket, ankle boots, bucket bag and a floral scarf to welcome the graphic tee into the mix!

With these suggestions, you can rock any occasion with a graphic tee. Especially one from She Is Clothing! You need this company in your life!

P.s. if you use this coupon code: LAURYN, you’ll receive $5 off your entire purchase from www.Sheisclothing.com!

Thanks so much She Is! Love y’all! -Ryn


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