Bath Bombs are the!


Soap:  Pink & Purple Roses, Lavender Eucalyptus | Lotion: Arabian Sandalwood enfusion | Bath Bomb: Muscle Bomb | Mini Soaps: lemongrass poppyseed, Rhassoul Clay.
Guys! These products of Enfusia are Uhhh-mazing!!! I was sent these a few months ago, and I really, really like them! And the quality is impeccable. As the company uses natural ingredients, such as; almond oil & essential oils.
And guess what?! Each product is made in the USofA, 100% vegan and 100% gluten free. I try to eat GF, why wouldn’t I want my bath products to be gluten free too? The company was formed as a relief of eczema on the owner, Debra’s skin. She wanted products that would soothe rather than irritate… I very much am aware that most products do tend to irritate to no relief! I too, have sensitive skin, and Enfusia is so soothing on my skin, that after I shower, I just want to relax a curl up and read a good book… and their scents are heavenly. My favorite is frankincense and myrrh, hands down, best scent they have come up with!
And that muscle relief bath bomb, I have my eye on it all too often… I just need to actually use it!


Oh and did I mention that they have a men’s line too? They most certainly do. So for those manly men, you won’t smell like a girl!
And a baby line… To keep that baby butt soft skin, well soft!

Best news yet? They sell their products at your local Wholefoods market… Which I all too often peruse the Enfusia line there. You may also want to peruse on their website too!

Hope you give them a go! -Ryn


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