A pivotal pair of jeans

Oldnavy rockstar black skinny jeans one of my favorites…

piv·ot·al  (pĭv′ə-tl)
1. Of, relating to, or serving as a pivot.
* 2. Being of vital or central importance; crucial: a decision that was pivotal to our success.

It is pivotal to have black skinny jeans or pants in one’s closet. A key piece, much like a white V-neck tee.

I know that that is one heck of a statement. But it’s all the more true. It’s a true blue statement… Well, in this case it’s black.

Let me tell you why it’s so important to own one or several pair of black skinnies.
• Black skinnies can define one’s physique. • It can make one’s legs appear waaay longer than any denim could do. • It can make you look and feel your thinnest. • Cut the right way, and the length just right can make you feel like a million bucks. • You can dress them up or down, just by the clothes & accessories you pair with them. • And the more faded they become, the more they become well loved jeans! • you can pair so much with black denim. • black skinnies look great on almost any body shape. • many places have black skinnies to purchase.

Here are few ways I’ve styled black denim, as you can see, I really like to wear neutrals…


So, if you’re debating on whether or not to purchase a pair of black skinnies, let me answer for you, YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! You need them in your life!

From your stylist,


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