Empowering Women


I’m tired of the lack of support from other women…
I feel as if we’re all competing with each other. It’s not fun. I can’t convince myself that it is. I would rather empower women rather than tear them down.
I feel, if we’re always competing, we miss each others mission, or callings & gifts.

I have always been called to women’s ministry. And my career as a wardrobe stylist has helped immensely. I love styling women. I mean men are great too. But I feel as if I can impart wisdom and self confidence to women who otherwise don’t have good self esteem, confidence, or they just don’t know how to dress themselves, I’m helping them in some way and that makes me extremely happy. That’s me. I’m nosey and I love making women look good. It’s what I do. Just call me therapist/stylist Lauryn! Haha!


So what I’ve decided to do is support other women in their endeavors and callings and share them on my Instagram every week! If you’re not following me, then you should to get in on the action with me and give a shout out to other women too, it helps if you know them;). As I want this movement to grow larger & larger until we all are supporting and rooting each other on! My Instagram profile is: @RynBray
You need to follow! Just saying!


8 thoughts on “Empowering Women

  1. I hear ya!
    There are so many insecure women out there because we keep tearing eachother down. It’s time we learn to support one another so we can grow together 💕

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