Let’s talk about bodies… Shall we?

Everybody’s body is different. Differently proportioned. Differently shaped. Differently stacked. And it’s okay. I don’t think we hear that enough. That it’s okay to be different.

1. not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
“you can play this game in different ways”
synonyms: dissimilar, unalike, unlike, contrasting, contrastive, divergent, differing, varying, disparate; More
2. distinct; separate.
“on two different occasions”
synonyms: distinct, separate, individual, discrete, independent
“two different occasions”

That it’s okay that my neighbor and I are not the same size. Even though through our natural eyes, it seems as if we could share closets + clothes. The clothes just may not fit each of us. Individuals. Because we’re two different sizes. She may be a size 10 where I may be a size 14(total faith statement here!). Completely different sizes.

Though with different designers those two numbers can overlap…Occasionally. Along with stretchy/flowy cuts of each garment.
But dress for your body. Not your neighbor’s. Not your mothers. Dress for you. Be different. You may not be a supermodel. You may be a curvaceous babe. Own it! And don’t, I repeat, do not, keep tabs or care about the numbers/size written in the clothes. You may need a size bigger in a pair a pants or different size shirt. Cut the tag out if need be to not care about the size. Who’s wearing who here? The clothes or your body? You want clothes that fit your body, you don’t want your body to fit into too small/too tight of clothes. No sausage casings here.

Alterations. Alterations make a world of difference in your wardrobe. The magical thing is you can buy a pair of pants. If the pair of pants are bigger in spots, you can have them altered to fit YOU!!! Fascinating right?! Basically tailor made pants without the tailor made big price!

Basically own your body. (And the box of cookies you just ate!) And dress really really well!



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