Being Better > Being Bitter


Have I told you how much I love going through peoples closets and wardrobes. Like it’s my kinda Narnia for me. It’s a wonderland. Going through clothes, pairing one garment with another, forming outfits together. Ahhh it’s eye candy to me. Plus, I love seeing what they have… And my clients have a whole new way of seeing their closets. And the look smashing. I love the confidence they have. The empowerment they own!

I’ve been doing this wardrobe stylist thing for four years! I’ve had challenges, I’ve had victories and all around fun doing so, I’ve also had an impact on my clients. Empowering them to be better equipped when dressing themselves.

Just recently, I had a friend start a styling career as well. She also decided to copy a lot of what I do and work with a church, I have connections with and work with. Honestly, it was a shock to me, as Sundays before, she acted so supportive of what I’m doing. Trying to “help”. It really made me sad + mad. And quite honestly, discouraged. I felt discouraged. And confused and a little hurt. I knew being a stylist was a total God thing. I know I couldn’t dream this up on my own. It was all Him. I even had to converse with my mom, sister, friends and God… about it. And I definitely didn’t want hurt and unforgiveness to rule me. I didn’t want to become bitter, for the sake of being bitter.
Then a few days ago, another friend asked me how I really was, as I try to hide my feelings, I told her a bit of what was going on and she totally helped. She put a different perspective on it. She said “you have one of two choices, you either become bitter or you can become better!” she also said, God will give me favor, His hand is on my business. She also said to chalk it up to “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” And I am totally choosing the latter. Ever since her words, I have felt encouraged. I have had new pep in my step. I’m feeling refreshed, a new sense of worth has been given to me. All because I chose not to be bitter. And I truly believe becoming better will send me into new & great opportunities. Yes and Amen!

I’m not really sure what the moral of this story is, besides that you need friends to help encourage you through trials in your life. You need to hold onto them tight. If you need encouragement, please feel free to email me, I’ll do my best:

On another note: if you’re in the market for a  down to earth wardrobe stylist, you should totally email me! I’d love to work with you! Thanks for reading! -Ryn

4 thoughts on “Being Better > Being Bitter

  1. I totally feel for you, girl! In some cases it’s flattering if someone is inspired to take on my style or follow the same path in business, but I know the horrible feeling of someone copying me (both personally and in business). It begins to feel like a competition and I wish they’d just be their own unique and creative selves!

    I like to remind myself that we all have unique callings, no one can take my calling from me, I will be at my most successful if I keep my eyes focused on what I know I’m supposed to do! I try not to be distracted by what copiers are doing, but I do like to remember that they’ll never be truly happy and fulfilled as long as they’re copying others instead of following their own dreams and callings.

    1. I’m understanding that we all have unique callings, more & more, and that people who try and copy, will never have the same contentment/uniqueness that I do. But that first initial moment you realize they’re copying you, is just a tough blow… I’m definitely grasping onto a new way to think of myself in business. And Romans 8:28 has been a constant reminder for me. Just your words are encouragement for me. Than you so much, Shae!

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