I interrupt my “regular” posting to post about somebody who means the world to me. And because it’s her birthday, I just feel the need to celebrate!


Sweater: Eileen Fisher | Tank: Eileen Fisher | Pants: Eileen Fisher | Shoes: Orthaheel | Bag: Tumi | Jewelry: David Yurman

It’s my mama’s birthday today!!! I’ve learned so much from her. And I continue to learn from her. I may resist at first, being told what to do and all, but she does give the best advice. She’s the best. And I love spending time with her. Plus, she trusts me to style her! (Big accomplishment, right there!) She’s gracious, she’s opinionated, she’s sarcastic, she has stunning eyes, she’s a grammar goddess and she will let you know she is, she’s funny, she’s a mama when you need one, she is sassy, she enjoys shopping(not to the extent that i do), I inherited feminism from her, she loves people and she LOVES giving. If you spend time around her, you’ll know her laugh is contagious. And her lips speak the truth, even if the truth hurts… She’s fantastic at word games, and a great companion to travel with whether near or far, from Seattle to New York! She’s super creative and she loves editing books, whether the author asks her to or not, She loves the Lord and she doesn’t stray from her faith. She’s solid, strong and wise. She’s beautiful beyond belief. If you don’t know her, you should!
And she loves a good piece of Eileen Fisher in her wardrobe! Love her to pieces! Happy 60th Birthday, Mama! Love you! And the BEST is yet to come!!!


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