Talk your walk

Can we just talk about StandFor initiative for a minute?! I was just sent a shoe, a personalized shoe, no less! To thank me for talking about their company when they first launched their site. Coolest thank you gift ever! Thanks guys! I feel like I won a trophy or something! ; )


It’s an awesome company! For what they stand for, and for what they believe. It’s just amazing. And each collection is different. This collection is to stand for a smoke less environment. I can totally stand with them, as second hand smoke & smoking can be extremely harmful to ones body. It can not only cause cancer, but infertility and also it’s horrible for the environment. I hate to walk into a restaurant and it smells like an ashtray. Blech! Or walking into smoke on a sidewalk… It causes my eyes to water, gag refluxes to ensue and headaches to happen. I usually hold my breath, but sometimes, you can’t help but breathe that smoke in.


But, if you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know I love me some shoes! I can definitely shop any day for shoes! I think many people can too. And I’m going to insist that my clients check this company out… Mostly my clients who are men. I can seriously see them paired with chinos, and a linen button up shirt. Or even with a navy blue suit & a white henley and these shoes… Whaaaaat?! Yes, just yes!


I’m not forgetting about the ladies, they do have ankle boots that are pretty rad! They’re super colorful, but sometimes you just need a statement piece for your outfit.


Did I mention, they are designed + sewn in Portugal and they’re even shipped from there as well? Yep, they so are! P.s they’re so comfortable and are of the highest quality! This company is just so cool that you need to go to their site, like right now!

Also, read what their doing with their app! It’s pretty awesome!

Hope you check’em out! Enjoy! -Ryn


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