Midi length


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I love this outfit. I saw it on Pinterest, and I can’t get it out of my head. I want it in my closet, like yesterday… And I don’t even wear skirts that often! I just love the length, awww tea length. Given my size and frame, I feel as if this would flatter me well.

Also, the vertical stripes in the shirt help lengthen as do the pointed toe pumps. Anything that makes you appear taller is a good things!

You do see some ripples across where her front (hip to hip) and granted the skirt could be a hair bit looser. But only about half an inch. But this fit doesn’t make me cringe as do some where it’s obviously stretching across, pulling at the seams and it was terribly hard to get into. Those skirts are just terrible to look at when others wear them! 

I really think this outfit will work on curvy girls, just as well as stick straight girls. It’s just the proportions you need to worry about, that length won’t work on a 5’4″ woman, but 6″-9″ shorter would. Never forget tge power of a pencil skirt!

: )

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