Are you a hungry girl?


I attended with my sister, a book signing last week, not knowing who the author was or what she really was about. I was invited by her make-up artist Jackie Mgido.  And I loved it. It’s not like I attend all that many book signings to begin with, but I knew I wanted to meet Jackie, so this was just an added bonus to attend. Who knew I would like attending so much? Now I want to attend more book signings!

Lisa Lillian aka Hungry Girl is not a nutritionist. She’s just hungry. And she just launched her book: Hungry Girl, Clean & Hungry. She also has more than 2.5 million email subscribers and social media followers. A self-proclaimed “mad scientist” in the kitchen, Lisa dishes out guilt-free recipes, tips & tricks, supermarket finds, and survival guides for real-world eating situations all in her book and online. She’s also starred on food network and the cooking network, and she’s also appeared on Dr.Oz, Good Morning America & The View.

Also, I’m not sure if all book tours do this or this is the only one, but I received a goody bag, jam packed with healthy snacks! (Which I have nibbled on, thank you very much!) And Jackie (who I will write about in another post), was so sweet and kind that she bought me the hungry girl cookbook! She’s a keeper, That’s for sure! And Lisa, so graciously signed my copy. What a sweet woman! So now, I have a signed copy of her cookbook too.


And a picture with her:


So, that was just one of my highlights of my week… last week. Tell me one of yours?!
Thanks so much for reading! And if you’re not following me on Instagram, you should be: @Styledbyryn !!!

P.s. the fried rice cauliflower in her cookbook looks sooo good! Just saying!

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