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What I received for my Birthday + V-day!

My birthday was on the 10th of February! I turned 28. {Eek! in a good way of course! ;)} And I received a load of fun + pretty things from my family(thanks so much, I love it all!) + companies!(i.e. Ulta + Sephora)
{I will say, the older you get the more the presents cost and the fewer you receive… But I’m not mad about it!}

Here are my gifts!


Live FashionABLE Tedesse bucket bag in black. It’s a great
Photoshop elements 14. Im so happy with this program. I still have a bunch yet to learn, but so thankful to have it!
Amika black obliphica styler. First off, how cute is the print of this flat iron?! So cute, I’d say! And secondly, it works well, even before I get my hair cut and give up halfway through straightening my hair because I have such thick and long hair!
Brooklyn street style book. I bought this book with money I received from my grandma… I’m loving this read. I’m always down for style books and this one is pretty great!
Tarte mini lipsticks (no longer available). This is the only part of my gifts from my parents that I didn’t know about! Hah! Did I mention too, that when you get older, you may know about your gifts. But speaking of these lipsticks, they’re sheer. But super pretty. If it’s for everyday daytime wear, they’re great!


(Counter clockwise)
Kendra Scott “Elisa” necklace in rose gold + pyrite. My mama gave me money for this necklace, as I did get 50% off for my birthday! Plus, I got to customize my necklace. I love it!
E.Leigh’s brass ball earrings. These were actually from the boutique E.Leigh’s for signing up with their e-club. You get a free pair of earrings on you birthday!
Tartelette 2 in bloom palette. Ugh! I’m loving this palette more + more. I keep finding new combinations to pair up with. Every shade is beautiful!
French Kande necklace; medallion. This has a funny story, as I saw this at a sample sale. And I thought it was 75% off of the sale price. Nope, it was actually just 75% off the original price! So my mama bought it for me anyway! And that was back in August!
Marc Jacobs highliner gel crayon. This eyeliner is sooo smooth and is the blackest black. I like to smudge it.
Marc Jacobs lipstick in Kiss kiss bang bang. This is pretty rose shade. A bit drying but not too bad.
Marc Jacobs velvet noir major volume mascara. I’m not sure why I added this mascara with my Bday haul. As I didn’t get it for my birthday, but then again, I may buy a tube as a birthday present to myself. This is my FAVORITE! I’ll do a review soon…
Formula X nail polish in Obsessed. Again not technically a birthday gift, as much as cashing in some sephora points… Lack of sleep, I guess.
Illamasqua nail varnish in Pink Raindrops. This is the prettiest nail varnish… in the bottle. Unfortunately, not an easy nail varnish to use. It’s a bit thick, but I think I’ll use a couple drops of acetone to thin it and it should be good. But I love the name – pink raindrops!
Benefit rollerlash mascara. Um, I have mixed feelings about this mascara. I’ll keep using it. But I love Marc’s more!
Estella Bartlett London Bird necklace. I first swooned over this necklace in Austin, when it was still $48. Then I went to anthropologie and it was $29.95. And I was going to just bite the bullet and purchase with my birthday 15% off discount. But then, I went into Anthro on my birthday and it was $29.95 with 40% off!!! Of course I bought it! And I was able to buy it with birthday money I received from my sister + brother in law!!! I love it!


Tartelette 2 in bloom, my favorite shades are: leader, smokeshow, rebel, sweetheart + flower child.
Tarte lipsticks: (from top to bottom) Sangria, Punch, Mimosa + bellinni
Marc Jacobs lipstick + eyeliner: Kiss kiss bang bang(lipstick) & Blacquer(liner)

Speaking of blooms, I received some pretty flowers too.


And the here’s what I received for V-day from my parents!


Dusk by Herban Cowboy cologne. This stuff smells like a man, and yet stillhas a slight feminine smell to it. I like how I can smell it throughout the day!
Bite matte créme lip crayon in blood orange. This lip color is soooo pretty! It’s a bright reddish-orange and even smells like it too. I really like the crayon!

The art of writing Thank you’s

My birthday was this past Wednesday…


And with birthdays come presents, and with presents come thank you notes…

I’m not sure if this is just a southern thing or not. But it was instilled in me growing up to write a thank you note when someone gifts you whether it be birthday, wedding or whenever. It’s a nice gesture to take the time to write a heartfelt thanks with pen + paper. I feel so much better when I actually send it their way…. Unfortunately, sometimes they never arrive to that person. Which is terrible. I know! Last year, I had a birthday luncheon and I was gifted some amazing things. I wrote my thank-you’s and sent them on their way. Then the post office sent one of them back and I never followed up and got it to her… So sorry Cortney! I love my earrings! 😘😘😘
But when I actually do write + get it to you. It’s such an amazing feeling. There’s no denying that I love receiving presents. I do, I love it. But I make sure to follow up by writing a thank you note. It’s just a nice thing to do. And whether you mail it or hand it out, it’s always important to write one. Writing one, just shows people that you are thankful for whatever you were gifted with and took the time to write it out. This goes for bloggers being gifted from companies too.

Here are some guidelines to stick to in a thank you note:
if someone sent/gave you money, don’t put the amount of money gifted to you. Just thank them for the overall gift, I.e. Thank you so much for the birthday money!!! That was so thoughtful of you, I can’t wait to spend it in my favorite store!
Be sincere when writing a thank you note. Nothing’s worse than sending/receiving a thank you note that is a cookie cutter cutout of words that have no heart behind the words on the note.
cute stationary goes a long way! Stock up on note cards on your next trip to Target, tj maxx or elsewhere.
When someone sends you a gift in the mail and in the note, they ask how you are, tells you something they’ve done, or asks you a question, respond back with an answer.
You choose the length of the note. It can be short and sweet or wordy and lengthy. Or a happy medium. You choose.

Here’s a sample of what a sincere heartfelt thank you note looks like:

Hi Betty,
Thank you so much for thinking of me on my birthday! I love my Anthropologie pillow! It will go perfectly on my bed or couch… I haven’t decided on where it will go yet. I’m hoping to be in New York soon, let’s meet up when I do, I’d love to see you! -Ryn

So I hope this has helped you with writing your thank you notes, I just know the benefits of writing a great thank you note has helped me. Love you, Ryn

Do you have any tips for for writing a good thank you note? Comment below!


It’s my birthday week!!! And I thought what better way to celebrate, than to talk about February’s birthstone… When I was growing up, I would go through phases of whether I liked amethyst or not. And now, I’m 50/50 about it. I like it. Is amethyst my all time favorite gemstone? Not neccesarily. But I do like how amethyst isn’t just the light lilac color, it has a whole range of hues. Thank goodness,  I much prefer dark to light. As you can tell with my clothes as well… Wink wink! I always have like April’s birthstone (diamond) and November’s (opal)…

Here I compiled a few amethyst colored items, that we can all benefit from!


(Left to Right)
Diane Vreeland Parfums Simply Divine Scented candle | $90
SFERRA Fringed Basket Weave Throw $615
Amethyst Brilliance iPhone 6 plus case | $80
•  Rad Labs Large Amethyst Interno Paperweight | $190
J.Crew refined silk-cashmere wrap | $75
Nars Dual-intensity eye shadow in ‘Phoebe’ | $29
VINCE Wool & Silk raglan sweater | $295
Denby Tumbler


L.Erickson ‘Grace’ Crystal stud earrings | $38
Dolce & Gabbana liquid nail lacquer | $27
Stila ‘Got Inked’ Cushion eyeliner | $28
Printable Wisdom ‘Birthstone Print’ wall art | $12
MAC ‘mineralize’ eye shadow duo in ‘ever amethyst’ | $22
Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant necklace in amethyst | $60
Kendra Scott Skylar earrings in amethyst | $75


Old Hickory Tannery Tufted Regency Sofa | $5000
Stephen Webster Gold Struck Open Garnet, Ruby & Amethyst ring | $6000
David Yurman waverly ring with amethyst & pink sapphires | $3900
David Yurman classic cable with amethyst and gold | $775
Kevyn Aucoin beauty ‘The loose shimmer’ eyeshadow | $29
S’well insulated stainless steel water bottle | $25
Lalique amethyst body lotion | $30
Charlotte Tilbury ‘color chameleon’ color morphing eye shadow pencil | $27
Marco Bicego ‘Paradise’ single strand semiprecious necklace | $1760

What’s your favorite birthstone?

Treat yourself to birthday goodness…


My birthday is in about 12 days. I’ve ALWAYS been a big, BIG fan of celebrating my birthday. And I was inspired by my friend Rebekah from TheLilyproject to sign up for a lot of e-clubs… As they gift birthday treats. Depending on the place, depends on what you’ll receive! I’m all about getting a free donut or a milkshake or just a discount on jewelry, clothes and shoes. Whatever the case, I’m game!

I have a list of places you should totally take advantage of when your birthday comes around! You know I did!

*and a lot of these places, you’ll also receive a free or a discounted offer just by signing up. This is a win-win situation. But my suggestion to you is to open a brand spanking new email account and use it solely for bday coupons. Take this advice from the girl who didn’t do that! Hah!

Here we go:
Anthropologie: 15% off your entire purchase any day in your birthday month.
DSW: $5 off $10 or more
Del Taco: Free shake
Sprinkles cupcakes: A Free cupcake
Sephora: Free deluxe size skincare or make-up sample.
Aveda: Free Aveda Product
Bare Minerals: A makeup gift.
Texas De Brazil: $25 off two entrees
Dairy Queen: BOGO Blizzard
Ulta: Deluxe – Full size product
Benefit cosmetics: Free eyebrow shaping
Old Navy: 30% off coupon code
Gap: 30% off coupon code
Kendra Scott: If you show them your ID on your birthday, they will give you 50% off your entire purchase in-store
Buca Di Beppo: $20 off two shared pastas or entrees
Smashbox: Free gift on your birthday
Houlihan’s: Free Entree
Red Robin: A hamburger of your choice and fries
Abuelo’s: Free Birthday Entree
Cold Stone Creamery: BOGO ice cream
Del Frisco’s grille: A dessert of your choice.
Bj’s restaurant: A Pizookie dessert
Tory Burch: $50 off (in-store & online)
J.crew factory: 30% off coupon code
Cat bird NYC:
Becca Cosmetics: TBD
Sleek Cosmetics: TBD
Stila cosmetics: TBD
Asos: TBD
Mod Market: Entree and cake
Nothing Bundt Cakes: Free Birthday Bundtlette
Whataburger: TBD
Chick-Fil-A: TBD

The awesome thing is you don’t have to spend these all on yourself, you can pass them on with ease, by a click of a button.

*If you’re not sure if a website/store gives out discounts and gifts, a sure fire way to tell is if you’re signing up for an account and they don’t ask you for your date of birth…

Also, if its on your birthday, ask around, or just simply state it’s your birthday… You never know what you might receive! 

So if your birthday is coming up, you should totally do it! Oh Happy Day + Enjoy! -Ryn

Happy New Year!!!


New year. New goals & accomplishments to…ahem…accomplish! What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish in 2016?
I know I’ve got a whole slew of goals I want to achieve this year. Such as doing more public speaking and going on a missions trip. I also want to get a styledbyryn website going. And get some portraits done of me for business. I really want to know your goal(s) that you want to do this year.

But, maybe you’re saying, but Ryn, resolutions & accomplishing goals do not work for me… They’ve never worked in the past, I never stick with it, nothing gets resolved… Excuse after excuse…

Well, there are ways to help accomplish those said goals:
• Keep them in front of you at all times. Each day look at them. Marinate on them.
• Keep a notebook in your purse or bag and put pen to paper and write those goals down whenever you think of a new one.
• Download the app Goals&Dreams and put those drams & goals in there.
•Start small. If you can accomplish a teeny tiny one, you’ll be more motivated to accomplish the bigger ones.
• Put time limits on it. You’ll be more motivated to accomplish when you’re rushed for time.
• Push yourself. It’s okay to push yourself. Think beyond what you can do. Think bigger!
•Compete if you have to. If it’s getting so many work outs in a week, bring a friend along and compete on how many push ups you can do or compete with yourself, by say this is how many squats I can do. Let’s see how I can do twice as many of the said amount. The thing is, you body can endure more pain than you know. But you’ve gotta put your mind to the matter and start applying yourself to exercising or you’ll never reach your goal. One thing I like to ask myself when working out is: where’s my wall? And what that means is, is that how much more can I endure? If the trainer says you only need to do five repetitions more, but when you get there, you may say my wall is actually 5 repetitions more… Go for it. Where’s your wall?
• Tell a loved one about some of your goals and have them hold you accountable.
• Oh and get them done.

I hope this helps! And let me know what a goal that you want to accomplish in 2016!!! Its going to be the Best! I can feel it! -Ryn

Merry Christmas!!!


Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas,  Let your heart be light…

I hope you had a wonderful day! My day was different from any other Christmas day, yet it was one for the books! It definitely was a wonderful one!
And I hope yours was too! Filled with laughter, joy, peace & love! Sounds like perfection doesn’t it?!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking a week off and I will see you next year 😉 on the 1st of January to be exact! Of course you can totally follow me on Instagram as I will be posting on there DAILY! My username is @Rynb!

Also feedback, I want feedback about the Advent posts! Did you love them, hate them, what could be better, what was your favorite post, etc… I really want to know! That way we can improve and be better about it! Thanks!

Okay, love you all and I’ll see ya on Instagram! Happy new year! -Ryn