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What I bought in: April


New York napkin; similar. Aka a new throw pillow case… That’s right, this here napkin will turn into a pillow, as I can not profess my love for NYC enough!

Floral Birkenstock style shoes; similar. Man, are these cute or what?! And they’re super comfortable too! Bought them in Canton TX!

{If you ever come to Texas, be sure to stop by Canton on the Trade Days weekend to snag some amazing finds, new or antique.}

• Bumble bee post earrings. Again, bought these by a vendor at Canton Trade Days! I loooove these bumblebee earrings.

Kendra Scott necklace. Guys, if you’re not aware that Kendra Scott boutiques have a birthday deal which is, one item 50% off, then you should, I’ll link a whole list of things that help celebrate your birthday too! I totally used my mom’s birthday to get this pretty little rose gold/turquoise number. Ain’t it pretty?

Bite Beauty ‘Gingersnap’ lipstick. Even though this lipstick is a very pretty coral, I still consider it to be a nude for me… I know it’s not a nude, but it’s just the prettiest everyday shade!


Perfect formula manicure set. I’ve been wanting to try the pink gel coat for a loooong time, and I saw this whole set, and I thought I should purchase it all. And you know what?! I love the pink gel coat!

And there you have it, a run down on everything I purchased or had purchased for me! You’re welcome. 😉

What was your favorite thing you bought in the month of April?!


Empties No.4

Here are my empties for this quarter… Some great products to replace, here they are!

Ester C Vitamins ‘500mg’. This is the BEST Vitamin C, hands down! It works so quickly when your feeling less than par.
ShiKai Color Reflect ‘Warm’ shampoo. Funny story, I’ve been using this shampoo for weeks, and I kept wondering why the natural red in my hair was more intense than it usually is. I discovered that it was because of this shampoo! I fancy this shampoo even more so now! Already bought a replacement.
Essie ‘Matte about you’ topcoat. I really like this topcoat. I love that it comes off matte. I did buy a replacement, but it is a different brand.
• Marvis ‘cinnamon mint‘ toothpaste. Oh how I love this toothpaste! It makes my teeth soooo clean & white.
OPI start to finish topcoat. This is pretty much a standard for me. I love that I can use one product, for both base + topcoat.
• Le Pen red pen. Le Pen is pretty much my favorite pen brand EVER! They work so well, so smooth and great colors!
NYX HD Concealer ‘CW 02’. This is my favorite undereye concealer. It brightens up my face. And it blends really well too.
Korres Body Butter ‘guava’. This is the best hand lotion! Sooo luscious!
• Acure Moroccan argan oil ‘coconut‘. Best face oil + moisturizer. I love the way my skin feels after I use it. Plus the smell is so yummy!
Philosophy ‘The Gingerbread girl’ shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. I really like philosophy bath gel, however this isn’t my favorite scent. Nothing bad about it, just not my fave. Currently, I’m using Philosophy Coconut frosting… Love the smell!
Not your mother’s clean freak refreshing dry shampoo. I looooooooooove this product. I love the scent, how my hair is voluminous, how clean my hair actually looks!
Lamas Botanical Soy Balancing conditioner. This was a good conditioner. But nothing to rave about.

So there you have it, some great things to add to your list to try or not try! Enjoy! -Ryn

Word to the hair wise…

I just love getting my hair cut.


I’m serious, I do! I love taking the time out of my day, sitting there talking with my friend/hairstylist, getting my hair washed and my head massaged. I love the way my hair feels, smells & looks after getting cut. Even the blow drying is wonderful, and that’s my least favorite part.

But can I make a confession, I’m pretty sure I didn’t get my hair done all year of 2015. That’s bad, reeeeeal bad. It’s not that I didn’t have time or really that her prices were too expensive. I just didn’t put the value into my hair. I love my hair. I love this stage in my life with my hair. It’s long, it’s wavy, it compliments me well. You should at the very least go once a year, if not 3 times a year! My hair was so raggedy and the least sleek I’ve ever seen it. And it was thick in places, that should have been thinned out if I had gone regularly. Oh and don’t even get me started on how I would have small rats nests… Can we say annoying!


Y’all, please don’t be like me and not go for a whole year, be good to your hair and make an appointment. Your hair will thank you, not to mention your hairstylist!

Right now my hair feels incredible. It needs to be washed, but it still feels incredible. And healthy! Healthy is good!

Just a word to the wise! -Ryn
P.s. Erica you’re the BEST! I can’t thank you enough!!!

What I bought in: March


March was such a good month! I found some deals and I loved life! Can’t complain! Can you?

Crate & Barrel Citron linen king pillow cases{Similar}. I love linen. And these will be perfect to brighten up my bedroom for summer!
Madewell black + white NYC Scarf {Similar}. This is so light and flowy. It’s perfect for spring and a great reminder of my favorite city.
Crate & Barrel yellow linen tablecloth{Similar}. This will actually be a throw, i love using linen as a blanket. And I’m getting it monogrammed, So excited!
Pure Ice matte top coat. I finished my Essie “Matte About You” bottle, and as i was strolling through the beauty aisles of wally world, I spotted this bottle… I seem to like it better too!
Butter London Wallis Nail Polish. This is a back up bottle. As it is my favorite Butter London color!
Rose Gold pimple picker{Similar}. This is a Godsend. It’s so much better than the curved side of a bobbypin. Plus, it is rose gold! Bonus! 
Revlon ultra HD matte lipcolor in flirtation.
Poppin Rose Gold business card holder. Though, I wish it were leather instead of metallic cardstock, it does make handing out business cards all the more fun!
Merona Wool Fedora Hat in Olive Green. I wanted one all through winter, never purchasing, and now I finally have one! Yay! 

So that’s everything i bought in the month of March! What are some things you bought?

Being Better > Being Bitter


Have I told you how much I love going through peoples closets and wardrobes. Like it’s my kinda Narnia for me. It’s a wonderland. Going through clothes, pairing one garment with another, forming outfits together. Ahhh it’s eye candy to me. Plus, I love seeing what they have… And my clients have a whole new way of seeing their closets. And the look smashing. I love the confidence they have. The empowerment they own!

I’ve been doing this wardrobe stylist thing for four years! I’ve had challenges, I’ve had victories and all around fun doing so, I’ve also had an impact on my clients. Empowering them to be better equipped when dressing themselves.

Just recently, I had a friend start a styling career as well. She also decided to copy a lot of what I do and work with a church, I have connections with and work with. Honestly, it was a shock to me, as Sundays before, she acted so supportive of what I’m doing. Trying to “help”. It really made me sad + mad. And quite honestly, discouraged. I felt discouraged. And confused and a little hurt. I knew being a stylist was a total God thing. I know I couldn’t dream this up on my own. It was all Him. I even had to converse with my mom, sister, friends and God… about it. And I definitely didn’t want hurt and unforgiveness to rule me. I didn’t want to become bitter, for the sake of being bitter.
Then a few days ago, another friend asked me how I really was, as I try to hide my feelings, I told her a bit of what was going on and she totally helped. She put a different perspective on it. She said “you have one of two choices, you either become bitter or you can become better!” she also said, God will give me favor, His hand is on my business. She also said to chalk it up to “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” And I am totally choosing the latter. Ever since her words, I have felt encouraged. I have had new pep in my step. I’m feeling refreshed, a new sense of worth has been given to me. All because I chose not to be bitter. And I truly believe becoming better will send me into new & great opportunities. Yes and Amen!

I’m not really sure what the moral of this story is, besides that you need friends to help encourage you through trials in your life. You need to hold onto them tight. If you need encouragement, please feel free to email me, I’ll do my best: styledbyryn@gmail.com.

On another note: if you’re in the market for a  down to earth wardrobe stylist, you should totally email me! I’d love to work with you! Thanks for reading! -Ryn

Hello, beauty!

Let’s talk about something for a minute… I love Wholefoods, probably more than I should. But I just love walking in the door. Grabbing a coffee. Browsing the aisles looking for snack items to munch on. Sitting and reading a book. That’s my idea of a lovely Sunday afternoon after church at Wholefoods. Oh and did I mention picking up groceries and roaming through the beauty aisles? I probably spend much of my time looking at all the skincare, beauty, nail polish, etc.

And now every season, they have curated bags full of travel size samples and two full size product. An $80 value for just $15. And it comes in the cutest bag! Ugh! Love the tassel! Probably made of organic cotton or something…


MyChelle perfect C serum | Derma e purifying 2-in-1 charcoal mask | trilogy rosehip oil antioxidant+| Mineral Fusion mascara | Burt’s bees lipstick, shade: sunset cruise | evanhealy rose geranium facial tonic HydroSoul® | Weleda skin food | Acure pore minimizing facial scrub | Dr. Hauschka soothing cleansing milk


See, this bag is so cute!


Every time we leave on trips, we either plan that there’s going to be a whole foods close by or we’re pleasantly surprised when there’s one within walking distance! It just makes the trip that much better!

If you see one of these bags, don’t hesitate to pick one up off the shelf! You can’t go wrong with natural.