Monthly Favorites: April


Gap ripped sweatshirt. Yeah, I wore this a ton in April! I just love the ripped neckline. Can’t get enough of it! And it’s so comfy/cozy! My kind of sweatshirt!
Benefit cosmetics Roller Lash. Guys, I never thought I’d like this mascara. I tried it once, and said I didn’t like it. (I know my friend Kristen from Hunnybee beauty is shaking her head right now, I’m sure! As she loves this mascara…) However, I love this mascara. To me it’s an everyday mascara. And it’s super wearable! Without fall out and it’s super lengthening!
Bite Beauty lipstick in Gingersnap. This lipstick. Ugh. It’s beautiful on my lips. I’m more of a coral/orange lip girl anyway, and I just love this shade. It’s so Gorgeous!
Paper 53 Stylus and app. This app is amazing. My sister actually got me the stylus a year & a half ago for Christmas. I never really got into the app, therefore I never used the stylus, but y’all, this combo is amazing! I’ve used it this past month for clothing ideas and jewelry designs. It’s awesome! I so hope that they make it Android compatible soon!
Perfect Formula pink gel coat. This nail coat is a nail strengthening polish annnnd I LOVE it! I can already tell a difference. My nails are growing and they aren’t in a fragile state. Totally worth the money!
Sexapeel. This. Stuff. Is. Amazeballs. It makes my skin sooooo incredibly SOFT! It’s an exfoliator that you just squirt into your hands and rub on your face, and it sloughs off ALL the dead skin within seconds! You need to try it!
Biofreeze. This is life changing! I use it whenever my shoulders are hurting and it gives an amazing cooling/numbing sensation, that just makes your ache less achy and its great in the summer, as it cools you down!
Instant Pot. And this is life changing to cooking. I can make dinner in 30 min time. That’s including prep + cooking time!!!  Pressure cooking is wonderful! Everybody needs one in their life!
Saving Hope. This is a TV show on ion TV. And I really enjoy watching it. It has Smallville’s Lois Lane actress as a lead role, and I really like her in this show. It’s worth watching!
Steven Furtick. And last but certainly not least, Pastor Steven Furtick. He’s an awesome preacher. He has revolutionized my walk with God. I watch his past sermons on YouTube any chance I get, especially when doing my make-up! Love He & Holly! (his wife)

I hope you get to try a few of these products and people! Because, I wouldn’t be sharing them if I didn’t love them! Enjoy!

I’m pretty sure you need this in your life…


These matte lip colors are uhh-mazing!!!! I can’t quit talking about them or using them! Frankly, I only have one. But I’m considering purchasing a few more. They last all day on me. I do like to refresh it once or twice a day. But I don’t need to. I have the shade flirtation. It’s the prettiest pinky-coral color. Although, the way it looks on me versus the way it looks on my mom + sister is completely different.


And also the smell/taste is reminiscent of a smackers lip balm, I feel like. Kinda like strawberries or cherries….
I use this stuff pretty much daily. And I’m not one to rank drugstore brands as a favorite usually, but boy, this one goes to the top with Mac Cosmetics and Bite beauty! It’s amazeballs!

P.s. If your in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and you need/want a wardrobe stylist, hit me up! My email is: as I do have some deals in the month of March!

What I bought in: February

February was a good, good month. From purchasing, to receiving to favoriting. All wonderful. I’m going to miss my birthday month, but onto March, which will be another great month for the books!


‘Somebunny loves you’ hand towels. These are for my bathroom. Mainly for Easter, but I’ll use all year round. They’re from Tj Maxx.
Glass picture frames. These are for framing the Rifle paper co. cards… I like the utilitarian vibe it has. These are from Hobby lobby.
Rifle Paper Co. Notecards: 2 New York, 1 Kentucky Derby; here, here + here. I bought these for 3-4 reasons such as: NYC has my heart. I’m from Kentucky. These are for framing and I love rifle paper co.
Neiman Marcus Gold Arrowhead necklace. This necklace is perfect for a layering piece and just a touch of bohemian.
J.crew jeweled necklace. This may end up being a gift. But I really liked it as a layering piece as well. The geometric shape is my jam!
Kendra Scott necklace extenders in gold & rose gold; similar. These I needed for two of my necklaces I received for my birthday.
Maybelline New York color tattoo metal in ‘inked in pink’. I needed another color tattoo pot, as I use it as a eye primer for my eye shadow. And I wanted to try the pink. As far as I can tell, I like it!
MAC Cosmetics eye shadow in ‘Hot Paprika’; similar.. This is an eye shadow. Not sure why I thought this was great buy…It is very pigmented. And I like the dusty coral-ness of it. And I like how many looks I can create with it.
Bite Beauty lip duo in Marmalade/Confection. This also might be a gift… But you know that I have a thing for Bite beauty lipsticks. It’s no secret, really.
Hedgehog gold leather coasters. These are coasters are rad! I think I’m going to use these year round!
Marvis Toothpaste in Cinnamon mint. This stuff is amazeballs! In terms of a healthier, no fluoride in it. And it makes teeth whiter + squeaky clean.
Madewell socks; Similar. I have a thing for cute socks. And Madewell socks are made, well, well! I fancy them!
• Wood diamond. This was just cool. I found it in Austin Texas in a Tj Maxx! Perfect for jewelry.
Aerie Underwear. Aerie is my all time favorite underwear company!!! And I bought 6 pair.
•Kirkland camisoles (not pictured) these are my all time favorite camisoles. I wear camisoles almost everyday and these are the best. Sooo comfortable!

And there you have it another month down! Another month ahead! See ya next month for what I bought in March!

Monthly Favorites: February

My all time February favorite was my birthday… Always! Even if I had to turn another year older!


Brooklyn Street Style book. I’m loving this book! I haven’t finished it, but I love all the color in it.
Real Techniques 301 contour brush. I really like this brush, first it’s rose gold, second, It works really well!
Marc Jacobs Highliner. This liner is at it’s blackest black, perfect for smudging out.
Marc Jacobs Velvet Nior mascara. You probably know how much I love this mascara with this post, but yes, just YES! MY FAVORITE!
• DIY make-up remover wipes. These take off all of my makeup, they’re healthy, and super easy to make! (Recipe will be posted on Friday!)
Marvis cinnamon mint Toothpaste. For a non fluoride toothpaste, this one is amazeballs. It leaves my teeth so clean. I love using it.
Bite Beauty ‘blood orange’ lip pencil. I’ve been in a nude lip funk for the last few months, until receiving this. It’s the  perfect orange lip you’d ever want to have!


{Marc Jacobs ‘Blacquer’ high liner
Bite beauty ‘Blood Orange’ matte créme lip crayon}


Great Value Gluten Free Pretzels. These are some of the best pretzels I’ve had. Not only are the gluten free but also grain free!
Siggi’s 4% yogurt. This yogurt is amazing!!! So smooth, cream and delicious! You can’t go wrong with it!
Against the grain gourmet Bagels. These are the BEST GF bagels. If you haven’t tried them, you need to!

‘Good good Father’ by Chris Tomlin. Best worship song right now!
Sia ‘this is acting’ album.
Um, I like every song besides the last one on the album. It’s a pretty rad album.

What were your favorites this month?
Xoxo, Ryn

Monthly Faves: January

Another month has gone by… January was a great month filled with really great things and people! This month I was able to go to Austin! To relax and see some of my beautiful friends! Oh, how I love them!

How was your Month? Tell me in the comments!


Kirkland(Costco) Black Sheepskin boots. These were great for the cold days in January… They kept my feet super warm! Which I loved, as I do love my tootsies being warm!

Madewell 1937 Transport tote. I’m absolutely in love with this bag. I’m totally smitten. I just feel super cute in all my clothes because of this bag. Whether I’m in a sweat shirt or a white button down. I just love it.

Sejour Striped Duster length Sweater (similar). This sweater has been on repeat in January and it will probably be on repeat in February too. I love to throw it on with a vneck tee and boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. It gives off a cool girl vibe.

Five book(Where will you be in five years from today?). This book makes you think… But in a fun way. You fill out certain questions/fill in the blank areas they ask, like, what will you do with your talents? It’s laid out in a fantastic way.

Bite Beauty duo Latte/Cortado. I love both colors. But I think I wear latte more. It’s my perfect nude color.

Tarte ’embellish’ blush. I’ve never been a big blusher person. But I received three blushes during Christmas and I like all of them, but I really ‘Embellish’ as it’s a mauve-y wearable shade.

LaVanila Vanilla Snowberry deodorant. This Deo smells so GOOD! It makes me smell so good too. And all day too, definitely the best “healthy” deodorant.

Emjoi foot scruffer. This scruffer is great. It’s battery operated. And makes my feet so smooth. But I need to do it every other day, as my skin builds up skin to scruff sooner than anticipated.

Quay sunglasses. These Sunglasses are just fun! I love wearing them. They just make life more fun.

Old Navy flannel PJs. Best money I ever spent! These pants are so comfy. They are the first thing I change into when I get home from babysitting my niece or running errands. Plus they’re so cute too!

Activated Charcoal.
I use half a capsule on my toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth. If I had done a before/after photo, I would probably be amazed too. But this process makes my teeth squeaky clean. Amazing!

Send my love (to your new lover) by Adele. I’ve been listening pretty much nonstop. I love it! Go Adele!

See ya next month with monthly favorites!

What’s in my bag: Madewell Transport tote

When I was around 11 or 12 I started carrying handbags around with me everywhere. I have this memory of my friends Tori & Bryna, every Sunday and Wednesday going through it just to see what I had in there…. So a post like this is very near and dear to my heart.

I received this beauty of a bag for Christmas from two of my sisters. I love love loooove it. The quality is great, the color is beautiful, and I really enjoy pairing it with all my outfits. And I thought I’d share what was in my bag. After I shot this, I decided to clean it out as well so, not everything is in it now 🙂


Here we have everything in my bag… Receipts and all.


(From left to right)
This is everything I carry around with me, from business cards to a journal.
Business cards + holder: So I can hand new clients & customers my info.
My lipstick bag: Essential.
Journal: so I can write & review my dreams and goals I want to accomplish.
Wallet: also essential.
Body scrub recipe I picked up from Wholefoods: because why not, I may share it on here if its good!
Knife: Protection
Swatch of fabric: To match it to T-shirt ribbing.
Bag of beauty products: just in case
Sample of probiotics from Wholefoods: To try.
One earring finding: Not sure why it was in my purse…
Blue Le Pen: to write with. *favorite pen
Rose gold metallic pencil: to write with.
Receipts: because I bought things.
Quay Sunglasses: because it’s sunny out and I’m cool.
House keys: to get in my house.
Lipsticks: Because I love wearing lipstick.
Coins: I paid with cash.
Starbuck’s + Spotify card: in case I want to download Starbuck’s app…


Bag of lipsticks from Anthropologie:
BareMinerals Pop of passion in plumberry pop
Bite beauty duo in Cortado + Latte
Bite Beauty luminous crème lipstick in pomegranate
MAC lipsticks in Diva, Russian Red, Ruby Woo
Tarte matte lipsurgences in exposed + lively.
Khiel’s musk rollerball perfume: So that I can smell good.
• Starbucks chewing gum: in case of bad breath.


What’s in my wallet from Luxe Apothitique…
More receipts
Coupons + discounts
Gift cards
Insurance cards
Bank card
Store cards; anthropologie, Sephora, Nordstrom


In my beauty bag from HMK…
Vitamins & Advil liquigels: necessity for when I may have a headache.
Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids: in case I need them, and they’re adorable.
Tiffany coin purse holding my Samsung earbuds: because you never know when you might need them.
Etsy credit card reader: just in case I need to make a sale.
100% pure hand cream in coconut: because I need hand cream.
Bath & Body Works The Big apple hand sanitizer: it’s just smart and I like to have clean hands…and a pure heart.
Bliss hand cream from Aloft hotels: again, I may have dry hands and may need lotion.
A packet of Truvia sweetener: for my coffee.
Hair tie: for my hair.

So that is everything! I store a bunch of necessary things as well as unnecessary items in my bag. So, I hope you enjoyed!

And tell me something really random you currently store in your handbag, okay?

What I bought in December haul

So, of all the things I received for Christmas, I couldn’t pass up a few more pieces to purchase…I guess!  Here, I have a mini haul for you with things I purchased in December. This is just things I purchased for myself, which I really like. Shall we get to it? I think so!


(Not pictured, Real techniques bold metals 301: as Ulta didn’t do a clear exchange so I paid the difference & I als bought brush 201. And also bought another pair of flannel PJs with penguins on them.)


Striped beanie. I have wanted a striped beanie for about two years now. And im so excited to have found one. I’m so ready to pair it with everything. Can’t wait to wear it!
Maroon beanie. The Maroon color seems to bring out the green in my eyes and I love wearing the color. This beanie is just an easy color to pair with all neutrals, so I’m good.
Polar bear flannel PJ bottoms. I’ve needed to refresh my PJ collection for quite some time and these are just adorable.
Coral flannel PJ bottoms. These are my favorite of the three pair I picked up. As they have bunnies, pinecones, birds owls, etc. on them! They’re so adorable. An added bonus, they were a tall size, which I love as I am a taller human.
Bite Beauty duo: Latte + Cortado. This was actually just an exchange of the Make up forever plexi-gloss duo. But never not worth mentioning as I do love me some bite duos! And these nudie shades are simply gorgeous on!
Buxom empty eye shadow palette. This purchase was so that I could house my new buxom eye shadows there, As they needed a home. And this one fits the bill. I just need 3 more shades to make this house a home for my eye shadows ; ) any excuse will do, right?!
Constellation ear climbers. Oh man! These are my faves! I’ve wanted some earcuffs for awhile now, and I spotted these at Altar’d State and snatched them up as they were the second to the last pair!
• “Oh what fun!” Note cards. Thank you dollar spot at Target for more amazing stationary finds. I love you. And I’ll be using these all year round!
Skinny leather wrap bracelet. This was a happened upon purchase. And I’m really happy about it and I will be stacking it up with my Madewell leather wrap bracelets.
Texas shaped pinky ring. How I love this ring. It was also an exchange from the necklace I got from a Christmas gift exchange that didn’t really strike my fancy. So I exchanged it for this lil ring.
NYC nail polish: burnt orange. I picked this up as I do love me some NYC nail polish. I love how long wearing they actually are. And I don’t have this shade in my collection so I bought it.
Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara. This wasn’t a purchase as much as redeeming my Sephora points. And I must say, it wasn’t a bad choice! New favorite mascara!
BareMinerals Pop of passion. This was just a fun little lip balm I wanted to redeem my points on as well. I’ll check back with ya on how good it actually is.

So there ya are! I kinda feel like y’all are my accountability partners for purchasing things, but I know the truth, you’re just as nosey as I am! Hah! I’m sure more is to come! Thanks for reading! -Ryn