How to hang up your clothes.

As promised, here are a few ways to hang your clothes up the right & wrong way….
Because sometimes going the extra mile with taking care of your clothes, will benefit you in the long run….


RIGHT WAY: you want your pants to lay as flat as possible against the hanger, this simple step causes less wrinkles which causes less ironing. Woohoo!


WRONG WAY: Hanging up your pants this way, will in fact cause wrinkles. Plus, it will take up much needed closet space…


RIGHT WAY: Folding your sweaters this way, where you fold your sweater in half lengthwise and then with fold it over the hanger. This will decrease the amount of wrinkles and also it help with the shoulders in the sweater not stretch out.


WRONG WAY: shoulders have been compromised… They do stretch when you just hang them like you do a shirt. (But the great thing is, they usually bounce back when washed.) So make sure to fold your sweaters instead.


RIGHT WAY: I usually button the first button to make sure the collar is standing up. Probably should button the whole placket, but I don’t.


RIGHT WAY: These hangers are perfect for hanging up your skirts and culottes. It decreases wrinkles, just by hanging it up by the waist band. Plus, it’s great on not taking up too much space.


RIGHT WAY: These velvet hangers are perfect for boatneck, v-neck, u-neck and t-shirts in general. Keeps them nicely in place.

So there you have it, a few tips and how to’s to get you closet in tip top shape!
Thanks for reading! -Ryn
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Midi length


SKIRT; Similar | Shirt | Shoes | Sunnies

I love this outfit. I saw it on Pinterest, and I can’t get it out of my head. I want it in my closet, like yesterday… And I don’t even wear skirts that often! I just love the length, awww tea length. Given my size and frame, I feel as if this would flatter me well.

Also, the vertical stripes in the shirt help lengthen as do the pointed toe pumps. Anything that makes you appear taller is a good things!

You do see some ripples across where her front (hip to hip) and granted the skirt could be a hair bit looser. But only about half an inch. But this fit doesn’t make me cringe as do some where it’s obviously stretching across, pulling at the seams and it was terribly hard to get into. Those skirts are just terrible to look at when others wear them! 

I really think this outfit will work on curvy girls, just as well as stick straight girls. It’s just the proportions you need to worry about, that length won’t work on a 5’4″ woman, but 6″-9″ shorter would. Never forget tge power of a pencil skirt!

: )



Let’s talk about bodies… Shall we?

Everybody’s body is different. Differently proportioned. Differently shaped. Differently stacked. And it’s okay. I don’t think we hear that enough. That it’s okay to be different.

1. not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
“you can play this game in different ways”
synonyms: dissimilar, unalike, unlike, contrasting, contrastive, divergent, differing, varying, disparate; More
2. distinct; separate.
“on two different occasions”
synonyms: distinct, separate, individual, discrete, independent
“two different occasions”

That it’s okay that my neighbor and I are not the same size. Even though through our natural eyes, it seems as if we could share closets + clothes. The clothes just may not fit each of us. Individuals. Because we’re two different sizes. She may be a size 10 where I may be a size 14(total faith statement here!). Completely different sizes.

Though with different designers those two numbers can overlap…Occasionally. Along with stretchy/flowy cuts of each garment.
But dress for your body. Not your neighbor’s. Not your mothers. Dress for you. Be different. You may not be a supermodel. You may be a curvaceous babe. Own it! And don’t, I repeat, do not, keep tabs or care about the numbers/size written in the clothes. You may need a size bigger in a pair a pants or different size shirt. Cut the tag out if need be to not care about the size. Who’s wearing who here? The clothes or your body? You want clothes that fit your body, you don’t want your body to fit into too small/too tight of clothes. No sausage casings here.

Alterations. Alterations make a world of difference in your wardrobe. The magical thing is you can buy a pair of pants. If the pair of pants are bigger in spots, you can have them altered to fit YOU!!! Fascinating right?! Basically tailor made pants without the tailor made big price!

Basically own your body. (And the box of cookies you just ate!) And dress really really well!


A + M inspiration…

Y’all, I just want my house to look like it all came from anthropologie and my wardrobe to look as if it came from Madewell… That’s all.

I went thrifting with a friend of mine yesterday, which I had the loveliest time… And I could definitely see a vision of what I want my home/wardrobe to look like. I know that I don’t have to have it come from both anthropologie + Madewell. As my friend bought a few pieces that I could have totally bought, but didn’t have same at the moment…

But I just want my thinks to look as if they came from Madewell or anthropologie… I see the vision…


It just has to resemble them. Sure, I may splurge on a few things from each store, but then I may buy bigger pieces from second hand stores, craft stores, Target, Walmart, even Tj maxx type places for homeware. I love mid century modern, baroque, floral, stripes, muted, coral + gold/green colors, cozy, fun, etc type of things. I pretty much love eclectic. And reupholstery, repainting and repurposing can go far when mastering your home to look like anthropologie… But totally doable.


And for clothing, I like all of Madewell’s style. I like the button down shirts, the scarves, the hats, the cool girl chic and sometimes quirky vibe, the muted/vibrant colors. I love it all. If people ask me what style I tend to go towards, I always tell them Madewell. However, I do know my body shape is much different than the girls in the Madewell catalog, I seem to think that’s a good thing. And that all shapes and sizes should be able to shop there. I just love me some Madewell. And the awesome thing is, old navy, H&M, Target, and thrift stores carry A LOT of Madewell style clothing(also, if you’re into sewing apparel, this is a great way to achieve a Madewell style, just saying!)… Which helps your wallet while maintaining a Madewell style.

I just had to get that off my chest and share some inspiration with you…
Hope you enjoy! -Ryn

Organize + Maintain your Closet

January hit and all I wanted to do was go through my closet and organize it. I store a lot in a 19 1/2 square foot walk in closet… Such as hanging clothes, shoes, extra bed sheets, laundry hamper, things to sell on poshmark, my bras and camisoles(for easy access) etc…and occasionally a dog, who loves to sleep in my closet. (I don’t blame her) I’m surprised I have room to actually walk in. But I still had a bit of space to stand. But it was getting out of hand. So, I had to do something about it. I needed to clean. And I needed to purge some things. It just had to be done.

Now, I’m one that when I work on a clients closet. I also like to reorganize it. So, it may not be disorganized in the sense of it being messy, but it’s unorganized to me, and I lose track of garments that I could be pairing in an outfit, if the clothes are in disarray. I then feel the need to reorganize it. 

So here is my formula to making a closet work to you advantage…
• I organize shirts: blouses, button downs, sweaters,  jackets & dresses together (at least I do this in my closet). The ombré effect really. Then tees and sweatshirts together. And lastly workout gear, pants and then skirts. It works. It’s obtainable. Perfect to reach in and grab/pair outfits together.
* You can organize by color. But I don’t tend to as my closet is pretty much filled with black, grey, white and denim. No need for me.


• Another thing is to allow myself 3 items that may not fit me right now to stay until I can fit into them or until I get tired of seeing them in my closet. 3 and no more. If I keep more than three, then I waste needed space.

• Another thing I do, is to go through my clothes. I have five categories I put my clothes in…
Keep: the items I want to keep. Things that are classic or staples. Or trends that are still “in”.
Sell: items that you haven’t had a chance to really love, items that others would love more. Name brand items really…
Give: The items that aren’t name brand. And could be donated.
Trash: The well loved, falling apart, pilling, cracked, ripped, has holes in it and shouldn’t have holes in them kind of clothes should always be thrown away. Period.
Seasonal: these clothes are mainly winter/summer clothes. You need to store these in an airtight container. And bring them out right before winter/summer begins.


• Make a buying list of what you would like to buy in the coming months for your wardrobe. It may be a blazer, Nike sneakers, a pencil skirt, more v-neck tees…. Whatever you want. Write it down(you can totally write it on your phone…this is what I do). Then when shopping, you can go over your list and see what you really need vs just what you want that could clutter up your closet.


• So, I learned this tip from a client actually, and it was to turn all your hangers outward. And then as the days & weeks go by, you hang the clothes that you’ve worn back up, having the hooks facing the regular way. You can then see what you actually wear vs the things that you just need to give away/sell.

• Another thing, if you’re unsure about an item you already bought, come up with 3 outfits to pair that said item with. Then take it a step further, and make it a point to actually wear those outfits. If by the 3rd time wearing it, you don’t like it, sell or give it away.


• You’ve probably noticed by now that I’ve painted my closet a bright olive oil color… I did this, so that my clothes would pop against it. Helping me see what I have and also making my closet feel more fun + happy.

• Last but certainly not least. Change your lightbulb for an even brighter lightbulb to make your closet brighter. You need to see your clothes, as to not go out of the house with colors that don’t go well together. Of course you can make it look good. Just better lighting helps.

So those are some tips to cleaning and maintaining your closets.
If you have any tips for organizing your closet, please tell me in the comments! Thanks & Happy Monday! -Ryn

Advent No. 18: 3 Holiday Outfit Tips

{If you haven’t heard of Rebekah from, you honestly need to! She’s a wardrobe stylist just like me and she’s adorable and I love her!!! You need to follow her blog & IG account! Thanks so much Rebekah for writing a post for my blog, loved having you! 😘😘😘 -Ryn}


This time of the year is seriously my favorite! Besides the fact we get to celebrate Christmas with family and friends and enjoy gifts and food and fun, we get the chance to break out some holiday outfits! I’m sure you are all going to at least 1 holiday party whether it’s an ugly Christmas sweater theme or maybe a corporate gala. Either way, you want to look your best!
I am all about versatility in my wardrobe. What’s the point of buying something if you can only wear it once and one way. Waste. Of. Money. In my opinion! I recently did a fun styling session and photo shoot with a local boutique in my hometown to really showcase some great holiday pieces they have! Any of these pieces could be something you already have in your closet or maybe a new outfit. The best thing is everything is versatile and can be worn all year! I would love to share with you today just a few tips on how to look the best at your holiday event!

1. Classic and Elegant – Black pants or a black skirt can go a long way in simple elegance. I paired up this black midi with a starry night knit short sleeve top. It has a classic silhouette with a touch of shine to really set you apart. I wouldn’t be afraid to pair an unsuspecting garment half tucked. Classic with edge!


2. Mixed Prints, Textures, and Colors – I love to push the limits with mixing prints. I seriously do it all the time! Normally I wouldn’t pair a floral blazer like this with a metallic party dress but who not? It’s holiday and it’s fun and edgy! Adding colored tights can add instant fun to any outfit and a leopard print shoe goes with anything. For real. Anything.


3. All Black with Statement – Who doesn’t look good in all black? And it’s kind of the normal go to color this time of year. Which, can be totally BORING. But, why not add a spin to the traditional “black is the new black” and add a pop of shine or color! I loved this gold flecked kimono and statement necklace with my all black. Tip: Wearing the same color tights and shoes can create the illusion of longer legs!


Hopefully you are inspired to get outside of the box and pair up non-traditional outfits this season so you can look smashing at your parties! Any of these looks would be great to ring in the New Year as well!
For more fashion tips, tricks, and advice follow my blog and IG account! Happy shopping dolls! -Rebekah

Style Fyle: waffle ootd

I betcha you thought I was going to be talking about waffle knits… Of course those are great, but I’m actually talking about this sweatshirt I DIYed a few couple ago! It finally getting cold enough in Texas to wear Sweatshirt! Praise him! And I’ve worn this sweatshirt three times already! Its in the laundry now, since I’ve managed to drop food on it…
Question, do you have a certain spot foot drops on you? Mine seems to always land on my right upper boob. I wore another sweatshirt and food dropped in the same spot there too. Jeez Louise!


Sweatshirt | Jeans | Boots | Camisole | Necklace | Watch

Anyway, I had a pretty casual day going to brunch with the Fam, and I wanted to wear the sweatshirt. So I paired it with a white cami underneath, letting it peek out, also breaking it up a bit. And adding length to the look. I then popped on black ankle boots, and a sparkly necklace. I’m all for pairing glitzy dressy jewelry with casual items. Though the jewelry really isn’t elevating the casual outfit any, it is still dressing it up a tad & bringing a fun flair to your outfit. You could add pumps occasionally depending on the occasion, but boots for me are just fiiiiine! I almost always wear my skinny jeans cuffed, I enjoy the way my legs look when cuffed, very long & lean especially when wearing ankle boots.

So here’s to a fun weekend outfit! You’ll find me wearing this all the time!