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Casual uniforms. Weekly, I have a form of this outfit on… Sometimes bi-weekly.
It’s important to have “running errands” outfit. That’s not gym clothes or *shudder* pajamas *shudder*. You just need a comfy-cute outfit to schlump around in, go to brunch in, or the farmer’s market. Whether it is a tee, jeans + sweatshirt or a blouse + jeans. That’s what you get to decide. But just pick an outfit that, you can pull out of your closet, knowing you’ll feel CONFIDENT in.

I’m a sweatshirt girl ALL the way. I love a cozy sweatshirt. And I love this one pictured. It’s ripped and soft and made of french terry, perfect for spring weather. And I can pair it with anything. Anything! From a skirt to flares. Sweatshirts are amazing!

3 outfit ideas for She is…

She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is without spot or blemish. She is far more precious than diamonds or rubies.

I strive to be all of those things. Not to mention she is strong, courageous, fierce, loyal, humorous, enticing, lovely and beautiful.

She is beautiful. In this day and age beauty has so many connotations. Positive + Negative views on what beauty is. Outward + inward expressions of what beauty is. Matters of the heart vs only skin deep forms of beauty. I wish I could tell every woman how beautiful she really is. That smile tells a story. And she speaks what is embedded in her heart.

Have you heard of She Is clothing?
I love this company. This is the epitome of what ever beautiful + strong woman is. And she should wear that badge proudly.

I was so kindly sent a couple items from their range and I love both. The message and the quality. You know I’m a stickler about how well something’s made. And their tees are so super soft. It’s like wearing a warm hug.

I paired this shirt 3 ways to show you just how versital a graphic tee actually can be.
{In case you’re wondering Elle est forte means She is Strong}


1st look: I’m all about a blazer, boyfriend jeans, heels and a cool graphic tee with some awesome jewelry to go out in. Whether your going out on a date or a GNO. You’ll be covered!


2nd look: To rock the message at the gym when you’re getting your strong on is the perfect time to remind yourself that strong is beautiful. Grab your colorful workout pants, your sneakers and your graphic tee and just see how leg day treats you!


3rd look: Last but definitely not least, wear this to the farmers market, to meet clients or to a concert in the park… Wherever you choose to wear it, just know that you can never go wrong with a midi skirt, field jacket, ankle boots, bucket bag and a floral scarf to welcome the graphic tee into the mix!

With these suggestions, you can rock any occasion with a graphic tee. Especially one from She Is Clothing! You need this company in your life!

P.s. if you use this coupon code: LAURYN, you’ll receive $5 off your entire purchase from www.Sheisclothing.com!

Thanks so much She Is! Love y’all! -Ryn

Monthly Faves: January

Another month has gone by… January was a great month filled with really great things and people! This month I was able to go to Austin! To relax and see some of my beautiful friends! Oh, how I love them!

How was your Month? Tell me in the comments!


Kirkland(Costco) Black Sheepskin boots. These were great for the cold days in January… They kept my feet super warm! Which I loved, as I do love my tootsies being warm!

Madewell 1937 Transport tote. I’m absolutely in love with this bag. I’m totally smitten. I just feel super cute in all my clothes because of this bag. Whether I’m in a sweat shirt or a white button down. I just love it.

Sejour Striped Duster length Sweater (similar). This sweater has been on repeat in January and it will probably be on repeat in February too. I love to throw it on with a vneck tee and boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. It gives off a cool girl vibe.

Five book(Where will you be in five years from today?). This book makes you think… But in a fun way. You fill out certain questions/fill in the blank areas they ask, like, what will you do with your talents? It’s laid out in a fantastic way.

Bite Beauty duo Latte/Cortado. I love both colors. But I think I wear latte more. It’s my perfect nude color.

Tarte ’embellish’ blush. I’ve never been a big blusher person. But I received three blushes during Christmas and I like all of them, but I really ‘Embellish’ as it’s a mauve-y wearable shade.

LaVanila Vanilla Snowberry deodorant. This Deo smells so GOOD! It makes me smell so good too. And all day too, definitely the best “healthy” deodorant.

Emjoi foot scruffer. This scruffer is great. It’s battery operated. And makes my feet so smooth. But I need to do it every other day, as my skin builds up skin to scruff sooner than anticipated.

Quay sunglasses. These Sunglasses are just fun! I love wearing them. They just make life more fun.

Old Navy flannel PJs. Best money I ever spent! These pants are so comfy. They are the first thing I change into when I get home from babysitting my niece or running errands. Plus they’re so cute too!

Activated Charcoal.
I use half a capsule on my toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth. If I had done a before/after photo, I would probably be amazed too. But this process makes my teeth squeaky clean. Amazing!

Send my love (to your new lover) by Adele. I’ve been listening pretty much nonstop. I love it! Go Adele!

See ya next month with monthly favorites!

Organize + Maintain your Closet

January hit and all I wanted to do was go through my closet and organize it. I store a lot in a 19 1/2 square foot walk in closet… Such as hanging clothes, shoes, extra bed sheets, laundry hamper, things to sell on poshmark, my bras and camisoles(for easy access) etc…and occasionally a dog, who loves to sleep in my closet. (I don’t blame her) I’m surprised I have room to actually walk in. But I still had a bit of space to stand. But it was getting out of hand. So, I had to do something about it. I needed to clean. And I needed to purge some things. It just had to be done.

Now, I’m one that when I work on a clients closet. I also like to reorganize it. So, it may not be disorganized in the sense of it being messy, but it’s unorganized to me, and I lose track of garments that I could be pairing in an outfit, if the clothes are in disarray. I then feel the need to reorganize it. 

So here is my formula to making a closet work to you advantage…
• I organize shirts: blouses, button downs, sweaters,  jackets & dresses together (at least I do this in my closet). The ombré effect really. Then tees and sweatshirts together. And lastly workout gear, pants and then skirts. It works. It’s obtainable. Perfect to reach in and grab/pair outfits together.
* You can organize by color. But I don’t tend to as my closet is pretty much filled with black, grey, white and denim. No need for me.


• Another thing is to allow myself 3 items that may not fit me right now to stay until I can fit into them or until I get tired of seeing them in my closet. 3 and no more. If I keep more than three, then I waste needed space.

• Another thing I do, is to go through my clothes. I have five categories I put my clothes in…
Keep: the items I want to keep. Things that are classic or staples. Or trends that are still “in”.
Sell: items that you haven’t had a chance to really love, items that others would love more. Name brand items really…
Give: The items that aren’t name brand. And could be donated.
Trash: The well loved, falling apart, pilling, cracked, ripped, has holes in it and shouldn’t have holes in them kind of clothes should always be thrown away. Period.
Seasonal: these clothes are mainly winter/summer clothes. You need to store these in an airtight container. And bring them out right before winter/summer begins.


• Make a buying list of what you would like to buy in the coming months for your wardrobe. It may be a blazer, Nike sneakers, a pencil skirt, more v-neck tees…. Whatever you want. Write it down(you can totally write it on your phone…this is what I do). Then when shopping, you can go over your list and see what you really need vs just what you want that could clutter up your closet.


• So, I learned this tip from a client actually, and it was to turn all your hangers outward. And then as the days & weeks go by, you hang the clothes that you’ve worn back up, having the hooks facing the regular way. You can then see what you actually wear vs the things that you just need to give away/sell.

• Another thing, if you’re unsure about an item you already bought, come up with 3 outfits to pair that said item with. Then take it a step further, and make it a point to actually wear those outfits. If by the 3rd time wearing it, you don’t like it, sell or give it away.


• You’ve probably noticed by now that I’ve painted my closet a bright olive oil color… I did this, so that my clothes would pop against it. Helping me see what I have and also making my closet feel more fun + happy.

• Last but certainly not least. Change your lightbulb for an even brighter lightbulb to make your closet brighter. You need to see your clothes, as to not go out of the house with colors that don’t go well together. Of course you can make it look good. Just better lighting helps.

So those are some tips to cleaning and maintaining your closets.
If you have any tips for organizing your closet, please tell me in the comments! Thanks & Happy Monday! -Ryn

Third love Bra-blems…

Oh I bet you thought I said third world problems… No, but seriously do you have problems with your bra? With the fit, how it feels, how your clothes fit? If you haven’t guessed it already, bras have a huge part in how your clothes fit. It is the foundation to how your clothes fit your body. If there are unnecessary lumps and bumps added when your bra is on, that could be do to an ill fitting bra. You may have small ones, big ones, perky ones, non-perky ones, whatever the case may be, they’re healthy and they’re yours. And you need to support and figure out how to help the situation at hand.

Mainly tops and dresses get the brunt of it. If your bra doesn’t fit correctly, I can guarantee you, your clothes won’t look great either. If your bra is worn out, you may look frumpy. Or if you have larger boobs and have spillage because your bra isn’t the right size, your t-shirts & tops will tell. If you’re having bra-blems with your bra, here is a cheat sheet to help you with the fit of your bra. Please take note.


And you know how everybody says there’s an app for that? There literally is an app for the perfect fit with Third Love! It takes 5 minutes to measure yourself and have the perfect fit. And leave you feeling fantastic! Unfortunately, they don’t have an android app yet, boo! But those of you who own iphones you should totally download this app and reap the benefit of this app. Because, I don’t know about you, but I’m not completely comfortable with getting sized with somebody taking my measurements while I’m exposed… Just a strange feeling, ya know?

And as an added bonus, here are just some of the gorgeous bras from Third Love that they offer. It’s just like the icing on the cake, if you ask me!


Strap Happy | $68


Isn’t She Lovely lace bra | $68 {this one is my favorite, it’s so pretty! Love that wine color.}


Plunge Perfect Bra | $49


Strapless Everything Bra | $68


Classic T-shirt Bra | $68

I hope you check our ThirdLove. And I hope you reconsider getting new bras vs just making do with the old worn out, out of shape bras you may have right now. Nobody wants to look less than put together. So, I recommend getting new bras and taking care of them, so they can last as long as you need them to. Good bras are an investment, but you look great when you have great support.

Another tip to take care of your bras is to alternate wearing your bras every other day, and washing them by hand. It will prolong your bras life. Trust me!

Can’t wait for you to notice a difference in the way your clothes fit after having properly fitting bras!
P.s. For a limited time get 10% off by using code: THIRDLOVE10 !!!

I hope this helps!
Love, Ryn

Advent No.20: Warming Ones Neck…

Heeeeey y’all!!! How are you liking all of the Christmas-y posts on the blog so far? I hope you’re loving it, as I am!

Here I wanted to show you a way to tie a scarf(ves)! I just came up with using two scarves when using just one wasn’t cutting it. It was just too flimsy. But with two and the two tone was just the pop I wanted for my outfit! I love when I happen to come up with something golden! (And something I’ll use again and again!)

So, here are some simple steps to get your neck warmer and more stylish too!


1. You’ll want to take two rayon scarves, fold them in half & wrap around your neck.



2. Take two of the four tails and put them through the loop.



3. As two of your tails are through the loop, you’ll then twist the loop once and add the other set of tails through the twisted loop. Then adjust so as to not choke/suffocate you.


And there you have it! It’s a cute festive way to wear a scarf. Plus, it adds some texture to your outfit. You’ll have something that will keep you warm while you’re sipping on your nog or cocoa and enjoying the Christmas lights!

P.s. It’s 4-5(depending on how you look at it!) days until Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas -Ryn

Canada OOTDs in a week

Y’all I had so much fun taking these outfit of the day photos… As each day was a different outfit, I feel like I grew a little with this challenge, as I’ve never not shipped a bag through… I actually used all but one shirt, as I forgot I had it with me. Whoops! But other than that, I am convinced I can just pack a carry on again. Sure it was a challenge to come up with 8 different outfits, the challenge was accepted & conquered. I’ll walk you through each outfit too. And when I landed in buffalo and crossed the border, it was in the 70°s and then as the week progressed it turned to the 50°s as that is what I packed for…

Things still for sale…
{Boyfriend jeans | Black Skinny Jeans | “Petty” boots | Striped shirt; similar| Royal Blue Beanie | Grey Fedora}


Wednesday: Travel day. I wanted something comfortable for the flight, as I would be plane hopping(connecting flights)… I paired black leggings with a long white tee and my “weekends are for waffles” sweatshirt and my green field jacket. I then added my black ankle boots to the mix. And don’t worry, I had socks on, as I do not like to be barefoot at the airport… Ew! I felt cute and comfy…and actually took the jacket off, just too warm for me.


Thursday: I was excited to cross the border, as I put on a Canadian colored plaid shirt, denim boyfriend jeans, my brown “petty” boots, and then I added a black duster sweater to the mix. Super cute as I half tucked the shirt into my jeans. The half tuck can usually elevate an outfit. I looooooved this outfit!


Friday: as it was a bit on the warm side in Canada, I opted to go with a white tee, wool scarf, field jacket, black skinny jeans and tennis shoes. And then throughout the day, I put my hair up too.


Saturday: This is also a favorite outfit of mine! I love it. Now on this day it was cold & wet. So I went with my black ankle boots, tuxedo stripe pleather leggings, white tee, marled hi-lo sweater & I popped on a bright pink lip and a royal blue beanie. And I also grabbed my field jacket for added warmth.


Sunday: this was on Sunday, we stopped at the cutest little lake house restaurant and they just so happened to have full length mirror… I put it to good use! I have on the boyfriend jeans, the black duster cardigan, Sam edelman “petty” boots, grey fedora & striped tee. I get so many compliments on that hat! I also added a favorite dark lip in “diva” from MAC. Perfection.


Monday: So, different surroundings as you can see, we are still in Canada, just by Niagara falls… I paired my black skinnies with a white tee, the marled sweater, field jacket, tennies & scarf. Perfect for walking around.


Tuesday: Tuesdays calls for leggings, as I paired the legging with a white tee, the marled sweater, field jacket, black ankle boots, and grey hat. As we were driving back to buffalo… Perfect outfit to cross back to the states.


Wednesday: and another travel day ahead! So, again I wanted something comfortable. I paired my boyfriend jeans with a white tee, that same “waffles are for weekends” sweatshirt, the field jacket. Tennis shoes and grey & black happy socks. (I had to take the socks off after the security as it just looked funny!) P.s. my hair was having a great day that day! Just saying! 😉

So though it may have been challenging at times, I still had so much fun styling all of these outfits. Though I may not totally believe in capsule wardrobes, I like them for traveling! And I hope I have given you inspiration and encouragement to travel all the while looking über cute! You got this!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn