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Empties No.4

Here are my empties for this quarter… Some great products to replace, here they are!

Ester C Vitamins ‘500mg’. This is the BEST Vitamin C, hands down! It works so quickly when your feeling less than par.
ShiKai Color Reflect ‘Warm’ shampoo. Funny story, I’ve been using this shampoo for weeks, and I kept wondering why the natural red in my hair was more intense than it usually is. I discovered that it was because of this shampoo! I fancy this shampoo even more so now! Already bought a replacement.
Essie ‘Matte about you’ topcoat. I really like this topcoat. I love that it comes off matte. I did buy a replacement, but it is a different brand.
• Marvis ‘cinnamon mint‘ toothpaste. Oh how I love this toothpaste! It makes my teeth soooo clean & white.
OPI start to finish topcoat. This is pretty much a standard for me. I love that I can use one product, for both base + topcoat.
• Le Pen red pen. Le Pen is pretty much my favorite pen brand EVER! They work so well, so smooth and great colors!
NYX HD Concealer ‘CW 02’. This is my favorite undereye concealer. It brightens up my face. And it blends really well too.
Korres Body Butter ‘guava’. This is the best hand lotion! Sooo luscious!
• Acure Moroccan argan oil ‘coconut‘. Best face oil + moisturizer. I love the way my skin feels after I use it. Plus the smell is so yummy!
Philosophy ‘The Gingerbread girl’ shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. I really like philosophy bath gel, however this isn’t my favorite scent. Nothing bad about it, just not my fave. Currently, I’m using Philosophy Coconut frosting… Love the smell!
Not your mother’s clean freak refreshing dry shampoo. I looooooooooove this product. I love the scent, how my hair is voluminous, how clean my hair actually looks!
Lamas Botanical Soy Balancing conditioner. This was a good conditioner. But nothing to rave about.

So there you have it, some great things to add to your list to try or not try! Enjoy! -Ryn

Velvet Noir Mascara Review

The story behind Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

• Velvet Noir is inspired by Marc Jacobs’s first beauty memory of his mother carefully shaving fibers from a velvet ribbon to create her own couture faux lashes.

I love this mascara. I would yell at the top of a mountain, to tell people how incredible this mascara is if that would actually work. (All yodelayheehoo style too!)
I cannot tell you how much this mascara has made my lashes look longer, fuller and more defined. It’s incredible! I even bought two tubes of it too… Neither one for me. But if I love something, I give it to those I love too.


I’ve tested this on myself for 3 months. Never once did I think it was a below subpar mascara. Everyday I was excited to put my makeup on. I put two coats on each eye. And bad a bing, bad a boom, my whole face comes together.

I had to refrain from sharing the first week of getting this mascara, as to give the mascara a fighting chance to impress me. Of course it did the first time I put in on.

I want to buy all the tubes, but I won’t. I’ll let y’all buy some too! Aren’t I so generous?

What have we learned so far? It’s lengthening, volumizing, defining, thickening. Basically attractive black caterpillars as your lashes… Love it!

P.s. how crazy does this look? Amazing what makeup vs no makeup looks like! So different! But definitely pretty either way!


Beauty Fyle: empties

Thank goodness I decided to write you today about my empties, as now I can throw them away! Hallelujah!
I pretty much keep showing you the same thing over and over again, but I don’t stray much from what I really like…
But I have added and emptied a few things so far, so lemme show you!


Giovanni moisturizing body wash – pink grapefruit. I wouldn’t call it moisturizing. But it does clean well. So I’m good.
Boots botanics foundation – Almond. I recently started using this again. I love it. It’s medium to light coverage. And all around beautiful texture. I love using it with my real techniques sponge.
Not your Mother’s clean freak dry shampoo (3). Hands down, THE BEST DRY SHAMPOO EVER. I’ve tried many, many dry shampoos and this one cleans, adds volume and smells great!
LaVanila deodorant travel size (2) – pure vanilla. These are so handy. I tend to get them at Sephora for my handbag or travel. They’re the perfect size. And my favorite deodorant.
Jason powersmile toothpaste. This was good, not my most favorite. But it did it’s job.
Spry toothpaste – cinnamon. My favorite healthy toothpaste so far. And I’m loving the cinnamon flavor.
Skinn lip 6x balm in boysenberry. This lip balm is soooo good. Ultra moisturizing. Expensive but good!
Ester C vitamins. These kicked any illness I was feeling come on me. They’re just that good.
Giovanni salt scrub – cool mint lemonade. I really enjoyed using this on my body. It was minty so you got the cooling refreshment when used. I did scub some under my pits and then tried to shave, no worky. It can clog your razor.
Jason 2-1 dandruff shampoo. I use this everytime I wash my hair. I love the smell. If you pick up the one that’s just the shampoo, be forewarned that it smells very herbally but it does do it’s job. But I love how soft my hair feels after I use the shampoo/conditioner combo. Plus, it helps with the flaking. It keeps the flakes at bay.
Philosophy clean days ahead acne wash. This stuff was okay. It did do it’s job, but it left my skin very taut and dry. So that wasn’t my favorite…

Hope you enjoyed! Xoxo, Ryn

P.s. have you been missing the style/fashion portion of styledbyryn, like I have?! Just to warn you, I’m coming. I’ll be doing more styling things soon. Sorry about the lack of them. They’re coming, I promise!

Buxom palette

Do you like make up? I like make up! Do you like eye shadow? I like eye shadow! Do you like buxom? I like buxom!

If you can’t tell yet, I’m talking about Buxom’s build your own eye shadow palette. I think this is a brilliant idea. And their shades are so pretty. I find myself using at least one shade each time I wear makeup, I pair it with my tartelette palette. They glide on so beautifully and just adds a nice pizzazz to your lid. Oh and they’re so blendable too.


I bought this case right after I received three eyeshadows for Christmas.


I thought I could do without the case, but when you just get the single eye shadows, it can be a bit messy as it doesn’t come with a lid or anything. And I felt like the shadows could break if not careful… So I decided a case was the smartest choice!


The case was only $13 dollars, which I really don’t think is that bad. Pretty reasonable. And the eye shadows are only $12. But the most awesome thing is if you buy six shades and the case it ends up being $40+tax! Really not a bad price for the quality given.


These shades are smooth, silky, very little to no fall out, and gorgeous on the skin. Plus they are sooooo pigmented. And it’s so easy to pop them into the palette. Just by popping the “drawer” out and then putting the eye shadow tray in the designated spot, and pushing the drawer back into the palette. No need to fret about breakage there.


The shades I have so far are: No Faux, Bold Bling & Mink Magnet.
No Faux looks turquoise, but in actuality, it’s taupe with a blue cast.
Bold Bling is basically a gorgeous rose gold.
Mink Magnet is the prettiest shade of taupe. It has a tinge of rose gold aswell.


Definitely worth the money in my book. And no I’m not getting paid to say it either. Even if I was, I would tell the truth. I just love the concept and the actual shades. So great!


You need to at least try one! They’re that good.

Hope you enjoyed! And tell me if you’ve tried these eye shadows yet?

Enjoy, Ryn

Advent No.16: Festive Faces

I love make up and I love Christmas. So, I think they go hand in hand pretty well! And with all of the festivities going on, it’s great to be prepared! And this isn’t a tutorial per say, it is a way to bring inspiration to one’s noggin! I have three makeup looks, I think YOU can easily achieve. And I’m apologizing now as I tell you this, I have not perfected THE Selfie… I tried… Hah! Some are greater than others, but, let’s just say I like making faces too! ; ) But those selfies are harder to achieve than it looks. But I thought it would be fun to play around with makeup and hah, I was right!

Here are the looks!

Smokey Quartz:


This was my favorite Makeup look of the day! I loved it. It was the BEST smokey eye I’ve done yet! Plus, that lip color was amazeballs!
I first applied Maybelline color tattoo in tough as taupe all over the lid. Then I used the Tartelette Caregiver all over the lid. Then wanderer in the crease. Then I put Laura Geller Caramel eye shadow in the inner corners of the eye. From the tartelette, I used free spirit under the brows on the brow bone. And then I buffed it all out. I then used Fashionista from the Tartelette with the Paula Dorf transformer to make an eyeliner. And I then drew on my eyeliner. Then used a thin line on the bottom of the lower lash line, and then I added Mally Beauty espresso eyeliner pencil on top of fashionista and smudge it slightly. I then used Tarte Gifted mascara. And added Mac cosmetics flamingo lipstick. Gorgeous!



This all gold eye makeup was fun! You know me, I love me some gold! And though it seems pretty intense, it was gorgeous on. And perfect for a night out on the town!
I put Maybelline color tattoo in tough as taupe all over the the lid. Then I used Koco eye shadow in Sassy. Then I added Pacifica ENLIGHTEN EYE BRIGHTENINGHopefully then I added Urban Decay half baked over that. I used Tartelette bombshell in the crease. And buff it all out. Then I added Mally espresso eyeliner and fashionista to the top (winged) & bottom lash lines(smudged). And for the lips I chose Mac Cosmetics Rebel. Pretty!

All That Glitter:


This one was just downright fun! It reminds me of the pic of Audrey Hepburn with the glitter eye shadow minus the nude lips and replaced with bright red lips! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart! But it’s so fancy! Perfect for New Year’s Eve!
I used Maybelline tough as taupe all over the lid. Then I used urban decay Naked pallette shade gunmetal all over. Then Creep in the crease. And virgin on brow bone. I then added more of the tough as taupe over the gunmetal and applied silver glitter.(I used Urban decay glitter, but they don’t actually make it and more. So I’d just use extra fine glitter.) Then I added a iridescent white/blue glitter on top. I then used tartelette fashionista as the eyeliner. And for lips, I used Lady Danger. Faaaaaancy!

Foundation: Boots Botanics foundation
Blush: Buxom intoxicate
Bronzer: Tarte Park Ave Princess matte
Brows: e.l.f eyebrow kit
Highlighter: Mac Cosmetics soft & gentle

Hopefully these were easy to follow and it will inspire you create your own looks! I’m excited for to look oh so beautiful for all of your festivities!! Enjoy! -Ryn

Advent No.9: Makeup Lover Gift Guide

I love makeup like the rest of you. And I have a few of these items on my Christmas list as we speak. I talk girl, in case you’re wondering. P.s. if any men may stumble upon my blog and are stumped at what to get their women… May I suggest makeup? I know what they may like. I know fun stuff to put on your face & body! And as much fun as receiving fun makeup is, it really is fun giving it away as well!

Here’s my list of loves:


Tartelette 2 in bloom Amazonian clay palette. If you loved the original tartelette matte palette, then you’re sure to love the warmer toned palette that has included 3 shimmer shades.  Gorgeous! * | $45
Wooden makeup holder. I already have one like this, but my Bro-in-law made me and I love it. It displays my extra brushes I’m not using currently. Genius! | $39
W7 in the nude palette. I love this palette, which is on my wish list. It is very similar to the urban decay naked 3 palette with all the pinkier shades. I wike it a lot! (Said in my 2yr old niece voice) | $6.50
• Bite Beauty “Best Bite Rewind“. These shades are gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind opening these on Christmas morn. Or buying these for a gift exchange, yes please! | $25
• Anastasia Beverly hills “beauty express for brows & eyes“. I’m such a fan of Anastasia brow waxing and products, very reliable! That this is such a perfect gift for that girl who loves her brows! (Insert brows emoji here) |$39.50


Aesthetica cosmetics make-up brush cleansing mitt. This glove is so cool! I’m not a fan always with the tedious task of cleaning my brushes. And if that can eliminate part of the problem with cleansing, then so be it! Plus, it looks cool! | $19.95
• Can’t hurt buying her a makeup bag. And it’s a cute one to boot! You could place a makeup item inside too. | $26
Formula X 5-piece customizable nail polish collection. Yes, just yes. I’m all for nail polish, and with the customizable feature, it’s EVEN better! It’ll be a happy Christmas for her, when you present her with colors you chose just for her! | $10
• BareMinerals The regal wardrobe eye & cheek palette. Thus palette has a lot of bang for your buck! You get a bronzer, luminizer, eight eye shadows, and two blushes and it’s in a sleek palette. What more could you want? Oh and the shades are GORGEOUS! | $39
Hourglass Ambient lighting palette. These are GORGEOUS! Gorgeous on the skin. When you put these on, it makes your skin look like it’s glowing. It’s stunning. Really, it is! * | $58


Bite Beauty Discovery Set. If you’ve ever wanted to try Bite Beauty, then this kit is for you! You get deluxe samples & full size products of their best selling products. It’s hard to pass this up! | $55
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix studded kiss lip set. Kat’s lipsticks are lovely on. The texture is creamy, but it looks matte on the lip. In this lip set you receive 7 mini deluxe lipsticks and one full size tube featuring limited edition color called Gold blooded. Great deal! | $42
Bite Beauty Bite Mix & Mingle. These are my all time favorite. And I love buying these during the holiday season, as they are usually limited edition colors. And fit well in any size purse! | $14
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. What’s not to love about the smoke palette?! I’m always a fan of smoky sultry shades and this palette has it all! Your girl will definitely love it! | $54
BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed – Champagne Pop. This looks like a great highlighter. I actually haven’t seen it in person & swatched it. But I hear it’s awesome! And I love that is slightly pink. | $38


Tarte cosmetics Greatest Glitz Collector’s Set & Portable Palettes. This is a steal, as you get 3 blushes, 24 eye shadows, a mini lipsurgence & a mini mascara! I love Tarte and I love these palettes… They’re Perfection! | $49
Real techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush. This may be the best thing yet, since you can’t really apply those highlighters without a brush… Fingers are just not the same! And can we just take a minute to mesmerize at the rose gold. It’s so preeeeeeety. * | $26
Dr. Sponge facial cleansing sponge. Have tried these yet? Its actually pretty great with cleansing one’s face. Konjac, an exotic plant native to Eastern Asia, has long been a staple in Asian medicines and cuisines. Rich in vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, it has the additional beauty benefit of natural alkalinity, allowing it to balance your skin’s acidity and pH. Pretty awesome, I’d say! Perfect for a stocking stuffer for male or female. | $9
Albeit Lipsticks are pretty grand. Not only does the packaging set them apart from other brands, but their quality is pretty awesome too. And you can never go wrong with lipsticks… As long as you pick the right shade! | $18
Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara. Any mascara that your lady likes, is a great idea for part of a gift or stocking stuffer. And this mascara is wonderful, I use it every day! | $21

{***Things that I’ve put on my own Christmas list.}

So here you are, a list of great products that you can get in store & online for that special lady in your life!
Happy shopping! -Ryn