A slimming OOTD


Can we just say that an upper angle is sooooo slimming! Ugh! Love it! Not to mention, this outfit itself is slimming.

Black skinny jeans, are probably one of the most versatile items you can own in your wardrobe. I usually have 2-3 pair in my closet. Because, I can pair them with anything! And because I can dress them up or I can dress them down.

I’m all about tees. And this tee is a slim fitting tee, which shows off more curves than I usually do. But buy some tees that skim your body, not so tight that, you look like you’re wearing a sausage casing. Not cool! Both Madewell & J.crew have amazing tees…and soft too!

Why this outfit works so well, is because everything flows nicely. It may not have to match perfectly. But it does need to flow well together. For instance, my shoes + cami goes well with my sweater and tee. And my jeans are a neutral and acts as an anchor to my outfit. You csn totally wear color, bit you have to be strategic. You can’t wear every color of the rainbow in one outfit(not talking about dresses, mostly separates) an expect it to look good. You’ll be a walking rainbow. But if you use neutrals to help, then you’re getting somewhere. We’ll get to that in another post!

Do you have any questions or any suggestions on what to post next, leave me a comment or email me: styledbyryn@gmail.com, id love to hear what you have to say!



Let’s talk about bodies… Shall we?

Everybody’s body is different. Differently proportioned. Differently shaped. Differently stacked. And it’s okay. I don’t think we hear that enough. That it’s okay to be different.

1. not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
“you can play this game in different ways”
synonyms: dissimilar, unalike, unlike, contrasting, contrastive, divergent, differing, varying, disparate; More
2. distinct; separate.
“on two different occasions”
synonyms: distinct, separate, individual, discrete, independent
“two different occasions”

That it’s okay that my neighbor and I are not the same size. Even though through our natural eyes, it seems as if we could share closets + clothes. The clothes just may not fit each of us. Individuals. Because we’re two different sizes. She may be a size 10 where I may be a size 14(total faith statement here!). Completely different sizes.

Though with different designers those two numbers can overlap…Occasionally. Along with stretchy/flowy cuts of each garment.
But dress for your body. Not your neighbor’s. Not your mothers. Dress for you. Be different. You may not be a supermodel. You may be a curvaceous babe. Own it! And don’t, I repeat, do not, keep tabs or care about the numbers/size written in the clothes. You may need a size bigger in a pair a pants or different size shirt. Cut the tag out if need be to not care about the size. Who’s wearing who here? The clothes or your body? You want clothes that fit your body, you don’t want your body to fit into too small/too tight of clothes. No sausage casings here.

Alterations. Alterations make a world of difference in your wardrobe. The magical thing is you can buy a pair of pants. If the pair of pants are bigger in spots, you can have them altered to fit YOU!!! Fascinating right?! Basically tailor made pants without the tailor made big price!

Basically own your body. (And the box of cookies you just ate!) And dress really really well!


Canada OOTDs in a week

Y’all I had so much fun taking these outfit of the day photos… As each day was a different outfit, I feel like I grew a little with this challenge, as I’ve never not shipped a bag through… I actually used all but one shirt, as I forgot I had it with me. Whoops! But other than that, I am convinced I can just pack a carry on again. Sure it was a challenge to come up with 8 different outfits, the challenge was accepted & conquered. I’ll walk you through each outfit too. And when I landed in buffalo and crossed the border, it was in the 70°s and then as the week progressed it turned to the 50°s as that is what I packed for…

Things still for sale…
{Boyfriend jeans | Black Skinny Jeans | “Petty” boots | Striped shirt; similar| Royal Blue Beanie | Grey Fedora}


Wednesday: Travel day. I wanted something comfortable for the flight, as I would be plane hopping(connecting flights)… I paired black leggings with a long white tee and my “weekends are for waffles” sweatshirt and my green field jacket. I then added my black ankle boots to the mix. And don’t worry, I had socks on, as I do not like to be barefoot at the airport… Ew! I felt cute and comfy…and actually took the jacket off, just too warm for me.


Thursday: I was excited to cross the border, as I put on a Canadian colored plaid shirt, denim boyfriend jeans, my brown “petty” boots, and then I added a black duster sweater to the mix. Super cute as I half tucked the shirt into my jeans. The half tuck can usually elevate an outfit. I looooooved this outfit!


Friday: as it was a bit on the warm side in Canada, I opted to go with a white tee, wool scarf, field jacket, black skinny jeans and tennis shoes. And then throughout the day, I put my hair up too.


Saturday: This is also a favorite outfit of mine! I love it. Now on this day it was cold & wet. So I went with my black ankle boots, tuxedo stripe pleather leggings, white tee, marled hi-lo sweater & I popped on a bright pink lip and a royal blue beanie. And I also grabbed my field jacket for added warmth.


Sunday: this was on Sunday, we stopped at the cutest little lake house restaurant and they just so happened to have full length mirror… I put it to good use! I have on the boyfriend jeans, the black duster cardigan, Sam edelman “petty” boots, grey fedora & striped tee. I get so many compliments on that hat! I also added a favorite dark lip in “diva” from MAC. Perfection.


Monday: So, different surroundings as you can see, we are still in Canada, just by Niagara falls… I paired my black skinnies with a white tee, the marled sweater, field jacket, tennies & scarf. Perfect for walking around.


Tuesday: Tuesdays calls for leggings, as I paired the legging with a white tee, the marled sweater, field jacket, black ankle boots, and grey hat. As we were driving back to buffalo… Perfect outfit to cross back to the states.


Wednesday: and another travel day ahead! So, again I wanted something comfortable. I paired my boyfriend jeans with a white tee, that same “waffles are for weekends” sweatshirt, the field jacket. Tennis shoes and grey & black happy socks. (I had to take the socks off after the security as it just looked funny!) P.s. my hair was having a great day that day! Just saying! 😉

So though it may have been challenging at times, I still had so much fun styling all of these outfits. Though I may not totally believe in capsule wardrobes, I like them for traveling! And I hope I have given you inspiration and encouragement to travel all the while looking über cute! You got this!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

Styled: Printed joggers

How was your easter weekend?! Were you off on Friday? Did you do anything fun? I went to Canton Texas for trade days, and I went to church twice. And my Mama’s birthday was on Sunday aswell, so we celebrated her too! (Happy Birthday, mom!) Oh and I was awarded Best Auntie ever! I got my niece a chick for snuggling and petting for the day! It was suuuuper cute!

And then, I’ve had a somewhat lazy day today… But I am finishing a custom order that has taken me ages to fulfill. And I dropped off this cutie, for her forever home!


But other than that, not too much has been happening.

But, I would like to show you what I decided to wear on Easter Sunday! I opted not to wear a dress. And to go with a pair o’pants. I needed something for Easter Sunday! So I bought a pair of joggers from at Target for a total steal! 50% off to be exact! I don’t usually 1. Buy joggers and 2. Buy printed pants. Since I am curvier, it’s sometimes hard to pair in outfits. But if you are curvier or you have a larger bottom half, never fear prints. They are doable.

Why this outfit works, is because nothing is tight on me. And I paired it with coordinating colors, pairing with darker colors on top, and a jacket that is similar to the colors in the print, so there is an anchor to this outfit. The jacket has lace on it, so the lace adds another element to the outfit, another depth to balance out the print on the bottom. It all seems streamlined. Pairing this outfit with heels makes my legs appear longer. And the rounded hem has a slimming effect. Put all of those together and it’s a really cute outfit that can work on a curvy or slim gal.


Pants: Target | Shoes: Anthropologie; old | blouse: Coldwater Creek | Jacket: Me-Made | Jewelry: maudec, allthewire, vintage & tjmaxx
Then later that day:


Cardigan: Nordstrom | Tee: Good Hyouman | Sandals: Madewell | Pants: Target | Lips: Tarte-‘Lucky’ & Buxom-‘Bunny’ | Jewelry: vintage, Maude C., allthewire, tj maxx, Michele.

Again, I paired these pants with a dark shirt and a sweater, the color close to the colors in the pants. Notice I paired it with a graphic tee? I scrunched the shirt, since that action makes you look thinner. And then I paired some leather wrapped flat sandals with outfit. You’ll notice, there is no other brown in the outfit, that’s ok! No need to match all the time! This reminds me of morocco… Where I’ve never been there, but I would like to!

Until tomorrow, love y’all! -Ryn

Style Find: Metallic Linen Knit

I have found a shirt that my heart pitter-patters for…. But no, really it’s true! I was shopping with my mom last Friday and went into Anthropologie. I like  anthropologie for many reasons, but now I really love them!

If you’re not aware of what linen knit is, you have been living under a rock, I kid, I kid!

It’s actually pretty new to the market, by retail & by the yard standards. You can only find it in a handful of places for yardage (Moodfabrics, emma one sock, marcy tilton, fabric.com) and a few places in retail as well, such as H&M, Neiman Marcus, and now Anthropologie. You can find linen/poly blend from OldNavy & Target, but I want the straight up 100% linen knit kind. (Whilst I was in NY, I bought 10yds of linen knit, so I’m a hardcore fan of linen knit.) And now I want yards upon yards of metallic linen knit. But until I find that, I’ll just have to get this shirt I’m about to show y’all!(and maybe some more yards of regular linen knit too) I loooooooove it! I keep thinking about it, dreaming about, pairing outfits around it in my noggin. That makes me think I should just get it, ya know?!

So here is the copper beauty I want, it’s gorgeous isn’t it?


It’s $68, which I mean, it isn’t terrible. But then again its for a T-shirt. But I know, I KNOW I will get my money’s worth out of it.
Anthropologie also has this shirt in 3 other colors: gold, peach & silver. All really pretty colors.

The other point I want to point out to you is that, linen knit is very, very easy to work with, it doesn’t crease + wrinkle like regular woven linen does. And when it does wrinkle, it gives a nice texture. It’s perfect for roomier tops. It’s soft & pliable and I tend to wear it early spring until late fall. I just really like it. Oh and its on the sheer side, but I always wear a camisole.

Here’s a pick of me wearing it too:


See? I told you it was gorgeous, didn’t I? And it totally has vanity sizing too, I could fit in the next size down! That’s something to rejoice about!
Most likely, if I get it you’ll see it in a few ootd’s and ootw’s for sure! Thanks for reading! : )

Styled: Spot Chic


(I wish my topknot was in a higher seated position on the top of my head…whoops)

Cardigan: Gap; similar | Dot shirt: Self-Made | pants: Walmart | boots: Sam Edelman | Watch: Michelle; similar | Necklace: MaudeC; similar | Ring: Le Cubicule

I loooooooooooove this outfit! I feel so cute/chic in it. It is comfortable. And those pants make my thighs look thinner! I say that’s something to rejoice about! You might be shocked when I tell you where I bought these pants; Walmart! I bought them at Walmart! And they are amazing! They are rayon/nylon/lycra leggings. Super thick, forgiving material. It has faux leather tuxedo stripes down the sides of the pant. I can’t say enough about how great these pants actually are. The only Con, is the elastic in the waist. It folds now and again and its kinda thin. But overall, best $5 I’ve ever spent!  I hope they make more pants like these.

• when wearing a black + white outfit, there is no reason why you can’t wear brown shoes. You can actually wear brown with black. It gives off a a luxe look. Go for a saddle brown or chestnut instead of deep dark brown.

• when wearing shirts, make sure the hem doesn’t stop at you thickest part of you. Even if the the hem is an inch below, it will elongate you, making your legs appear much thinner, and much longer. Instead of adding unwanted girth and you will appear shorter, slightly frumpy if you will. The hemline can stop above or below that part.
( My girth is around my hips, so even if it was an inch higher or lower, it would still compliment my figure. Instead of the alternative to that. )


• you can also add length by adding a longer necklace, this necklace is 36″ in length. When pairing a longer necklace with an outfit, it gives length. You’re creating a very nice, sharp V. Making a visual of long and lean.

Whelp. I must say, I really enjoy doing these ootw and giving you my knowledge. It’s so much fun! Let me know if you’re enjoying it too!

P.s. tomorrow is my birthdayyyy! Whoohoo!

– Ryn

Styled: Cute/Grungy Outfit


This is probably my “everyday” outfit, if I had one. Of course, I change up my look every time I leave the house. But this definitely is a comfortable outfit. Cute grungy too.

I love plaid, I love t-shirts, I love boyfriend jeans, I love ankle boots. Roll them all into one outfit, And you’ve got one great outfit!

• One thing I’ll mention is, if I had scrunched the tee over my abdomen in this picture, my outfit would have looked a bit better. When you add texture to a problematic area on your body, it seems to camouflage & thin out that area.
So, make sure to scrunch. 😆 😉

• Also, plaid shirts are great for throw on lightweight jackets. Perfect for 65°-70° weather.

Hope you enjoy!