Styled: Tonya

Hi y’all!
So I haven’t told/shown you a style session in quite some time… And I thought I would today!

My clients name is Tonya. She contacted me to style her for an upcoming wedding, that was in NYC. She was staying 3-4 days and wanted clothes for your each day which I totally understand, it’s New York, you want to look cute there! So, we met at Target one Saturday and started shopping after we stopped at Starbucks to get refreshments…
She needed an outfit for a Broadway show, bumming around the city & for the wedding. I thought it may be a long shot to find a cocktail dress at Target, but the angels were preparing the way because we totally found one, and it fits her like a glove! Then we found the Broadway look and the bumming around the city look as well. Did I mention that her budget was $200.

I usually tell my clients to budget between $150-$1000 depending on what they want to get. And $200 is a great number, because you can definitely find some great pieces to mix and match with , with your other pieces in your wardrobe.

So, here are the pics from her weekend:


Broadway: we found this great tassel fringe chevron kimono, this orange blouse, black jeans and heels.


Bumming around the city:
Long oatmeal sweater, bird tee & denim shorts. I actually picked out boyfriend jeans, but it was waaay too hot for her to wear that weekend. But with the bf jeans, this will be a great outfit to wear in Autumn and some of winter.


Cocktail Wedding:
This dress is gorgeous on her. As I said before, it fits her like a glove. We bought the dress, heels & necklace. And she looks divine!

And the thing is, she can reuse that dress, by
• throwing on either a denim or fur jacket on top for either a casual vibe or a dressy winter look.
• With that long cardigan, she can mix it with those black skinny jeans and another tee.
• Or use the boyfriend jeans, orange blouse and oatmeal sweater.
• Or black skinnies with bird shirt, or the black skinnies with a plain fitted tee & kimono.
• Or bf jeans, kimono & fitted tee.

The options are endless! Right there we have 9 outfits with 2 pair of pants, 1 blouse, 1 sweater, 1 tee, 1 pair of heels, 1 dress, 1 kimono, and 1 necklace. All for right at $200!
And I could probably pair more outfits together when I see her entire wardrobe!

This was such an amazing style session & I loved it. The cool thing about styling, as you gain clients, you gain friends. And I get the satisfaction to know and see how it is effecting someone’s confidence in how they feel about themselves! Empowering people to be beautiful is so rewarding!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

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Style fyle: trippin’ clothes

I was supposed to travel to Canada this month(September), but it got postponed to November. I even set out my clothes in advance. Look at me, since I rarely do that! And I think I could have put it into a carry on… At least I think I could.

I had a theme for my outfits. Most everything was black. Black is probably the best color for travel, especially when you’re not sure what the locals wear. And for me, I like to fit in (clothing wise) to where I’m traveling. Plus, with black clothes you can’t tell if they’re dirty…just saying.


This is the whole loot! I wanted to bring with me, items I can make different outfits with. So, that anything can be interchangeable.


1 pair of black leggings, 1-2 pair of black skinny jeans, 1 pair of denim boyfriend jeans


1 striped dress, 1 olive green field jacket, 1 long black duster cardigan


1 linen black tee, 1 white v-neck tee, 1 graphic tee, 2 striped shirts; s/s & l/s


1 pair Sandals, 1 pair boots, 1 pair tennis shoes & 1 pair white converse

Unfortunately, since my trip got pushed back until November, this may all change since the weather will be slightly different. But I’ll keep you posted if it does… :mrgreen:

And should I do a lookbook or something with these clothes?

Thanks for reading!! -Ryn

Store vs Store: Madewell vs Oldnavy

Y’all know Madewell & Oldnavy are two of my favorite stores. (And I would be honored to work with both. (blog wise) ) But I have found some loop holes to buy from them…. What do you mean, you ask? With their clothing of course! Now don’t get me wrong I love Madewell for their shoes, bags & jewelry… Also their accessories! They’re top quality. Last be the designs, workmanship, quality, look, feel, etc.

But I’m not always happy to fork over a lotta dough for their clothing. I’m sorry, but I’m just not, sometimes I am if it really strikes my fancy. But like I said there are loop holes into how to look like a Madewell girl…

Now, Old navy has been a favorite of mine for many many MANY years. I have always liked shopping there. Their quality is just that good. I’d pick them over forever 21 any day… That’s not saying much, I get it! Now they’re not always top dog for “trendy” pieces, they like to stick to the basics more so, but then again they have a good turnover and sales that happen quite often. And I really like all styles they come up with. I never shop for shoes or bags there. I like real leather, thank you, not the synthetic stuff. Jewelry sometimes. Accessories, very rarely. Rest assured I still love Madewell unconditionally. And I forever want to look like a Madewell girl!

Also, side note:  I just read the history of how Madewell started and I love it even more now! You want to take a gander? Here you go! Its a good read!

Anyway, so I have a few comparisons for y’all, now they may not be exactly the same, but similar it is. And I don’t mind a bit!


Field jackets. You may need, want or already have it in your wardrobe. But the two jackets are similar, just not in price… Lefty here is unavailable, Righty is $44.94. I say what a deal! And it’s 100% cotton just like the one from Madewell!


LWDs(little white dresses). It’s a standard for the summer. The one on the left is $79.99 on clearance, the right one is $32.97 also on clearance!


Patched boyfriend jeans. Who doesn’t love a good pair of patched lived in jeans? The ones on the left are $200.00, the ones on the right, are you ready for this? $44.94!!! Money in your pocket. $150 to go towards leather goods from Madewell.. how ’bout that!


Plaid shirts. Definitely a staple for Autumn/winter. The one on the left is $79.50 vs the right being at only $22.00! Yippee!


Stripes. Who doesn’t looooove a good stripe? Don’t believe the myth of horizontal stripes will make you appear larger than you are, lies all lies! Left side $79.50 compared to the right $14.94. Yeaaah buddy!


White boyfriend shirts. Yes please! Need I tell you more about why I love these? They are easy to style, hides unwanted areas & so very comfortable.
Lefts price point is $75.00 Rights is $22.00-$24.00!


Olive joggers. Uh huh! I so like these. They go with pretty much everything! And they’re so comfortable looking too. The lefts price tag is $218.00 and the rights price tag is $34.94. I wonder which pair you should get…


Lace inlay blouse. It’s gorgeous paired with jeans or a pencil skirt. Which ever way you like, it looks great. So the left here is again not available but the one on the right is $18.97!


Rounded hemline skirt. This one I actually would probably spend the cash on the skirt from Madewell, only because the skirt on the right it made with a whole lot of poly… L is $88, the R is $10. You choose.

So they’re we have it, our first store vs store post. Post of many! Tell me what you think? Which stores should I do next?
I’m so doing Madewell vs Oldnavy again, don’t worry! They’re just to similar not to!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn
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