Monthly Favorites: March


LiveFashionAble ‘Tadesse’ Bucket Bag. This bag as been a catch all bag for me this month. It seems small, but once you start packing, it just holds so much! Plus, I really like the black color!

Madewell Hoop earrings (similar).
I’ve had these for 4+ years and I just recently started wearing them again! I wuv them!!! I’ve always love the way hoop earrings look. They’re such a classic!

Essie ‘Master Plan‘ nail polish.
I adore this nail polish. I wear it when I want a neutral color on and this does the trick! Wore it for a photoshoot this month, and it was wonderful.
L’oreal ‘butterfly kisses‘ nail polish. This is the best spring time nail color. I wore it for Easter, and I couldn’t have been happier! I currently have it on my tootsies : )
Revlon Ultra HD matte lip color ‘flirtation. I feel as if I’ve talked so much about this lip color, but i can’t help it. I reallu enjoy wearing it!
Marc Jacobs Fineliner ultra skinny gel eye crayon. This stuff is uhhh-mazing!!! I think it’s for your tightline, but I’m not totally sure. I just know it’s incredible and the staying power is worth mentioning.
Herban Cowboy ‘Dusk‘ Cologne. I love a good mainly scented cologne that i can pair with florally scents, that normally wear by itself. I constantly get asked what perfume I have on!
Nest ‘Indigo‘ perfume. And this just so happens to be the florally scent. But paired together with DUSK, it’s amazing!

Organic Strawberries
Chia seeds
Late July Sriracha Fresca Tortilla chips. These chips are amazing! I feel as if I’m eating doritos, just minus the GMOs and gluten. I wish I could buy a boat load of them!
Allegro blended espresso. I only tried it once, but I’m fairly sure, I will be ordering again. It’s from Wholefoods at the coffee bar, you can choose whatever milk you want(I chose half & half), and I added mocha syrup in it aswell.
Sonic Ice Tea. I live in the south, ice tea is a must! And with sonic ice, it just makes tea better!

• ‘Medicine‘ – A dance film. Ugh, the choreography is amazing in this video. You need to watch. It’s so beautiful, if only I could dance like this! 😍😍😍
The TV show Ed. This show is not to be confused with Mister Ed. This has Elizabeth Banks and Tom Cavenaugh as the main characters. A lot like the Gilmore girls humor.
Gilmore Girls reruns. I love Gilmore girls! I’ve been watching from start to finish on the UP channel. And i am thoroughly enjoying it.

Tell me, what were some of your favorites from March?!

Monthly Faves: January

Another month has gone by… January was a great month filled with really great things and people! This month I was able to go to Austin! To relax and see some of my beautiful friends! Oh, how I love them!

How was your Month? Tell me in the comments!


Kirkland(Costco) Black Sheepskin boots. These were great for the cold days in January… They kept my feet super warm! Which I loved, as I do love my tootsies being warm!

Madewell 1937 Transport tote. I’m absolutely in love with this bag. I’m totally smitten. I just feel super cute in all my clothes because of this bag. Whether I’m in a sweat shirt or a white button down. I just love it.

Sejour Striped Duster length Sweater (similar). This sweater has been on repeat in January and it will probably be on repeat in February too. I love to throw it on with a vneck tee and boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. It gives off a cool girl vibe.

Five book(Where will you be in five years from today?). This book makes you think… But in a fun way. You fill out certain questions/fill in the blank areas they ask, like, what will you do with your talents? It’s laid out in a fantastic way.

Bite Beauty duo Latte/Cortado. I love both colors. But I think I wear latte more. It’s my perfect nude color.

Tarte ’embellish’ blush. I’ve never been a big blusher person. But I received three blushes during Christmas and I like all of them, but I really ‘Embellish’ as it’s a mauve-y wearable shade.

LaVanila Vanilla Snowberry deodorant. This Deo smells so GOOD! It makes me smell so good too. And all day too, definitely the best “healthy” deodorant.

Emjoi foot scruffer. This scruffer is great. It’s battery operated. And makes my feet so smooth. But I need to do it every other day, as my skin builds up skin to scruff sooner than anticipated.

Quay sunglasses. These Sunglasses are just fun! I love wearing them. They just make life more fun.

Old Navy flannel PJs. Best money I ever spent! These pants are so comfy. They are the first thing I change into when I get home from babysitting my niece or running errands. Plus they’re so cute too!

Activated Charcoal.
I use half a capsule on my toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth. If I had done a before/after photo, I would probably be amazed too. But this process makes my teeth squeaky clean. Amazing!

Send my love (to your new lover) by Adele. I’ve been listening pretty much nonstop. I love it! Go Adele!

See ya next month with monthly favorites!

Monthly Faves: December


(from left to right)
Sam Edelman petty boots in taupe. I wore these constantly in December. They go with everything and they’re incredibly comfortable.
Washi tape. Washi tape is THE best! I love using to hang stuff on the wall, wrap presents with, use on hand written letters etc. It just gives a quirky twist to everything!
J.crew leopard slip on sneakers. I think I told you, but these are from Canada. And I think I paid around $20 for them. Such a steal. But a great pair of shoes that I can pair with anything.
Eileen Fisher sweater. This actually my mama’s. And I steal(I mean borrow) it anytime I can. Its so soft & so flattering.
Dried Mandarin oranges. This are amazing! If you’ve never tried these jewels, you are missing out. Pro: they’re a healthier snack being made with fruit. Con: it’s coated with sugar. But still so tasty.
Skinn 6x lip balm in mango. This is the MOST moisturizing lip balm ever! It’s amazing!
BareMinerals eyeliner brush. This brush is an essential to my eyeliner applying life. I’m not fully committed to a winged out liner, but the smooth line you make from corner to corner is used by this brush. It’s so great!
Butter London ‘champers’ nail lacquer. This is the perfect rose gold shade. If you’re into rose gold like I am. This shade is for you. I’m not one to polish my nails the same color back to back. But I kid you not, I used this stuff consecutively 4 times. It’s lovely.
Metallic drawing pencils. For grown up coloring. These are amazing, as I do love metallic pretty much anything!
Tokyomilk dark bulletproof °45 perfume. This is an amazing scent. I constantly reach for it. And I smell so good all day long. It is a dark musky smell, so be forewarned…

Hello by Adele. Obviously. I wuv it.
Pentatonix Christmas album. I had already decided I wouldn’t like this album. But I was in a friends car and she had this on and I was hooked. Amazing Christmas album!

Limoncello Panatoni. Most of the time I choose any other flavor besides lemon. But on a whim I decided to buy this and it’s delicious. It has lemon curd in the center and it’s great slathered with butter.

Dolly Parton’s coat of many colors. Great story line and a peek inside of how dolly parton was raised. Worth a watch!

So those are my favorites for December! What’s one thing you loved in December?! I’d love to hear from you!


Monthly Faves: November

Another month down… 1 more to go! 😐 Is it bad that I don’t want this year to end… Oh how I loved this year! It was one for the books. And I believe 2016 will be even better! I feel like I grew… In a good way, definitely. Sure there were trying times, but after, I could see blue skies & sunshine! And 2016 seems really bright, good thing we have stylish shades to wear! 😉

Here’s my favorites from November…


Philosophy Marled sweater. This was the BEST $17 I’ve ever spent! It’s so soft, comfortable and flattering. I don’t know about you, but to me that calls for a fantastic sweater!

•Black Skinnies. All through the year I was a boyfriend jeans kind of girl, come Autumn and I’m a skinny jeans girl. And not just any skinny jeans, black skinny jeans! I loooove black skinny jeans. They’re so easy to style. I believe most peeps should have them in their wardrobe!

•Leather moto jacket. First off, I made this jacket. Secondly, I finished it in November and have been wearing it since. And I really like it. The front part is leather and the back & sleeves are cotton/spandex fabric. Suuuuper cute paired with those skinnies & sweater.


•Tokyomilk Dark °45 bulletproof perfume. Y’all, I could not stand this smell a year ago. It was so strong to me once I purchased it. But this month I’ve been looooving it! It’s dark, sultry & woodsy. Definitely a win for me.

• Essie nail polish in master plan. This is one of my all time favorites. Everyday nail polishes. It’s a light taupe color and the perfect neutral color.


• NYC long wearing nail polish in plaza plumberry. This polish has proven that $0.94 polish is one of the best decisions yet. And they work just as well $18 nail polish I’ve used. Go get you some.

• Skinn lip balm in Mango. This skinn lip balm is my favorite. It’s suuuuper hydrating & moisturizing. Perfect for winter. And it has a light taste of mango.

• Mac cosmetics lipstick in Diva. I’ve been loving this shade on my lips. It’s basically a wine color on my lips. And paired with Tarte exposed shade, it’s just fantastic. Gives it a 2D matte effect on the lips. And I even got a compliment from my MUA sister, who gives out compliments sparingly… Atleast to me. 🙂 so I’d say that’s pretty rad!

• Tarte lipsurgence in exposed. Just like I like said I like to pair it with MAC’s Diva. But I also like it on its own. It’s my favorite nude shade for me.

• Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is great for sanitizing, but its also really great for whitening teeth. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! And my teeth are already 2-3 shades whiter, hallelujah!

• Eggnog. I’ve been using eggnog as my creamer for coffee and it’s delicious! I just brew drip coffee and pour over ice 3/4 of the way up and then pour eggnog the rest of the way. I’ve always loved eggnog, so this tastes wonderful. My favorite brand, Promise Land.

• Pecan pie.
I’m originally from Kentucky. I’m pretty sure its a sin to not like pecan pie… So, I REALLY like it. Pecan tart, pecan bars, pecan pie… I haven’t met a pecan I didn’t like! 😉

• Adele. Y’all probably knew I’d say this, and if not you should have. She’s gorgeous and I would love to be her stylist, yes please! And her new video and single are the! Her voice, ahhhh!

• One Direction. And more Brits, I love the Brits. And their songs apparently… Yeah, One Direction is on repeat. My fave song from them right now is: end of the day.

• Gardiner Sisters cover “dirty paws/home. My favorite!!! It’s just amazing! Check it out!

• Tiffany & Co coin purse. My sister actually blessed me with this coin purse about 5-6 years ago… Had no idea what to do with it, so I just didn’t use it, until it dawned on me, put my ear buds in it! BEST idea ever! My ear buds don’t tangle and the coin purse will be used. It’s a win-win!

• Solitaire. Such a great exercise for your brain. And the app I use has a game a day. Perfect.

• Free cell. I used to play this game on my family’s computer. And it just brings back memories. Plus it helps strengthens the noggin. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

• Spotify. On my computer, it’s free and I can listen to any song I’d like. From Bethel to Adele. It’s perfect! You do get advertisements, but I can look past that when getting ready for the day!

So as you can see, I’ve had a bunch of favorites that may have interested you! Please know these are all my opinions, I’m getting paid for any of it. And even if I were, it would still be my own opinions!  🙂 enjoy! -Ryn

Monthly faves: September

Hey y’all hey! Happy October 1st! I’ve got some exciting things happening in October & November which I’m excited about!
I’ve got a good amount of favorites for y’all. But but definitely not as much as in the past months, as I was not reaching for things as much. But that’s not to say I didn’t accumulate some favorites to show you!

-Here they are-


•Tartelette palette, but shades: force of nature, best friend & bombshell. These shade are gorgeous on and I feel so pretty when wear them on my eyes. The best friend & bombshell shades are both purple, which with my hazel eyes, it seems to enhance the greentones.
• Buxom eye shadow in mink magnet. This shade is gorgeous. And its a soft eye shadow, but when your skin is grabbing matte eye shadow, this eyeshadow just seems to cover it up, and beautify, a not so beautiful situation.
• Butter London nail varnish in Shag. This shade is the epitome of Autumn. It is the rust/bronze you want to wear on your body. It’s a great shade. I wore it 3 times in September.
• Eyebrow brush & comb by Sephora professional. This has done wonders to my brows. It makes my brows look so good. I don’t know why I didn’t use this sooner.
• Mally eyeliner in lucky penny. I love this shade. Can you see a theme yet? It’s bronze/rust. And again my hazel eyes seem to pop in a good way when using it.


• Coach leather purse. I use this as a makeup bag. It’s the perfect size for travel. It’s durable. It looks better with age. I bought this at a thrift store for $4. With I think is a great bargain considering the brand. It has been monogrammed with MMN but its fading and I don’t ming the monogram being there. Overall great purchase. P.s. love the color of the leather.


Wear: jacquard plaid white shirt. This was a definite favorite of mine. It’s so soft, so easy to style. I’ve paired it with boyfriend jeans & ankle boots because that’s just how I roll. You can also pair it with black skinnies, a midi skirt, hats, under sweaters, etc. Overall an awesome shirt from Oldnavy!


• Food: TNS 3000 mandolin. This tool is AMAZING! I use it every chance I get, slicing and julienning things faster than lightning. I always use the hand guard, as I do not want to cut my finger. Plus with this mandolin, you can set the blades for different slices. And the handguard doubles as a citrus juicer.

• Music: Flashlight by Jessie J. This song is on repeat. It has great lyrics, and her voice is gorgeous.

Another month down of favorites!

What have you been loving for September, I want to know! -Ryn

Monthly Faves: August


Boy, what a month! It flew by, kinda like how September is!
How’s your September doing so far?!


I have done many things… Styling, babysitting, sewing, making new jewels, selling… Oh and I also started posting daily on my Styledbyryn page on Facebook! Come check it out!

I have gathered a few favorites from August to share with you!

-Here they are-

Tarte Maracuja bronzing serum
This stuff works! My face is peaches & cream white. And this gives me a light tan! Toning down my red cheeks as well! Good, good stuff!

Maybelline Blue Mascara
Love my blue mascara. It’s just a hint of color when I have a neutral makeup face on. I just love it! And I apply it on top of my black mascara. It works well!

Mouth Watchers toothbrush
This is an all natural toothbrush. It has natural bristles. And it cleans my teeth so so well! If you’re on the search for a great toothbrush, you should try it!

Oldnavy b+w striped swing dress
This dress is my fave! I love the way it hugs the top half of me, and then swings away from the body. But in a figure flattering way. It’s just such a great dress!

This eating plan was tough! But I loved how I felt! It felt fantastic afterwards… And I found out I’m gluten intolerant… So now I’m gluten free. And I’m totally a-ok!

Coconut cream
This stuff is amazing. As you probably have heard the coconut fruit is a miracle fruit. I particularly love refrigerated coconut cream, I love eating grapes and dipping them into the cream, so delish! I also love using the cream for coffee, and salad dressings.

Um, I love this show. I’m so amazed how artists can paint murals on bodies. With all the crevices humans have, I’m just amazed y’all!

Project Runway
I’ve watched this show for years! Literally years. And I’ve always said that if it was on by the time I hit 30, I would apply to be on there… Not so sure I would though. But anyway, its just now getting good, they’re getting rid of the designers that aren’t good. And you can see the amazing touches that the good designers have! Ahh I love it!

I’ve known this girl for years, and yet never spoken to each other, so I remember… But her blog is incredible! Her photography, her style, her writing… ALL of it! I love it so much!

Monthly Favorites: July

Hey y’all, July seemed to drag out for quite a while, which really I didn’t mind a bit… I had a really busy first week of July, then it slowly trickled its way down…sorta! I did pick up a few faves along the way though… Nothing over the top, but some things I was just loving. Here they are:


This Cup: similar here! Omgosh. It’s adorable! I picked it up at Starbucks obviously. And I have been using it non stop since. The pink straw gets me every time!


Lips, what can I say, I love my lip products. And I especially loved these shades this past month!
Top to bottom:
• Bite Beauty luminous crème lipstick in Musk. This may not seem like a pretty lipstick, but I’m my gosh the combo of my natural color & the color of the tube is gorgeous! It’s definitely a win!
• MAC cosmetics in Candy Yum yum. I personally get so many compliments when I wear this lipstick. It’s just an in your face pink punch, that is just so right for me.
• And finally, MAC cosmetics in Ruby Woo. I’ve actually only have worn this once, like ever… Since Christmas when i received it. but I instantly loooooved it. it’s the perfect red matte formulation!


These shoes are amazing. I had to fix them with leather glue, but once I did that I have been wearing these non stop. I like be the patina on the leather. They with so much! Go get some similar here : )



MC+CO’s Rose Gold dog tags. Yep, I love these and have been wearing these constantly! And the message behind it is even stronger. To give love instead of hate. To love on others as much as you would want someone doing to you! You can purchase these soon from here!

Only your love by Kari Jobe. I adore this song. I don’t always love her songs, but when I do I listen to them constantly… Which I definitely did with this song!

You’re so good to me by The Beach Boys. First I have to say, I have loved the beach boys since I was a small tot. It’s only natural to listen to them. I had never heard of this song until this past month when listening to their album. I loooove it. I want to use it in my wedding somehow… You know my non-existent wedding! 😜 Just check it out!



Woman in gold. Um, have seen it? I suggest you do if not. Its so good. Its with Helen Mirren & Ryan Reynolds.

Maria Altman sought to regain a world famous painting of her aunt plundered by the Nazis during World War II. She did so not just to regain what was rightfully hers, but also to obtain some measure of justice for the death, destruction, and massive art theft perpetrated by the Nazis.

Call me a art junkie, and I won’t mind a bit. This movie was beautifully made. I would watch it again and again and again.

And finally this article: it’s from a man who is the grandson of the man who established the brand Madewell. And for someone who loves Madewell & history. She (being me) loved to learn &  read about it. Even though that family doesn’t run Madewell any longer, It still pulls on my heart strings, and makes me want to buy from them. I guess its the principal of it all. You’ll just have to read it.

And there you have it, all of my favorites of July. Next it’ll be whole new faves for August… Can you believe it already August?

Tell me what your favorites were for July, I’d love to know : )
P.s. it sounds like two wasps outside my window are mating…😶