Happy New Year!!!


New year. New goals & accomplishments to…ahem…accomplish! What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish in 2016?
I know I’ve got a whole slew of goals I want to achieve this year. Such as doing more public speaking and going on a missions trip. I also want to get a styledbyryn website going. And get some portraits done of me for business. I really want to know your goal(s) that you want to do this year.

But, maybe you’re saying, but Ryn, resolutions & accomplishing goals do not work for me… They’ve never worked in the past, I never stick with it, nothing gets resolved… Excuse after excuse…

Well, there are ways to help accomplish those said goals:
• Keep them in front of you at all times. Each day look at them. Marinate on them.
• Keep a notebook in your purse or bag and put pen to paper and write those goals down whenever you think of a new one.
• Download the app Goals&Dreams and put those drams & goals in there.
•Start small. If you can accomplish a teeny tiny one, you’ll be more motivated to accomplish the bigger ones.
• Put time limits on it. You’ll be more motivated to accomplish when you’re rushed for time.
• Push yourself. It’s okay to push yourself. Think beyond what you can do. Think bigger!
•Compete if you have to. If it’s getting so many work outs in a week, bring a friend along and compete on how many push ups you can do or compete with yourself, by say this is how many squats I can do. Let’s see how I can do twice as many of the said amount. The thing is, you body can endure more pain than you know. But you’ve gotta put your mind to the matter and start applying yourself to exercising or you’ll never reach your goal. One thing I like to ask myself when working out is: where’s my wall? And what that means is, is that how much more can I endure? If the trainer says you only need to do five repetitions more, but when you get there, you may say my wall is actually 5 repetitions more… Go for it. Where’s your wall?
• Tell a loved one about some of your goals and have them hold you accountable.
• Oh and get them done.

I hope this helps! And let me know what a goal that you want to accomplish in 2016!!! Its going to be the Best! I can feel it! -Ryn


Advent No.15: Write it down!

Hi! This isn’t so much Christmas-y as it is more for the New Year.


As I quite enjoyed 2015, there were things that I didn’t achieve like I wanted to. And I kind of sat on my hands about doing them… I know I want to accomplish those things, plus new things in the coming year (Such as, meeting friends from Instagram that I’ve never met in person such as Meagan and Brandi), 2016 more than ever! And what better way than to have a notebook to write in with all my dreams, desires & things to accomplish/achieve! I love to write in a notebook, but I also love typing in my phone, as I have my phone with me most of the time. It’s just handy! This year, I’ll have my list in both notebook and phone, and read them weekly. And make any changes I may need to do.  (As I’ve tended to forget about it before, but I’m trying not to this year.)

Also, a great thing to get on your phone, would be The dreams & goals app. It’s only $1.99 and it’s an app you can add pictures to, a deadline and add what you can achieve and believe for. Well worth it!

As Habakkuk 2:2 says; And then God answered: “Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.


Also, I might add, write a deadline of when you want to achieve the said thing. It’ll get the ball rolling and get a burning sensation to accomplish it.

And secondly, have an empty notebook for your daily favor.


• an attitude of approval or liking.

• an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.
• feel or show approval or preference for.

I started this when I traveled to Canada about a month and a half ago. I wanted to see how life is full of favor. And favor we often overlook. I know life is fleeting. The bible says that life on earth is about a fleeting moment. It’s here today and gone tomorrow. Believe me, I know what it’s like to take this life for granted. But I also now know to be thankful in all things, so if me daily logging in my notebook or memo pad on my phone on how awesome The Lord used others to bless me, then so be it. I will. And that way I can see all the ways the Lord stood by me and was right there, as to not let me stumble. That I can truly feel the raw, rare jewels of peoples hearts giving favor to me. I’ll gladly take it. I’ll probably tear up. But I’ll remember you. Even if it’s just someone knocking $5 off an item that I’m purchasing, I will jot it down. Because I believe that that $5 off is precious. And that you’re just wonderful human being.

So, that’s just two ways to prepare for 2016 that I’ll be doing. Anything you’d like to share with the class of what you’ll be doing?

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas, Ryn

Lifestyle Fyle: Birthday Post

It’s my birthday todayyyyyy! (And i may post two posts todayyy. Who knowwws!) And if you haven’t noticed, I just love my birthday. It’s usually one day a year, that is all about me! That may sound self absorbed, and I don’t mean for it to sound like that, because chances are I will be putting others before myself anyway. And that’s totally okay! Cause I love serving & lovin’ on people.

But besides that, I love that I was born in February. I know so many others who are born in February too, which makes it more fun to be born in such an amazing month.( and apparently many parents were busy in May! ) I love getting things in the mail, like cards + discounts from stores. My fave! I love that my birthday is 4 days away from v-day. (I love the pink and red allover tge place!) I love going out with my family for dinner, celebrating with them! Celebrating with friends, I love getting texts, IG posts, fb posts and calls… I love feeling loved! I like the parties too! I like be aging gracefully. That may sound weird, but we’re always growing, always learning, always chasing after our dreams. We’ll never be that age again. Those smile lines are a testament of a good life. A happy life. And I’m thankful.
This year as I begin my journey as a 27 year old, I will be turning my heart to thanksgiving. I want a heart filled with thanksgiving, just yesterday, I was thinking about how blessed I am. I have parents who LOVE me. I have sisters who would do anything for me…usually ; ) I have BILs who like/love me. I have a niece that adores me! And nephews that are just awesome to have around. I have fantastic friends, that no matter where we are in the world, we still act as if no time has past from the last time we’ve talked! I have food, water, a home & clothes. I have a Heavenly Father that wants the absolute BEST for me, and will move mountains just for me. Because I’m His favorite. I have the opportunity to be a blessing to others. And I have an opportunity to shine my light and share my love with everybody I come in contact with each day. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?!

Anyways, I thought for this post, I would go through the years of my birthday, I won’t list ALL 27 years, but some of my favorites.

•7th: Two words, Tea Party! Who wouldn’t love a tea party, with the works: dress up, tea(obviously), hand sandwiches, finger food, I’m sure there were games too.

•10th: I moved to Texas when I was barely 10, I made fast lifelong friends. So I had a party with those girls. I remember we had a cookie cake, we watched movies, and had a pretty legit sleepover.
{This is the only photo on hand that I had. It’s of my best friend Tori and Ashley who was pranking her.}

•12th: I went with my friends, my mom and sisters to Dallas Galleria to ice skate and we ate at mi cocina. And then walked through a shop called Doll Haven, which they had TY beanie babies, which were all the rage then.

{Again, picture of Tori, my friend Whitney and Dyanna’s body}

•13th: My Sisters, Camille & Heather took me out shopping. They bought me a new outfit, I remember that I got a faux Sherpa purse. Pretty cute too. I mean, I wouldn’t wear it now, but at 13, it was cute! I also remember going to old navy, even then I was a fan of their clothes. Who knew!

•15th: My Brother from another mother, Russ, took me out shopping, I doubt he knew what he was getting himself into. But none the less, we went to Northeast mall. Shopped till we literally dropped. Fun day for sure! He even found a leather jacket. Also, my mom and sisters took me to see dierks bentley at Billy Bob’s as a gift. And I the no this was the same year that I took friends and rode the train from Fort Worth to Dallas, went to the reunion tower and had dessert. Big year!

(Jenny, Mary, Alicia, Whitney + yours truly!)

•16th: My mom took me to Nordstrom, to have my makeup done. And also Claire’s to get my ears pierced. I then had a birthday party at Traildust Steakhouse, mainly because of the giant metal slide. (Kid at heart, for sure!) We also danced.
And the big Brother I never had, who used to on + off again date my sister, came down from KY. He and I spent a lot of time together that week, which I loved. We had such a bond. He was the BEST!

(Yep, this is the best photo I could find!)

• 21st: My sister threw me a somewhat surprise party. The theme was Audrey Hepburn, because I was obsessed with Audrey. (But who isn’t) We celebrated at the Stanley hotel in Downtown Dallas. If you haven’t been there, you need to go, it’s a beautiful hotel, set the 20’s art deco decor. Oh and we all went to an Italian restaurant. Fun times! I loved celebrating with my friends & family!

{Not too sure what was so funny, but I can pretty much guarantee that my friend Aubrey was telling a story…}

•24th: This was the year that my Friend Hannahbeth + I went shopping and encouraged me to pursue my wardrobe styling career, where we shopped in Forever 21 for 4hrs, picking outfits for her! She walked away with some great pieces! This was also the year that I had a combined birthday with my friends Jenny & Holly. It was thrown by our beautiful friend HannahBeth. It was so much fun!


(This is a photo right here, that I ask myself, why? Why did I pair that scarf with that shirt! Oy vey! Hannah looks great though!)

25th: That year, I found out I would be receiving a niece in July! Best Gift ever. Oh and I also went with the Girls in my family, my good friend Holly & my sister’s in laws to my favorite mall: Northpark mall, where we all obviously shopped and dined at Bread Winner’s. I also received my LouLou aka my Louis Vuitton. Yippee!

Through the years, I’ve had the best birthdays! Jesus definitely loves me. My birthdays and years have been getting richer & richer. I remember when I was about to turn 25. I became worrisome. I felt like I didn’t do anything with my first 25years of living and yet I made it to a quarter of a century. And now 2 years have passed and I look back and I was busy throughout the years, I created two businesses. I came out of my shy shell. I figured out my passion was to love on people & shine my little light. I became an instructor at ETA. I was a caregiver to my grandpa, when he needed me, I helped clean his very very messy house. I started babysitting my niece. I have helped give confidence back to people just by style them, i make pretty jewels. I have accomplished things. Though I may have had regrets, I still hopped over hurdles. And I’m still learning! I’m 3 years from from 30. 3-0! Yikes. Where did my 20’s go?
I told myself, that if project runway was still on by the time I hit 27, that I would apply to be on the show. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m cut out for that show…(no pun intended) I mean I love watching it, but I think if they ever brought back project runway accessories, I would definitely apply! I also said that once I hit 27 I would get a hairstyle like this:


I just love her head of hair! That may still be in the running… Stay tuned to see if this hairstyle still happens.

I do know I have dreams & goals to chase after, to accomplish by the time I’m 30, 40, 50 and so on! As Terri Savelle Foy has said before, write down your dreams , desires & goals. Make a timeline. It helps with accomplishing your goals. Write down the dreams in your ♥ on paper and set in clear view, so that it reminds you to accomplish your dreams!
I’m so excited for this year! I am determined to celebrate this year. To accomplish much on my list! To make this year so much better than last year!! To be thankful for things! To love on others waaaaay more than any other year!!

It’s gonna be good! I can feel it! •Ryn
Sorry for the book, I just had things to say! Hey, its my birthday! 😉