What I bought in: April


New York napkin; similar. Aka a new throw pillow case… That’s right, this here napkin will turn into a pillow, as I can not profess my love for NYC enough!

Floral Birkenstock style shoes; similar. Man, are these cute or what?! And they’re super comfortable too! Bought them in Canton TX!

{If you ever come to Texas, be sure to stop by Canton on the Trade Days weekend to snag some amazing finds, new or antique.}

• Bumble bee post earrings. Again, bought these by a vendor at Canton Trade Days! I loooove these bumblebee earrings.

Kendra Scott necklace. Guys, if you’re not aware that Kendra Scott boutiques have a birthday deal which is, one item 50% off, then you should, I’ll link a whole list of things that help celebrate your birthday too! I totally used my mom’s birthday to get this pretty little rose gold/turquoise number. Ain’t it pretty?

Bite Beauty ‘Gingersnap’ lipstick. Even though this lipstick is a very pretty coral, I still consider it to be a nude for me… I know it’s not a nude, but it’s just the prettiest everyday shade!


Perfect formula manicure set. I’ve been wanting to try the pink gel coat for a loooong time, and I saw this whole set, and I thought I should purchase it all. And you know what?! I love the pink gel coat!

And there you have it, a run down on everything I purchased or had purchased for me! You’re welcome. 😉

What was your favorite thing you bought in the month of April?!



What I bought in January…


I didn’t buy as much as I thought but I’m loving the color palette here in this photo… It’s very springy… I did have my eye on some jeans from OldNavy…But I may buy them in February or March, you’ll find out soon, I’m sure. I do like buying necessities. And necessities, such as pants are always a good thing! But for now, these things in the photo are what’s being highlighted! So enjoy!

• I wuv this sweater. I’ve been wearing this constantly! All day, e’ry day!

• OldNavy floral PJ pants. These pants are adorable. They were on clearance, so I’m not entirely sure you can still find them, but if you can, then GREAT!

• Madewell D’Orsay flats it black and white snake skin. I bought these off poshmark, and I thought they were cuter in the pics. I may end up selling them back on poshmark… How unfortunate.

• OldNavy striped boyfriend tee. This tee is so comfortable!!! I could stand for it to be a little longer in length. But I still really like it. Its slouchy and cute.

• OldNavy Coral Tencel midi length. I haven’t actually worn this skirt yet… But I think I’ll pair it with a white button down and boots…

• Caramel color ribbing from Fabric.Com. This ribbing is for some fabric I bought in Canada. I wanted to make a cute sweatshirt with it, but I couldn’t find ribbing that would match, and I just happened upon a very close match, which now has prompted me to finish that said sweatshirt! Yay!

• Target Dollar Spot pocket calendar. I needed a smaller calendar to carry. I have a big daddy calendar for home/office use, but needed a smaller version to store in my bag just in case I need it…

• Madewell x Vans suede taupe slip-on shoes. These are already my favorite! Spoiler alert, these will be featured in February’s favorites… They’re super comfy and super cute!

I hope you enjoyed this haul, as I’ll enjoy putting each piece to good use!

What did you buy in January?!

What I bought in December haul

So, of all the things I received for Christmas, I couldn’t pass up a few more pieces to purchase…I guess!  Here, I have a mini haul for you with things I purchased in December. This is just things I purchased for myself, which I really like. Shall we get to it? I think so!


(Not pictured, Real techniques bold metals 301: as Ulta didn’t do a clear exchange so I paid the difference & I als bought brush 201. And also bought another pair of flannel PJs with penguins on them.)


Striped beanie. I have wanted a striped beanie for about two years now. And im so excited to have found one. I’m so ready to pair it with everything. Can’t wait to wear it!
Maroon beanie. The Maroon color seems to bring out the green in my eyes and I love wearing the color. This beanie is just an easy color to pair with all neutrals, so I’m good.
Polar bear flannel PJ bottoms. I’ve needed to refresh my PJ collection for quite some time and these are just adorable.
Coral flannel PJ bottoms. These are my favorite of the three pair I picked up. As they have bunnies, pinecones, birds owls, etc. on them! They’re so adorable. An added bonus, they were a tall size, which I love as I am a taller human.
Bite Beauty duo: Latte + Cortado. This was actually just an exchange of the Make up forever plexi-gloss duo. But never not worth mentioning as I do love me some bite duos! And these nudie shades are simply gorgeous on!
Buxom empty eye shadow palette. This purchase was so that I could house my new buxom eye shadows there, As they needed a home. And this one fits the bill. I just need 3 more shades to make this house a home for my eye shadows ; ) any excuse will do, right?!
Constellation ear climbers. Oh man! These are my faves! I’ve wanted some earcuffs for awhile now, and I spotted these at Altar’d State and snatched them up as they were the second to the last pair!
• “Oh what fun!” Note cards. Thank you dollar spot at Target for more amazing stationary finds. I love you. And I’ll be using these all year round!
Skinny leather wrap bracelet. This was a happened upon purchase. And I’m really happy about it and I will be stacking it up with my Madewell leather wrap bracelets.
Texas shaped pinky ring. Oh.my.gosh. How I love this ring. It was also an exchange from the necklace I got from a Christmas gift exchange that didn’t really strike my fancy. So I exchanged it for this lil ring.
NYC nail polish: burnt orange. I picked this up as I do love me some NYC nail polish. I love how long wearing they actually are. And I don’t have this shade in my collection so I bought it.
Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara. This wasn’t a purchase as much as redeeming my Sephora points. And I must say, it wasn’t a bad choice! New favorite mascara!
BareMinerals Pop of passion. This was just a fun little lip balm I wanted to redeem my points on as well. I’ll check back with ya on how good it actually is.

So there ya are! I kinda feel like y’all are my accountability partners for purchasing things, but I know the truth, you’re just as nosey as I am! Hah! I’m sure more is to come! Thanks for reading! -Ryn

Style Fyle: What I bought in August Haul

So I’ve bought a few things this month… Clothes wise. Since august is one of my favorite months to shop, since fall is right around the corner…I wanted some transitional pieces that can go for now or later. I purchased these items from Nordstrom, oldnavy (you know I love ON!) & sole society. They have me craving for Autumn, something fierce.



Nordstrom;Sweater: halogen duster cardigan.
I originally bought this in the grey in an XL, buuut, I didn’t like how short it was. So I went to the store on the last day of the anniversary sale. Tried on the size L and its 4″ longer and its a smaller size. Can’t wait to wear it!


Oldnavy;Dress(es): I posted about this dress and how I don’t wear dresses… I’m a believer of dresses now, especially this dress! It’s so amazing I bought two! They’re so cute, and they’re equally as comfortable!


Oldnavy;Striped shirt: I have this thing with stripes… I absolutely love them. This is going to be perfect in Fall, with a pair of boyfriend jeans and Oxford shoes. Super cute!


Oldnavy;Tencel Shirt: This shirt is cute! I’ve worn it a few times already. It’s so drapey & fluid. Tencel is a type of rayon. But, so I bought this not know how it would fit, I totally could have gone a size down. But I still really like it! I love how denim-y it is. Unfortunately, ON sold out quickly with this shirt!


Sole society



And then finally,
Sole Society; ‘Saree’ heels:
I bought these on tax free weekend. They’re very similar to the Madewell heels that I adore. And these are suede as well. But a fraction of the cost. I bought them, they were delivered. I tried them on late one night, thought they were too tight, emailed customer service and they went above and beyond! Amazing customer service. Anyway, the next day though, I decided to try them on again, they fit. They just need to be broken in. I like, never wear heels but these and Madewell’s are amazing! And I also want Madewell’s at some point. :mrgreen:

So, now I just need to start sewing a bit for my fall wardrobe and I have my eye on this hat, what do y’all think, should I purchase it?


Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you tomorrow! -Ryn

Style Find: Collective beauty + fashion haul

Hey y’all, today’s been a great day so far, I had a business meeting this afternoon, then ran errands (and had a very naughty lunch… Whataburger. Over it!) & then tonight I will be going to my nephew’s rehearsal dinner! Hope your day has been a productive day too!
For today’s post, I thought I would share some new goodies I have recently purchased! And give you a few reviews of them too…




(L to R)
Let’s talk clothes first:
• White Boyfriend poplin shirt. It’s from old navy, I bought it in a Tall size. I wanted it longer than the average length to cover my bum. I can see this shirt paired with some black skinny pants and heels or Madewell sidewalk skimmers. (as I do love those!) A poplin shirt is a classic staple, I think everybody should have.
• Crocheted black duster. You may not be able to see the crochet part of the sweater. But it’s there. I really like the length of this sweater. It is short sleeve, so it’s cool in temperature. I’ll try and post an ootd of it soon! It’s from Nordstrom Rack.
• Crocheted cream v-neck sweater.
I’m in love with this sweater. Yep, I said it. Its such a cool laid back sweater. Just to through on and go, and still look effortlessly chic too. Looks like I bought it from Madewell…nope I didn’t! Oldnavy!
• Taupe French terry Joggers. I bought 2 pair of these. Super cute on. I love wearing them with a coral sweater I have and tank underneath. Chic, cute & comfy! What more could you want?!

• Not your mother’s ‘clean freak’ dry shampoo. Incredible stuff! I’ve been through four bottles since discovering how amazing it real is!
• Boots botanics cleansing balm. Love this product. It has been beneficial for my skin. Transformative really. I used to have super rough dry skin, now it’s soft as a baby’s bum! I definitely recommend this product!
• Boots Botanics micellar water. I’ve only used this twice, but I really like it! And it’s a great refreshing change in the summer months!
• Not your mother’s ‘Beach Babe’ texturizing spray. Um, yes, just yes! Love this stuff. I have semi-wavy hair and I use it for a little extra oomph! It works wonders!
• Tarte ‘park princess’ matte bronzer. I really like this bronzer. I’m pretty pale, so it shows up with on me. If your darker in skin tone, I’d say you may want the one with shimmer. But for the paler folks, its pretty impressive. And it doesn’t turn orange sent on my skin tone! Whoop whoop. Looks very natural!
• Theodent kids chocolate toothpaste. So I’ve tried the minty one, but wanted to try the chocolate. I mean, its chocolate! I’ll keep you posted on if I like it! This brand is sold through whole foods and online. Usually $10.99 and lasts 4-5mo.!

So those are the things I’ve purchased lately and these are the things I’m believing God for:




Ironically it’s all from Madewell… I’ll keep ya posted on it!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

P.s. Totally deserve GF cookies after stepping in a fire ant hill…just saying.

Style Find: haul from NYC

Do you ever either make up songs or give an old song new life when cooking? Last night I was chopping up beets to sauté them, and with out a doubt I started singing “and the beat goes on, and the goes on” very punny, right?!

Anyways, so I did buy a few things in NYC, (as I told you in this post)but not as much as I thought I would have… But I bought a TON of fabric! Like 10yds of linen jersey! I mean, I went hardcore on buying fabric, and I knew I couldn’t get this type of quality in The dfw area! And 10 yards wasn’t even half of what I purchased for fabric! 😳


As you can see I only bought one colorful thing… But I did get a navy piece and an olive green piece! Although, those are still considered neutrals. But none the less, they’re mine now.

Now if you were to ask a sewer, designer, crafter, etc. what they’re going to make out of each fabric, they may or may not tell you, we’re mysterious that way! But I’ll give you a rundown of what I’m planning on making: olive and black leggings, black leggings with leather knee patches, a denim S/S top, cute tees… That’s all I know for now, but I’m gearing up to make all of that! : )

And now for the ready to wear pieces I bought, which is only 1 item, but I bought a chocolate bar, deodorant and a ring, does that count?


-That sweatshirt! 😍 I love it! I wanted something New York themed, but not sure I loved the typical ‘I ❤️NY’ slogan. I think it’s too generic for my taste. But when I found this in the basement of Macy’s I fell hard for it! It reminds me so much of Madewell. That style that I knew it would a great piece to have in my wardrobe.
-Mast Brothers Chocolate bar, do I really have to go into detail with you on this? It’s mast bros. chocolate! They use the finest ingredients to each chocolate bar, never to have milk touch their bars. I just had to get one. I wish I had bought one from Dean & deluca, but oh well!
-Lavanila the healthy deodorant. I bought this on the day we hit up two sephoras, since it was a particularly hot day, I needed some smell good type items, if you know what I mean!
-Square rose gold ring I bought from the line Cynthia Y Bakoff in Chelsea Market. My friend whiten had two rings from them, and I just had to have one too! I’ve been wearing it so much lately!
And last but not least, I popped into Joe Fresh and bought four nailpolishes & a grey slub v-neck tee. Clearance was 50% off the lowest clearance price! Whoop whoop!

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed! See you Friday! -Ryn
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Style Fyle: a collective haul

I’ve got a haul for you!!! This has been many days of buying things that I’m just now showing you! Yay!

(Can we say tax deductible? JK… Or am I?)



I have already used these adorable notecards! They are the cutest! I bought them for $1 ea. in the Target $1 spot!!! I also bought the chevron receipt pocket. It’s adorable and help me be (or feel) organized! Also it was a dollar!


I went a little cray cray in the beauty department! But I really like each of these so much! Let’s gor from left to right. I bought more of the NYX soft matte lip cream in morocco(orange) & Copenhagen(Raisin), Then I bought Rimmel Show-offs in Luna(light creamy Orange) & Steller(Not shown, But Hot pinky coral), then MAC Diva (matte dark raisin) & then Revlon colorburst matte balm in color Audacious. All very pretty! I then bought the Tarte eyelash curler(you’ll read on another post all about that!) and then I bought the Pacifica Perfume in sandlewood. Such a a yummy smell! (I will try and write a review on it!)


I also bought some D’orsay flats from Marshall’s, they are Chinese laundry and quite comfy! I love the style of these shoes! and then with my gift card to Nordstrom, I bought these wedge heel sneakers from Nike. they are so cool and quite comfortable!


These were necessity! EOS shave cream & Garnier Fructis Volume extend Conditioner.


I also bought my favorite jeans in the world! The oldnavy rockstar mid-rise skinny jeans(old navy, never get rid of this style please!). I bought 2 pair of distressed black jeans 1 pair in grey camo. These jeans honestly cup you in all the right places!


See? (My backside looks fantastic!)


And then I bought this wall clock! I haven’t decided whether to hang in my bedroom or in my studio… I may just need to buy another one!

and there you have it! Hope you enjoyed! leave a comment below of what you have bought lately, I’d love to hear! -Ryn