What I bought in: April


New York napkin; similar. Aka a new throw pillow case… That’s right, this here napkin will turn into a pillow, as I can not profess my love for NYC enough!

Floral Birkenstock style shoes; similar. Man, are these cute or what?! And they’re super comfortable too! Bought them in Canton TX!

{If you ever come to Texas, be sure to stop by Canton on the Trade Days weekend to snag some amazing finds, new or antique.}

• Bumble bee post earrings. Again, bought these by a vendor at Canton Trade Days! I loooove these bumblebee earrings.

Kendra Scott necklace. Guys, if you’re not aware that Kendra Scott boutiques have a birthday deal which is, one item 50% off, then you should, I’ll link a whole list of things that help celebrate your birthday too! I totally used my mom’s birthday to get this pretty little rose gold/turquoise number. Ain’t it pretty?

Bite Beauty ‘Gingersnap’ lipstick. Even though this lipstick is a very pretty coral, I still consider it to be a nude for me… I know it’s not a nude, but it’s just the prettiest everyday shade!


Perfect formula manicure set. I’ve been wanting to try the pink gel coat for a loooong time, and I saw this whole set, and I thought I should purchase it all. And you know what?! I love the pink gel coat!

And there you have it, a run down on everything I purchased or had purchased for me! You’re welcome. 😉

What was your favorite thing you bought in the month of April?!


A + M inspiration…

Y’all, I just want my house to look like it all came from anthropologie and my wardrobe to look as if it came from Madewell… That’s all.

I went thrifting with a friend of mine yesterday, which I had the loveliest time… And I could definitely see a vision of what I want my home/wardrobe to look like. I know that I don’t have to have it come from both anthropologie + Madewell. As my friend bought a few pieces that I could have totally bought, but didn’t have same at the moment…

But I just want my thinks to look as if they came from Madewell or anthropologie… I see the vision…


It just has to resemble them. Sure, I may splurge on a few things from each store, but then I may buy bigger pieces from second hand stores, craft stores, Target, Walmart, even Tj maxx type places for homeware. I love mid century modern, baroque, floral, stripes, muted, coral + gold/green colors, cozy, fun, etc type of things. I pretty much love eclectic. And reupholstery, repainting and repurposing can go far when mastering your home to look like anthropologie… But totally doable.


And for clothing, I like all of Madewell’s style. I like the button down shirts, the scarves, the hats, the cool girl chic and sometimes quirky vibe, the muted/vibrant colors. I love it all. If people ask me what style I tend to go towards, I always tell them Madewell. However, I do know my body shape is much different than the girls in the Madewell catalog, I seem to think that’s a good thing. And that all shapes and sizes should be able to shop there. I just love me some Madewell. And the awesome thing is, old navy, H&M, Target, and thrift stores carry A LOT of Madewell style clothing(also, if you’re into sewing apparel, this is a great way to achieve a Madewell style, just saying!)… Which helps your wallet while maintaining a Madewell style.

I just had to get that off my chest and share some inspiration with you…
Hope you enjoy! -Ryn

New Target + home haul

There’s a new target 10min from my house…
I like it. And I like everything they have. I feel as if it’s dangerous, putting me in the midst of all things pretty, shiny, fun, etc.
Target has amazing buyers & designers & merchandizers. They’re like Sephora by the cash register type people. Do I need party planning merchandize, washi tape or a copper colander? No, but I may need it one day! 


So, this Target is brand spankin new. It has a great layout of housewares + kitchen items. Electronics have it made as well. I’m curious how the clothing + shoe selection compares to the other stores, since I never made it there. But house + home was where it’s at. Thankfully I only bought one item, but I was a bit cheeky when I bought a few other items from homegoods & Tuesday morning… Or I should say, my mother did cause she’s just the best!




Love that mug!

I don’t know what it is, but I’m nesting and wanting my surroundings to be pretty. I think it comes & goes in waves though. Buying housewares vs clothing. All I know is I’m happier when my home is organized, clean & I love the pretty pieces in it.



And then there are these cheeky purchases:
• Marble + Wood cake stand (Homegoods)
This was too cute not to get it. I think it’s going to be a great staple in my decorating. I’ll be using it plenty.

• You are my Sunshine plate (Tuesday Morning) that song is sentimental to me, as my dad would sing it to be each night I went to sleep. I tend to want to buy anything that has those lyrics on it.
• Copper + glass terrarium (Target)
This caught my fancy. I love it! I knew exactly what I wanted in it too. I just looooove copper!
• Blue + White hand towels (Homegoods)
These are amazingly soft. Plus they look cute too. And I’m always on the look out for cute hand towels.


Such great items that can spruce up your home, big or small. My advice to you is reclaim as much as you can, buy pretty pieces that are inexpensive and of good quality. And then splurge on what you love!


P.s. I’m sorry if you don’t have a target where you are, I wish you did. But if you’re planning trip, see if there is a target near you. You need to experience the goodness of Target.

P.p.s. these candy corns are worth a try! I hate candy corn, and I was compelled to try it, I only had 6 pieces. But it tastes so similar to an actual caramel macchiatto! It’s dangerous!

Lifestyle Find: Parachute Linens


Who wouldn’t love sleeping on pure linen every.single.night?!
I know some of us think that linen can be scratchy & stiff. But I can assure that with parachute linens, they are super soft.
I would not mind sleeping on some linen sheets tonight! 1. It’s breathable. 2. It has a cool beachy vibe. 3. It’s just plain gorgeous. Let’s be real!

I for one loooooooove the look, feel & texture of linen, so having it on my bed and sleeping on it would be amazeballs. Especially for summer. I love the weightlessness of linen.

I have already decided that I want to decorate my future kids rooms with linen, such as; curtains, bedding, blankie… Whatever. I love the look.


Linen is so much better than polyester. Polyester cannot breathe. It’s an unnatural fiber, which locks in moisture, causing you to not have the best sleep you could possibly have, as if you had a natural fiber under you. Plus, if I’m not going to wear poly, why put it on my bed. I’m not wanting to have my sheets attack my rough feet, thank you very much!

This company is amazing. They hail from Venice Beach California. And they make the most luxurious bedding around. I’m hoping I get my hands on a pair. I adore linen. Linen, linen knit. Whatevs! It’s amazing material.

If you’re interested in this fab bedding, please checkout their website!

Parachute linens contacted me to tell you about their new linens launch. All opinions are my own.

Enjoy their new collection!!!! -Ryn

DIY Friday: glittered prints


I don’t know what’s happening, but I have been loving decorating my spaces. I have heard that if you have a beautiful atmosphere, it will boost your happiness, and I truly believe that. Whether it be with candles, fresh flowers, art work or even knick knacks. Whatever makes you happy, bring it into your home. Surround yourself with beautiful things and be happy all the time.


And on that note, here is a super simple/easy/gorgeous/glittery/sparkly diy for your nest/home/house/living space!


You’ll need to gather:
• Pictures (the ones I used, came from a calendar. But you can print pictures off of Google.)
• Craft glue (craft glue)
• Glitter – fine to extra fine
• Toothpicks
• Q-tips
• Paper Plate
• Trashcan

• Frame or Clipboard


1. Lay your print out on a hard surface, such as table or art board.
2. Add a dollop of glue on a paper plate.
3. Dip your tool of choice, toothpick or q-tip into the glue.
4. And the pick a place on your print to outline in glitter. Apply the glue to that area. Try to have steady hand.
5. Sprinkle the glitter to the area you just applied to glue. Then dust off the glitter into the trashcan.
6. Let dry. Until glue dries.
7. Put in frame or as I love put on a clipboard. Its the perfect picture frame!


And enjoy! Hope you make these! And then if you do, please snap & share! Tag me: @RynB and #SBRdiy : )

Love y’all, Ryn

Advent No.18: Are You Faux Real?


I’m Aubrey and if you don’t know me, all you need to know is I’m a spirited, Irish, Italian, Indian, redheaded lover of life which mostly includes, fashion, food and family. Recently relocating to a different state for my husbands job, I am a new stay at home mom and I’m discovering, minute by minute, what 2 toddlers (2 girls, 4 and 2) really do all day as well as discovering eating and afternoon naps are totally overrated, right? I absolutely love to talk… about life, love and the pursuit of all things Jesus (which is also the pursuit of happiness). Besides all that, I love to laugh. If you aren’t laughing you aren’t living.

Vests, scarves, throws OH MY! I cannot get over my addiction to the best thing to come from the great outdoors…fur. Yes, that’s the extent of my knowledge concerning the outdoors. I have actually found myself saying, “oh yes, that would look great with fur” to almost everything—a fur over a plaid button down for the lumber jack in us all, the ever so classy, head to toe, black with a luscious scarf, then do the Christmas waltz (is that a thing?) home to a cozy cuddle under that oversized throw . These are big decisions in life so I have been sent to help thee with thine shopping. There are 3 different categories when deciding where to shop for this season’s furlicious purchase. The options of fab faux fur are absolutely endless and I’ve even given you some ideas!

1. The “You just can’t wait to tell them how much you really paid”, Budget:
• The Vest: I’m amazed how lush places like Target, Forever 21 and http://www.amazon.com/FINEJO-Womens-Winter-Waistcoat-Medium/dp/B00HLHFM3U/ref=sr_1_3?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1418618892&sr=1-3&keywords=fur+vest” title=”Amazon” target=”_blank”>Amazon, yes, Amazon are proving their love for fashion and ME!

• The scarf: Go figure, I found the perfect gray scarf at Marshalls and yet again, Amazon. My hat’s (or should I say scarf) off to you, Mr. Amazon.

• The throw: Of course, fur being the most popular kid in school, you can find fur throws just about anywhere. My fav’s are Target and once again, TJ Maxx and Marshalls—Man, those 2 seem to always hit it out of the park.

2. The “Keep your budget close and the sales closer”, Budget:
• The Vest: Some say that outlet/factory stores are not as high quality as the REAL stores, but I say, “hey, did you see that price? I’ll take it!” Leave it to J.Crew Factory for a fabulous furtastic find. Believe it or not, even Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are guaranteed gold!

• The Scarf: Ladies, ladies, ladies, one stop shop is what we all wish for. Nordstrom, my secret, not so secret addiction, has a long list of yummy fur.

• The Throw: Pottery Barn-before you snap yo’ fingas and walk away, they are always having a good sale, especially if you sign up for their emails. Check out this cozy number at Pottery Barn and hurry so you can catch this amazing Holiday discount!

3. The, “Skip the mani/pedi, practice the investment speech and pray your husband doesn’t freak”, Budget:
• The Vest: Considering the only fur’s I own were given to me from my mom, grandmother and Mom-in-love, I’m a fURm (oh that was a good one) believer in investments. Maybe the babe doesn’t always agree, but I’m cute and he loves me J Bloomies never disappoints, and leave it to Neiman Marcus to make me drool, wish, hope and pray over this navy fox fur. I’d love to see a navy blue fox…

• The Scarf: Now, you don’t have to spend triple digits to make an investment and
Zara totally proves my point. Classy? Check. Soft? Check. Under $100? You’re welcome.

• The Throw: Drumroll please……… I’ve been waiting this whole time to tell you this, I can hardly wait to tell you—maybe I shouldn’t tell you. Ok, I’ll tell you. Restoration Hardware FUR THROWS ARE ON SALE!! “ARE YOU FUR REAL?!” YESSS!!! Plus, when you sign up for emails you get extra discount. Man that felt good. You could go fur crazy—pillows and throws in every room—as it should be, my friend, as it should be.

Well, that sums up the 3 budget categories FUR shopping (see what I did there? I used FUR instead of FOR—clever, I know). My last but not least golden nugget, always keep an eye out for well loved furs in any antique mall. My mom and I came across 2 gorgeous coats that were both right around $100! Sometimes the “loved” ones are the best ones. Merry Christmas you classy gals and Happy Furlidays.

Etsy Find Friday: Trelabela

Ugh! I really like cat shapes. And cats… But that’s besides the point. But I do, I really really do. I love dogs too, don’t get me wrong! I think with cat motifs, it can be a hit or miss. You either love it or you hate it.

With these items from Trelabela, I hope you love it! Chantrelle, the designer makes an assortment of accessories & home decor from canvas, vinyl & printed canvas. She hails from San Francisco, CA.
I would totally but this on my bed! It’s so cute! | $40

This would also make a cute throw pillow on a velvet sofa! | $40

I would totally use this as a makeup bag for my purse! So so cute! | $18

And there you have it! The cutest cat items you ever did see, riiiiight?! ; )

Go to her store and shop, shop, shop!

See ya Monday! Thanks for reading! -Ryn