What I bought in: February

February was a good, good month. From purchasing, to receiving to favoriting. All wonderful. I’m going to miss my birthday month, but onto March, which will be another great month for the books!


‘Somebunny loves you’ hand towels. These are for my bathroom. Mainly for Easter, but I’ll use all year round. They’re from Tj Maxx.
Glass picture frames. These are for framing the Rifle paper co. cards… I like the utilitarian vibe it has. These are from Hobby lobby.
Rifle Paper Co. Notecards: 2 New York, 1 Kentucky Derby; here, here + here. I bought these for 3-4 reasons such as: NYC has my heart. I’m from Kentucky. These are for framing and I love rifle paper co.
Neiman Marcus Gold Arrowhead necklace. This necklace is perfect for a layering piece and just a touch of bohemian.
J.crew jeweled necklace. This may end up being a gift. But I really liked it as a layering piece as well. The geometric shape is my jam!
Kendra Scott necklace extenders in gold & rose gold; similar. These I needed for two of my necklaces I received for my birthday.
Maybelline New York color tattoo metal in ‘inked in pink’. I needed another color tattoo pot, as I use it as a eye primer for my eye shadow. And I wanted to try the pink. As far as I can tell, I like it!
MAC Cosmetics eye shadow in ‘Hot Paprika’; similar.. This is an eye shadow. Not sure why I thought this was great buy…It is very pigmented. And I like the dusty coral-ness of it. And I like how many looks I can create with it.
Bite Beauty lip duo in Marmalade/Confection. This also might be a gift… But you know that I have a thing for Bite beauty lipsticks. It’s no secret, really.
Hedgehog gold leather coasters. These are coasters are rad! I think I’m going to use these year round!
Marvis Toothpaste in Cinnamon mint. This stuff is amazeballs! In terms of a healthier, no fluoride in it. And it makes teeth whiter + squeaky clean.
Madewell socks; Similar. I have a thing for cute socks. And Madewell socks are made, well, well! I fancy them!
• Wood diamond. This was just cool. I found it in Austin Texas in a Tj Maxx! Perfect for jewelry.
Aerie Underwear. Aerie is my all time favorite underwear company!!! And I bought 6 pair.
•Kirkland camisoles (not pictured) these are my all time favorite camisoles. I wear camisoles almost everyday and these are the best. Sooo comfortable!

And there you have it another month down! Another month ahead! See ya next month for what I bought in March!

What I bought in December haul

So, of all the things I received for Christmas, I couldn’t pass up a few more pieces to purchase…I guess!  Here, I have a mini haul for you with things I purchased in December. This is just things I purchased for myself, which I really like. Shall we get to it? I think so!


(Not pictured, Real techniques bold metals 301: as Ulta didn’t do a clear exchange so I paid the difference & I als bought brush 201. And also bought another pair of flannel PJs with penguins on them.)


Striped beanie. I have wanted a striped beanie for about two years now. And im so excited to have found one. I’m so ready to pair it with everything. Can’t wait to wear it!
Maroon beanie. The Maroon color seems to bring out the green in my eyes and I love wearing the color. This beanie is just an easy color to pair with all neutrals, so I’m good.
Polar bear flannel PJ bottoms. I’ve needed to refresh my PJ collection for quite some time and these are just adorable.
Coral flannel PJ bottoms. These are my favorite of the three pair I picked up. As they have bunnies, pinecones, birds owls, etc. on them! They’re so adorable. An added bonus, they were a tall size, which I love as I am a taller human.
Bite Beauty duo: Latte + Cortado. This was actually just an exchange of the Make up forever plexi-gloss duo. But never not worth mentioning as I do love me some bite duos! And these nudie shades are simply gorgeous on!
Buxom empty eye shadow palette. This purchase was so that I could house my new buxom eye shadows there, As they needed a home. And this one fits the bill. I just need 3 more shades to make this house a home for my eye shadows ; ) any excuse will do, right?!
Constellation ear climbers. Oh man! These are my faves! I’ve wanted some earcuffs for awhile now, and I spotted these at Altar’d State and snatched them up as they were the second to the last pair!
• “Oh what fun!” Note cards. Thank you dollar spot at Target for more amazing stationary finds. I love you. And I’ll be using these all year round!
Skinny leather wrap bracelet. This was a happened upon purchase. And I’m really happy about it and I will be stacking it up with my Madewell leather wrap bracelets.
Texas shaped pinky ring. Oh.my.gosh. How I love this ring. It was also an exchange from the necklace I got from a Christmas gift exchange that didn’t really strike my fancy. So I exchanged it for this lil ring.
NYC nail polish: burnt orange. I picked this up as I do love me some NYC nail polish. I love how long wearing they actually are. And I don’t have this shade in my collection so I bought it.
Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara. This wasn’t a purchase as much as redeeming my Sephora points. And I must say, it wasn’t a bad choice! New favorite mascara!
BareMinerals Pop of passion. This was just a fun little lip balm I wanted to redeem my points on as well. I’ll check back with ya on how good it actually is.

So there ya are! I kinda feel like y’all are my accountability partners for purchasing things, but I know the truth, you’re just as nosey as I am! Hah! I’m sure more is to come! Thanks for reading! -Ryn

Monthly Faves: October

I was kinda naughty this month, as I didn’t really put down a lot that I loved… Maybe nothing really stood out to me. Who knows really! But I did like a few things, and I’m pretty sure you will too!

Here they are:


•Bite Beauty in pomegranate. This red shade is gorgeous. It’s a soft red. Not totally sheer, but not opaque either. And totally seasonal.
• OPI tints. this nail polish is totally sheer. Just as the name states, its a pinky tint on your nails and it lasts roughly four to five days. I bought mine from tj maxx for $4.99.
• Surya Brasil henna cream. This gave my hair such shine. If you’ve never used henna before, it can dye your hair red, brown or black. But I chose the wrong shade, so it just conditioned my hair. And I’m okay with that. However, I will be trying another shade soon. Hopefully it’ll turn my head o’hair red! : )
• Maybelline New York 24hr tattoo in tough as taupe. This is my go to lid primer. Cream shadow is where its at! And this taupe color is gorgeous. Just make sure you apply it evenly on both lids, as you can end up with uneven lids…don’t ask me how I know… ; )


•  Threshold Copper Terrarium. I love the copper. I’m so happy I bought it and I love that I put my lippies in it! BEST STORAGE EVER!
• Marble + wood cake stand. I have yet to actually put a cake on it. But I love the look and I love that I can decorate with it. Looks so chic.


• Diamond shape henna tattoo. That was my memento from the Texas state fair. I got a tattoo. Thought it lasted a little under two weeks, it was fun while I had it.


• MIA suede black ankle boots. These are the best! I bought them from DSW like 3-4 years ago. And they are so comfortable. I’ve even roamed NYC streets in these babies! Best monies I’ve spent.


This ring is from The Silver Craftsman. I received this ring for Christmas one year as we were both vendors at a indie market, and I found myself in October reaching for it.


(Tough as taupe & Pomegranate)

Hope you enjoyed!
Tell me 2 things you were loving this past month!

Style Fyle: waffle ootd

I betcha you thought I was going to be talking about waffle knits… Of course those are great, but I’m actually talking about this sweatshirt I DIYed a few couple ago! It finally getting cold enough in Texas to wear Sweatshirt! Praise him! And I’ve worn this sweatshirt three times already! Its in the laundry now, since I’ve managed to drop food on it…
Question, do you have a certain spot foot drops on you? Mine seems to always land on my right upper boob. I wore another sweatshirt and food dropped in the same spot there too. Jeez Louise!


Sweatshirt | Jeans | Boots | Camisole | Necklace | Watch

Anyway, I had a pretty casual day going to brunch with the Fam, and I wanted to wear the sweatshirt. So I paired it with a white cami underneath, letting it peek out, also breaking it up a bit. And adding length to the look. I then popped on black ankle boots, and a sparkly necklace. I’m all for pairing glitzy dressy jewelry with casual items. Though the jewelry really isn’t elevating the casual outfit any, it is still dressing it up a tad & bringing a fun flair to your outfit. You could add pumps occasionally depending on the occasion, but boots for me are just fiiiiine! I almost always wear my skinny jeans cuffed, I enjoy the way my legs look when cuffed, very long & lean especially when wearing ankle boots.

So here’s to a fun weekend outfit! You’ll find me wearing this all the time!

Monthly Favorites: July

Hey y’all, July seemed to drag out for quite a while, which really I didn’t mind a bit… I had a really busy first week of July, then it slowly trickled its way down…sorta! I did pick up a few faves along the way though… Nothing over the top, but some things I was just loving. Here they are:


This Cup: similar here! Omgosh. It’s adorable! I picked it up at Starbucks obviously. And I have been using it non stop since. The pink straw gets me every time!


Lips, what can I say, I love my lip products. And I especially loved these shades this past month!
Top to bottom:
• Bite Beauty luminous crème lipstick in Musk. This may not seem like a pretty lipstick, but I’m my gosh the combo of my natural color & the color of the tube is gorgeous! It’s definitely a win!
• MAC cosmetics in Candy Yum yum. I personally get so many compliments when I wear this lipstick. It’s just an in your face pink punch, that is just so right for me.
• And finally, MAC cosmetics in Ruby Woo. I’ve actually only have worn this once, like ever… Since Christmas when i received it. but I instantly loooooved it. it’s the perfect red matte formulation!


These shoes are amazing. I had to fix them with leather glue, but once I did that I have been wearing these non stop. I like be the patina on the leather. They with so much! Go get some similar here : )



MC+CO’s Rose Gold dog tags. Yep, I love these and have been wearing these constantly! And the message behind it is even stronger. To give love instead of hate. To love on others as much as you would want someone doing to you! You can purchase these soon from here!

Only your love by Kari Jobe. I adore this song. I don’t always love her songs, but when I do I listen to them constantly… Which I definitely did with this song!

You’re so good to me by The Beach Boys. First I have to say, I have loved the beach boys since I was a small tot. It’s only natural to listen to them. I had never heard of this song until this past month when listening to their album. I loooove it. I want to use it in my wedding somehow… You know my non-existent wedding! 😜 Just check it out!



Woman in gold. Um, have seen it? I suggest you do if not. Its so good. Its with Helen Mirren & Ryan Reynolds.

Maria Altman sought to regain a world famous painting of her aunt plundered by the Nazis during World War II. She did so not just to regain what was rightfully hers, but also to obtain some measure of justice for the death, destruction, and massive art theft perpetrated by the Nazis.

Call me a art junkie, and I won’t mind a bit. This movie was beautifully made. I would watch it again and again and again.

And finally this article: it’s from a man who is the grandson of the man who established the brand Madewell. And for someone who loves Madewell & history. She (being me) loved to learn &  read about it. Even though that family doesn’t run Madewell any longer, It still pulls on my heart strings, and makes me want to buy from them. I guess its the principal of it all. You’ll just have to read it.

And there you have it, all of my favorites of July. Next it’ll be whole new faves for August… Can you believe it already August?

Tell me what your favorites were for July, I’d love to know : )
P.s. it sounds like two wasps outside my window are mating…😶

Store vs Store: Madewell vs Oldnavy

Y’all know Madewell & Oldnavy are two of my favorite stores. (And I would be honored to work with both. (blog wise) ) But I have found some loop holes to buy from them…. What do you mean, you ask? With their clothing of course! Now don’t get me wrong I love Madewell for their shoes, bags & jewelry… Also their accessories! They’re top quality. Last be the designs, workmanship, quality, look, feel, etc.

But I’m not always happy to fork over a lotta dough for their clothing. I’m sorry, but I’m just not, sometimes I am if it really strikes my fancy. But like I said there are loop holes into how to look like a Madewell girl…

Now, Old navy has been a favorite of mine for many many MANY years. I have always liked shopping there. Their quality is just that good. I’d pick them over forever 21 any day… That’s not saying much, I get it! Now they’re not always top dog for “trendy” pieces, they like to stick to the basics more so, but then again they have a good turnover and sales that happen quite often. And I really like all styles they come up with. I never shop for shoes or bags there. I like real leather, thank you, not the synthetic stuff. Jewelry sometimes. Accessories, very rarely. Rest assured I still love Madewell unconditionally. And I forever want to look like a Madewell girl!

Also, side note:  I just read the history of how Madewell started and I love it even more now! You want to take a gander? Here you go! Its a good read!

Anyway, so I have a few comparisons for y’all, now they may not be exactly the same, but similar it is. And I don’t mind a bit!


Field jackets. You may need, want or already have it in your wardrobe. But the two jackets are similar, just not in price… Lefty here is unavailable, Righty is $44.94. I say what a deal! And it’s 100% cotton just like the one from Madewell!


LWDs(little white dresses). It’s a standard for the summer. The one on the left is $79.99 on clearance, the right one is $32.97 also on clearance!


Patched boyfriend jeans. Who doesn’t love a good pair of patched lived in jeans? The ones on the left are $200.00, the ones on the right, are you ready for this? $44.94!!! Money in your pocket. $150 to go towards leather goods from Madewell.. how ’bout that!


Plaid shirts. Definitely a staple for Autumn/winter. The one on the left is $79.50 vs the right being at only $22.00! Yippee!


Stripes. Who doesn’t looooove a good stripe? Don’t believe the myth of horizontal stripes will make you appear larger than you are, lies all lies! Left side $79.50 compared to the right $14.94. Yeaaah buddy!


White boyfriend shirts. Yes please! Need I tell you more about why I love these? They are easy to style, hides unwanted areas & so very comfortable.
Lefts price point is $75.00 Rights is $22.00-$24.00!


Olive joggers. Uh huh! I so like these. They go with pretty much everything! And they’re so comfortable looking too. The lefts price tag is $218.00 and the rights price tag is $34.94. I wonder which pair you should get…


Lace inlay blouse. It’s gorgeous paired with jeans or a pencil skirt. Which ever way you like, it looks great. So the left here is again not available but the one on the right is $18.97!


Rounded hemline skirt. This one I actually would probably spend the cash on the skirt from Madewell, only because the skirt on the right it made with a whole lot of poly… L is $88, the R is $10. You choose.

So they’re we have it, our first store vs store post. Post of many! Tell me what you think? Which stores should I do next?
I’m so doing Madewell vs Oldnavy again, don’t worry! They’re just to similar not to!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn
P.s use coupon code: COOL at Oldnavy.com for 35% off entire purchase!!! It ends @ midnight 7/28/15… Shop quickly!

Have any questions? Shoot me an email: styledbyryn@gmail.com : )

Style Find: Nordstrom anniversary sale

Speaking of anniversaries…. Nordstrom anniversary sale is always the bomb(dot)com! I may not purchase a thing, but I loooove the fact, that I can shop early access in their stores & online. I always feel like a VIP. Which if you are a cardholder, you can feel like this as well! And if not, find a friend who is and go with them or borrow their card ; ) ask them first, of course!

But I did peruse the catalog and found a few things that are swoon worthy.


‘Cause it wouldn’t be right to not add jewelry… I’m in awe of that Michele watch and those Kendra Scott necklace & earrings. : )


All of these remind me of Autumn… Love!


Shoes… Yes please! All those boots are amazing! And the Nike’s just look comfy!


All of it, yes just yes! I really like that scarf! Oooh and that bag, love Rebecca Minkoff!

So here are just a few things I’ve found so far! But I’ll keep looking! ; )
And I’m not going to add links, since this is early access to the Nordstrom anniversary sale. But y’all definitely need to join the party, as the anniversary sale party!

Enjoy &
Thanks for reading! -Ryn